Saturday, March 13, 2021

Disclosure Digest 3-13-21


 Famous Last Words...


Just remember that President Trump has 'owned' Fauci for some time and he reads from the WH Script:

Some vids full of Golden info from Uncle Charlie; skip to 2 minutes in to miss the commercial Stuff:

To Serve & Protect, the AAM Connection; waking up from Medical Mafia spells & Dianne packs Heat:

A very informative briefing from '107' on the current status of The Republic, well worth a Listen:        

For the curious, a glimpse of the horror of DUMB human trafficking; no popcorn, just Kleenex:

Here's another Three Witches Bundle; double, double toil and trouble; Git Sum:

Creator gets the obligatory Last Words in today's Digest because I'm cosmically risk-Averse:

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