Friday, March 5, 2021

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Let's make it clear again; Biden is not in control. There is no Biden presidency. Biden has NO power. The election was done to expose voter fraud, I said most of last year that Trump is running against NOTHING. There is NOTHING going on in terms of the election. It was fake. Now that 'Biden' face mask is 'president'; he is NOT in the White house. The WH is dark. There is nobody there! The White house will become the People's house where there will be concerts for instance. Biden operates in a studio. He is a face-mask like we said for a long time. Biden's executive orders are not legally binding, they are fake. It is all a smokescreen, a movie and a fake presidency. Biden has no power, I have stated for a long time. People are starting to wake up and see it for themselves.

It does not matter what the propaganda mainstream narrative tells you. It does not make it true. People tend to believe things when they are told the lie several times. This is stupid. Just to believe things is being like a sheep and letting someone brainwash you again. It looks like Trump has lost and even the Supreme court still does not want to hear the voter fraud cases by Sidney Powell. It does not matter. The Supreme court judges are on their way out.

MJ, Elvis, JFK junior etc. are preparing for an appearance to introduce themselves to the public-SOON! Talk is date March 4 Trump's inauguration date moved to end of March, I don't want to say the date but there is no hurry. It will happen soon. I would say the next four weeks also as they plan it. Again, people have free will and can postpone events as they have in the past.

Martial law is in the background-leads to Gold standards and reset.

There is no real Supreme court any longer at the moment. Some judges are getting arrested, others a slap on the wrist for violating their oath of office and their crimes.

Diana and Trump are a couple. Melania and Trump divorced last October or around October.

It does not make it a fact when fake news says that Biden is president, he is NOT. Trump/JFK jr. will be inaugurated soon. This is tight with the EBS-COMING up still. We who are awake are not upsdet when the White hats postpone events or decide to do things a bit differently as planned, we see the bigger picture. We know the TRUTH and have FAITH. Nonbelievers it is your own loss if you are letting yourself be brainwashed by fake cabal/satan-controlled television and fake newsmedia.

Have popcorn ready and kill your television!

Right about Barr? Remember how I said that Barr is a bad guy and they caught him getting paid off? According to the article below, the indictment includes bribery, this is one of the crimes I had spoken about. So many have argued with me, and I had said that he will end up in prison. In a display of confidence that he will soon overturn the 2020 presidential election and return to power, Donald J. Trump, and Jeffrey Rosen, who served as acting AG in the final days of Trump’s presidency, has authored a sealed indictment charging former Attorney General William Barr with High Crimes and Misdemeanors against America and its citizenry, according to a source in Trump’s orbit.

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