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The State of the Mass Media – Part 1/2


Posted By Steve Beckow On June 24, 2013 

mass_media_war 666We’re in a time of transition when more and more are awakening to what the cabal has been doing. I personally have not the heart to report on some of the worst of their activities.

not even to list them here, because of the revulsion that would cause.

I will however list some in a separate page and you can choose to go there if you wish. But I would not advise anyone to go there who wishes to focus exclusively on Ascension. (1)

But I think we can expect to see more and more whistleblowers come forward and I have no idea personally whether they’ll be protected or not.

Sometimes the Company of Heaven allows certain events to occur for the very reason of stirring us to action. Matthew Ward cited the signing of the Monsanto Protection Act as one example of this:

“As for the Monsanto Protection Act, Illuminati spokespersons told the president that if he vetoed it, Congress would override it. Furthermore, they would intensify their efforts to overturn the Affordable Healthcare Act, block legislation that could relieve some immigration issues, and doom attempts to resolve international conflicts by rational discussions instead of belligerent confrontation.

“That is the ‘down-to-Earth’ reason, you could say, that Obama signed the bill, but there is another facet of this that the Illuminati bloc doesn’t know. Despite their threats, the president was not going to sign the Act—he did so because ETs close to him advised it. Their higher perspective was that citizens’ outrage at this insidious bill needs to motivate them to force its nullification.” (2)

He told us that we’ll have to demand that the corruption and dishonest partisanship in government stop, a demand that needs to be made everywhere.

“The people must exercise their right and responsibility to demand that their elected officials end stubborn partisanship, stop letting lobbyists’ money dictate their votes on legislation, and start serving the best interests of the country.

“By no means does this apply only to the United States! Governments in every country must start serving the needs of their people because this goes to the very heart of Earth’s Golden Age and soul evolvement!” (3)

Evidently the suborned and corrupted members of Congress are still active.  How many others still cling to their commitment to the Illuminati? let’s look here at the situation with the mainstream media.

Matthew tells us that the mainstream media are refusing to report the many of the gains we’re making. He names the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati as continuing to hold Congress in its grip.

“You may think it ironic that the clamor for violence reduction and the rights of women and gay couples is highly publicized in the United States, yet that country’s mainstream media omit what is reported in other ‘free’ countries. For instance, there has been nothing about the arrests of many bankers and other influential individuals in Europe and there’s never been a peep about the obvious presence of spacecraft.

“The Rothschild faction of the Illuminati, which governed its empire from London and the Vatican, lost its media foothold along with its other powers in that part of the world.

“A section of the Illuminati’s Rockefeller faction, headquartered in Washington, DC, and New York City, still has influence on major media in the US as well as on Wall Street; and their lingering foothold in Congress is evident in the intransigence that has stagnated progress.” (4)

SaLuSa reveals that “the media is still largely in the hands of those who hide the truth, but they cannot prevent other mediums such as the Internet revealing the facts.” (5)

The Angels through Tazjima counsel that “what you see in the mass media is mostly smoke and mirrors at this point; the economy is faltering as greedy bankers still try to charge countries high rates of interest on money.”  (6)

Archangel Michael through Ron Head told us near the beginning of the year that:

“Changes are increasing in your economic systems. Other changes are increasing, as well. But because the reports you have available do not come from the five major information conglomerates which spoonfeed the world with lies and half-truths it is easy for many to deny all of this.
“There will, of course, come a time when these things can no longer be denied.” (7)

Nearly six months later he advised us, again through Ron Head, to read the alternate press, not the mainstream media:

“If you are one who gains most of your information from the television or newspapers, then you may very likely have overlooked several hints pertaining to what we are about to tell you.
“If you also, or exclusively, get information from what has been termed alternate media, then perhaps you have begun to put together a slightly different picture of what is occurring at this time.” (8)

He continues that “the hints of impending change are available for you to see, if you wish to see them.

“And, as we have told you on more than one occasion to expect, they are beginning to gather a momentum of their own. We have used the terms snowball and avalanche.

Well, perhaps they have not reached quite those proportions yet, but they will. And we will have had something to do with the energies and nudges which have produced the climate in which this will happen.”   (9)

However, he then informs us that “you, my dear friends, are the ones who will carry out these changes, the ones who will see them through.”  (10)

In light of this he recommends:

“We suggest you begin to read and listen to what is happening around you with a new outlook. Begin to read beneath and behind what is being told to you. It will not be told to you in obvious terms just yet, although that will come soon enough.” (11)

He also asks us to wean ourselves from the attitude that North America is the only place anything of importance happens.

“We suggest, also, that you in the North American countries begin to look around beyond your borders, as much that you are not being told is happening elsewhere, and not enough weight is being given to its effect on your world yet.” (12)
(Continued in Part 2. You’re welcome to read ahead.)


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