Friday, March 26, 2021

Disclosure Digest 3-26-21


Cosmic Downloads As Gaia Cleans House...

An opening word from Our Lady of Sedona, Sandra Walter, ascension coach and guide Extraordinaire:

Let's call this one The Juan O. Savin bundle; get comfey with some organic popcorn & a THC Gummie:

A little sauce for a short Blooker Bundle; if you really Watch The Water it will reveal all Secrets:

Courting the ‘stoner vote’ will fail for Cuckmo; too little, too late. No smoking @Gitmo:

Please enjoy this Bee-Sting Bundle and If ya like their stuff please consider supporting their Site:

This sad, incel patsy was ripe for his FF shooter role; FBI/CIA controllers triggered his kill Code:

Yes, it’s spring and the early blooming Manchurians are popping up all over; Oy Gevalt:

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