Sunday, March 21, 2021

Disclosure Digest 3-21-21


 Sorry Snowflakes, 

The Bad Orange Man

Never Went Away...

Uncle Dave from The X22 Report starts us off with the geopolitical and Equinox low-down; grok On:

A fine overview of the Satanic anti-life agenda from Gab's Mr. Andrew Torba; Good vs. Evil, Ayup:

Hmmm, payback for swearing Biden in on a satanic bible; this Jesuit cuck gets busted Bigly in Cali:

Comic Cuomo - his megalomania is still there but the Power has already slipped away; sad Nutsack:

Git yer Bee Sting Bundle hot off the digital presses to lighten your surreal experiences, Really:

All aboard that's goin' aboard the broke-ass old Anger Train to Hell; kudos to Catherine, well Written:

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