Saturday, March 27, 2021

Disclosure Digest 3-27-21

Woof, This Evergreen Thing Is Gettin' Spooky...


Which brings us to this Blooker Redux Bundle and the slo-mo reveal of the Plight of The Children: 

BOM celebrates States reclaiming their Sovereignty; the Second American Revolution has Begun:

She’s been Trump’s bitch for quite some time (plea deal) no surprise here; Action! Cameras, Roll ‘em:

The cover story stinks on this one; try - Sex slave escapes from nasty West Palm Beach nasty Tunnels: 

Vax-a-topia Bundle: Rockefeller Medicine = Cabal Eugenics woven into the entire Woketopia Agenda:                   

Manchurians will be set off daily as Team Dark sees its Doom approaching closer, ever Closer:

Let's call this the Witches and Warlocks Bundle,  it's chock full of great, Galactic Intel; grok Sum:

We leave it up to Creator to take us onto the Rainbow Bridge as we shift into the High Vibe Realm:

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