Saturday, March 6, 2021

Disclosure Digest 3-6-21

The Reptilians Have Hated Dr Seuss 

Since He Outed Them With The Grinch


Many thanks to Patriot Cartoonist, Ben Garrison, for once again capturing the essence of Absurdity:

Today's Warlocks Bundle includes Emmanuel Dagher, Brother Beckow and Praying Medic; ponder On:

         Hopefully now you're ready to grok sum Bad Orange Man Bundle Babies; Yes? No? Maybe:         

It would seem that Cocaine Mitch is already booked into Gitmo; JAG's really gonna flip this Turtle:

The Blue Rebellion begins in California as the Great Awakening really starts to Accelerate; Git Sum:

Please enjoy today's Funny-Yet-Creepy Bundle; lost your sense of humor, better find one Tout de Suite:

Every [DS] attack on America blows up in their faces: X22 Dave with an update to start us Off:

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