Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Angels: Embrace Your Real Self

Channelled By Tazjima On June 10, 2013

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come this day to express our gratitude for the work being done on this planet by the Light workers, in every city, region and country.

What is happening in your world? Are you still locked into the constructs of the old patterns of thinking and living? Or are you on the edge of stepping into the freedom that now exists as an opportunity for everyone to move into, beyond the old structures of the expiring paradigm of third dimension. Are you still thinking with your rational mind or are you coming from the heart?

The old structures are in the process of crumbling, as their foundations have been removed. Now anyone can step beyond what was considered the way to do things whether in their family, work life, clubs, religion, race and culture. What seemed important to you in the past, primarily due to conditioning as a child by parents, teachers and mentors, may suddenly not interest you anymore. The shackles have been removed; now is the time to move into a new state of being.

The past week has seen great developments in opening hearts and minds to the possibility of life without boundaries; suddenly people are responding to a new sense of freedom and the possibility of being able to make their own choices on what to accept or not into their lives. For some, this new found drive towards freedom is manifesting as massive protests against government policies and actions, against financial institutions, against the abuses of corporations, against the lies that have been presented as truth in the past by media and government sources.

In Turkey, Greece and other countries, people of all walks of life and ages have come together and to speak and act as one being, determined to be free, determined to be allowed to be who they are, in the present moment. In some of the remarks from protest participants in Turkey, comes the realization that the call of freedom is being communicated in a non-verbal fashion to the people. One moment, a student was attending classes; the next, upon hearing of the new protests, they are heading out to stand in the protest lines, improvising means to face the seemingly overwhelming odds before the face of police brutality.

There is no going back for the people of Turkey; the protests have spread throughout the country. Through this one example, it is becoming evident that the attitudes of people are changing at an unprecedented rate. What was true for these people the day before the first protest in Istanbul is no longer true. Collectively, they have decided not to obey or listen to what their government decides is best for them. Increasingly, they want freedom and the right to self-determination, as individuals and as a collective. As a result of their courage in facing the police lines and enduring the brutality reprisals, they are suddenly realizing the real power that they hold as a collective presence. Change is in the air and it is coming to a neighborhood near you.

The old definitions of ‘right and wrong’, ‘black and white’, ‘good and bad’, no longer apply. Energy is neutral. There are no ‘bad’ people; everyone on the planet has been doing what they thought was right, given the conditional circumstances in which they were brought up, lived and worked. Now, everyone has been given the opportunity to step beyond the limitations into a world of possibilities.

 There will be challenges, there will be resistance and from some, a desire to return things back to the old way of thinking and doing; however, there is no going back to what no longer exists, the artificial constructs of the extreme duality that were erected by the few to control the many. Brave people are finally willing to step forth and declare what they feel is their truth, to whoever will hear or read their words. It is happening all over the world. The option of being controlled by someone ‘outside’ their own being is no longer on the agenda.

Outside the limitations of the rational mind, which seeks to protect you and get you “fit in”, the connections being made now are at a higher frequency, one that exists without the benefit of words, rules and definitions. Those who have used the strict confines of the third dimension to their own benefit because they understood the rules of the game better than others, now find themselves at a loss, frightened because of seeming lack of control, as the growing realization that they have truly lost the game is setting in. Coming from the old paradigm and still in control of vast amounts of money, these former controllers still seek to create war by planning out events designed to heighten racial, religious and economic tensions by using mind-controlled and drugged pawns.

As these staged events occur, the populace is becoming more aware of the manipulations and string-pulling behind the scenes. There are too many questions and inconsistencies; the planners of these events are becoming careless, both in their unlimited arrogance and hidden fear of being exposed. The trust that people had in their governments once is deteriorating rapidly. People are beginning to question everything, even those traditions and patterns that have always been a part of their families, their religion, and country.

However, rather than focusing on the difficulties of the transitional period, we call upon you all, as light workers and wayshowers, to exhibit within each of your own lives, the manner in which you can step beyond all sense of limitation. You can do this by learning about the universal laws and their application in your life. What you focus on one determines what comes into your life. If you continually worry and feel fear, then events will play out to reinforce your fears and worry.

The law of attraction brings into being what you place your attention upon, so by intending to live in love and surrender, you will find that the limitations once placed around you through your own conditioning and rational mind will simply fade away. Learn to be aware of the cycles and flow of energies and to move with the flow rather than against it. The wave of love now even overtaking your planet and solar system, will sweep all debris and resistance before it. The shadow world in which you have lived and worked will be no more, gone as fog dissipates before the heat of the sun.

By releasing your fears and sense of limitation does not mean that you will live without challenges in your life. The daydream of living on a beach with a drink in hand is just that, a dream. You still live in a physical world with demands, living among people who exist on all spectra of evolution and awareness. You will still be confronted with issues that need to be solved.

 How you choose to deal with these issues will determine the progress you make towards freeing yourself of self-created limitations. Will you choose to react with anger and fear? Or will you pause, look over your options, chose one and then go forward, calmly, moving closer to your chosen goals. Live without limitations, without fear. There is no right and wrong anymore, just choices. Choose what works for you not what someone else has told you to do, to think or believe. You are coming into a new sense of empowerment. That power comes from your heart, from which you really are, a magnificent multi-dimensional being.

As the light increases, all that has been previously hidden and denied by authorities and by individuals will come to light. There are no more secrets; nothing can be hidden from self-awareness or from other people. You can choose to let to see what you formerly thought as being shameful and threatening as simply being experience, an opportunity for growth and understanding. The thought of facing that which you fear, in the judgment of others or self-condemnation is often more paralyzing that the actual experience or thought that you have hidden away from your conscious awareness.

 There is nothing under heaven and on earth that cannot be forgiven, nothing. And those who say otherwise have something within their own unconscious astral body that they have not forgiven of themselves. Cast not the stone of condemnation in the direction of others or against self.

On an individual level, we see people and organizations being confronted by their darkest secrets; the issues that they did not want to handle before and pushed away into their unconscious. As we have said previously, these secrets can no longer be kept secret. With the advent of social networks, the Internet and cellphones, it is nearly impossible to retain a media blackout; likewise, it is becoming increasing difficult for individuals, families and groups to keep secrets from the world and each other.

The waves of love are penetrating into the interior of your cells, cleansing and pulling out the pockets of denied thoughts. It is time to come clean; allow the energies of love to wash your auric field of the debris of self-hatred, self-doubt and self-judgment, whether on an individual or collective basis.

The new energies are bringing a new surge of enpowerment to the individual and to the collective, as a whole. People are beginning to realize that they are more than they appear on the surface, more than they have been taught to believe. They are waking up and feeling the fire rise within, the fire in the belly that enables one to move through fear. And the Indigos, the system-busters, are coming into their own; it is their time to be and do and become the leaders.

As the old systems break down, as the earth seeks to cleanse herself of pollution, change is inevitable. Every individual and community will face challenges; there will be some ‘bumps’ in the road ahead, but change will come. The systems that resist, be them governments, corporations or groups, will be swept aside by the oncoming wave of love. Each person will have to accept or open up to new possibilities in their lives or change will be forced upon them through outer circumstance and events.
Resist or evolve.

Extreme weather, accidents, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, revolutions and manipulations by government forces, financial crashes and pressures, all these sources of change are accelerating in their potential impact on lives, world-wide. There is no escape from these sources of change if one continues to view themselves as a limited being without choice. Everyone will be affected in one way or another, perhaps by multiple factors but there is no need to fear.

You can, however, choose to step beyond the drama and see yourself as a multi-dimensional being, temporarily housed in a human body, which is here experiencing life in form for the Creator. You can learn to train yourself to focus on the positive aspects of the experience, to view the drama with a dispassionate eye and to remain within the protected calm center that you create by re-connecting to soul and monad, to Mother / Father God and the Creator. What is going on around you is drama. It is real to those who are experiencing it, but it is not necessary for you to engage in it. There is nothing to fear; there never was.

The greatest fear held by many who do not understand their true origins and being, is the fear of death. This fear will be seen as the chimera that it has always been. The fear of death and dying has been used to control and manipulate you into doing things that are not in your best interest, that do not belong to you. Now is the time to shed all that doesn’t belong you, that doesn’t make your heart sing, that you no longer want in your life.

The unwarranted fear of death and dying is one of the first things that will disappear forever once you truly learn to trust the message that your heart is giving you now: that you are an eternal being. Most of your being exists outside of time and form; you are a part of the Creator, living energy, powerful and beautiful. You are now in a process of becoming aware of being more than you were led to believe. Know it; feel it. Sense the truth. You can no longer hide or be afraid of the power that you wield, every day; through every little thought you think and where on you place your focus and attention.

There is a risk as you step forth into your truth and power that everything about your old world will change. Friends will leave. You find yourself suddenly wanting to leave your job as it no longer gives you satisfaction. The old activities that you loved to do with family and friends may no longer mean anything or give you joy.

 The traditions that you grew up with may leave you dissatisfied and feeling at odds. You may even find yourself quite alone as you sort out what is yours and what is not, but that is the way of all transitions. Embrace this transition as an opportunity to get to know your Self, heart to heart. And discover what brings joy to your heart, for in these things will emerge your mission and new directions. Be willing to follow your inner compass and go with the flow of the new energies. You will be surprised and pleased where this new direction leads you.

We wish you well as you move through the transitions and challenges. Everything you need, you already have within. Trust your heart and learn to listen to its guidance. Then go forth, with courage and work together to bring heaven to earth. You are doing it already and you are doing it well.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

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