Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8 New Moon & the Living Library - AA Michael

Message From Archangel Michael 

Telepathic Transmission Via Meredith Murphy On June 6,  2013

Liberating old energies into a sphere of wholeness is enlarging your life experience and your presence. You are continually opening up to a deeper knowing of your own true nature. You are seeing your true self as an expression of Source and knowing this in ways you may not be able to logically explain but that no longer seems to be so important.

Your relationship with logic and thinking and old ways of sharing ideas and explaining yourself don't really interest you that much any more. You find that simply feeling and articulating your experience is enough; that you trust what you know.

This has been built over time and it preparing you to confidently claim what you know as what you know opens into the Cosmic and Universal expressions of your being.

Each of you is organizing your energy here more and more from your own higher levels. Earth is moving into a Galactic Level of presence and with this your role as keepers of the access to Earth is becoming increasingly magnetic and attractive to higher level beings who wish to experience with you and through you, the incredible shifts in consciousness and energy which are happening in form.

In this increased visibility of Earth to the Galaxy and the Cosmos you will have access to different corridors of light and time which help you to access information and knowledge that supports your expression and aspiration. It is a very exciting time of deep openness and the incredible collaboration and creativity that come with this openness.

Allow yourself in this New Moon to consider deeply what feels light and fun to you and summon more of it, call it forth by claiming it as what you know to excite you, what you know to call to you, and know that life is an endless series of "now or later" choices. So many options? What now? Which one now? What later? It is all fair game dear ones and you simply have to begin where you are and with what feels good.

We are with you always and excited about the potential that is unfolding each day now. Much that has been spoken about with great anticipation is truly happening and opening every moment, with each aspect of Source present which opens a bit more and remembers a bit more. The momentum is growing and with it, our joy.

With love and appreciation,

I AM Archangel Michael

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