Monday, March 22, 2021

Ashian: How To Flow Into 5D


Jennifer: Ashian, how do we anchor the 5D?  Are we meant to feel the heaviness and pain being released or reach for higher feeling states of being.

Ashian: Good afternoon Jennifer!  We thank you for your question, there is a lot of conflicting information flowing around, and we would say that all the above are correct.

The first thing we would say is stop trying so hard.  Trying is effort and effort is 3D; flow is 5D.  You cannot create 5D lives from 3D substance.  This is a process, like all other aspects of life.

J: Great!  So how do we do it?  How do we flow from 3D to 5D?

A: First you have to get on the boat, and the boat is conscious awareness.  If you are going through your routine day, doing your routing things in the routine way, the chances are that you have shut down your conscious mind; you’re using your pre-programmed ‘robot’ mind.  You’re asleep, you’re not conscious. 

The 5D is about creative consciousness, so becoming aware is the first and greatest leap – perhaps the biggest leap you are required to take – into the 5D. 

Once you become conscious, you bring all your creative and divine energy into your present moment.  In the present moment, you enter the transcendent moment.  You cannot enter the transcendent yesterday; you cannot enter the transcendent tomorrow.  The present moment is the moment of power,
the moment of leverage, the moment of transformation.

Now that you are Present, notice how you feel. Are you numb? Or you feeling heavy or depressed? Are you feeling free? Light? Now you are bringing your electro-magnetic being into your Presence. You are creating coherence.

There is great power in coherence. It allows the pain that you may be clearing to pass more quickly, especially when you see it and bless it.  You may say to it, ‘I bless you, I realise to your highest destiny’, and it will pass.

To say the same words unconsciously is not powerful, it’s a paradox, if you bless it to ‘get rid of it’, that does not work; the blessing needs to be in resonance with your heart energy of compassion: conscious presence is the key.  Releasing with love and compassion is powerful and speeds up the process.

J: Some say that we shouldn’t try to elevate our feelings, to ‘create’ good feelings, they say we should focus on where we are.

A: We would qualify this.  If you are in pain, if you are depression and sadness for example, bring your compassion to that pain, bless it and allow it to move through you.  Perhaps you can dance it, or write it out.  It will go, and more may come later, but don’t look for more to bless and release.  Remain in your flow in that now moment.

On other occasions, when you tune into your Presence, your consciousness, you may realise that you are ‘numb’ because you have fallen asleep in your routine as you go through the motions: we invite you to become aware and curious. Invite a deeper experience of presence to step forward, and that will flow you into better feeling states of being. 

Your thoughts can bring your emotions to higher states or, by recreating your emotional experience of something wonderfully uplifting, your emotions can bring your thoughts there!

The key is not to force, to exert effort, for effort creates resistance.  The point is to become deeper into the flow.  From the inside to the outside, from your heart and mind to your body and actions, from your person to other people. 

The journey to 5D is undertaken from the inside out, and it is a flow of grace.

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