Sunday, March 28, 2021

Archangel Michael: This Is All Part Of The Illusion


Channelled Via James McConnell On 3-26-21

I am Archangel Michael.   And I am here at this time to continue to assist you in working through everything that is occurring in your lives now as you focus more and more as how things are changing with your loved ones, your surroundings, everything that is happening to move you to a point where you are needing to become more and more unattached to everything that is yet a 3-D illusion of this third-dimensional paradigm that is, indeed, an illusion.

Everything you are watching on your internet, on your televisions, everything you are hearing is largely a part of this illusion.  It is a show or a movie, as you have heard many times, being played out in front of you.

But the whole reason for this is not to bring grief, certainly not to bring fear, but to be a part of this Great Plan which is bringing you closer and closer to move through this transition that you are in, and move through your ascension process.  As you are, indeed, in that first wave of ascension right now.

Have you ascended?  No.  If you feel an attachment of any kind, you have not ascended.

And as your discussion was earlier about your loved ones and those that may or may not be exiting as a result of those choices they are making, you do not need to be concerned about them.  They have their own life path.  They have their own soul path to follow.  And they are following that, just as you are following yours.

You must come to understand that more and more that you have no control.  No control at all.  Just as I have no control.  Sananda has no control.  Saint Germain has no control.  The One Who Serves … on and on.  No one of us has any control over any of you, nor would we even want to begin to have control.  That is a third-dimensional illusionary process.

Those that want to have control, they want to control the entire planet.  They want to control the world.  How much folly is that?  But they are not to be allowed to do so.

You have heard many, many times, the Light has already won.  And, indeed, in has.  In the higher dimensional frequencies, it has already won.  It has already happened.  You have already had the Solar Flash in the higher dimensions.  But it has not filtered down yet.  And you have heard it will not be in the third dimension, and it will not be.  It cannot be.  For if the Solar Flash were to happen now in your third-dimensional illusion with the veil still up, you would not survive.  Most, if not all of you, and the Lightworking Community included, would not survive it.  This is why it had not yet happened.

But rest assured that when it does happen, you will be ready for it.  And the consciousness of mankind will have progressed enough.  For there are those things in the works now that are bringing about this Great Awakening.  This Great Awakening is leading to higher consciousness, higher vibrations, and a movement out of the third-dimensional illusion, a movement to bring the veil down.  And when this happens, the Solar Flash will also happen.

Will it take a lifetime?  No.  Will it take many years?  Most likely not.  But it could take months, and yes, even years for this to occur.  But again, it is all on what you call ‘God’s time.’  Not your time.  It is all in Divine timing.  Even I, Archangel Michael, I do not know the timing for this.  And if I did, I wouldn’t be allowed to tell you.

Because you must live it.  You must live your lives day by day, moment by moment.  But that is what you came here to do.  You came here to live.  You came here to express, express life.  You came here to anchor the Light.  That is what you are all doing to one degree or another.

It is true:  it is not up to you to manipulate or to help to change anyone’s soul path.  It is their soul path.  It is your soul path.

As you move closer and closer on your soul path to coming back, and I say specifically “coming back” to remember who you are, and to remember the connection to your Higher God Self, when you have fully realized that, and you have let go of all of the attachments that hold you to this third-dimensional illusion yet still, then you will have ascended into and even beyond, at times, the fifth-dimensional frequency.

If you want to, if you wish to, call upon me, Archangel Michael, that I would come with my Flaming Blue Sword of Truth and sever any remaining psychic ties that still may be holding you down to this third-dimensional illusion.  So that you might once and for all move beyond this game, end this game for yourselves, and move into those higher vibrational frequencies for good, not to keep going back and forth.

Unless you wish to do that.  And many of you, as you have heard, will wish to do that.  Once you have ascended, you will want to come back, many of you.  Come back and assist those loved ones that are still lagging behind, and help them to cross the finish line, just as you will have.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love.

And know that I, and many, many of us, and you know of who and whom I speak of here, all the ones that you call upon—we are always here, just a whisper away.  Just ask, and we will be with you.

Peace and love be with all of you.  Blessings.

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