Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Doubble-Whammy from Gaia Portal On 6-12-2013

Crossing Dimensions Occur In Each Moment

Gaia Portal Channelled By EirePort


Crossings of dimensions now occur in each moment, by those attuned to connection of Higher Self and Higher Gaia. 


Even Gaia processes ascension intentions to allow humanity (small ‘h’) and Hue-manity to coalesce with her. Changes of overall humanity consciousness is matched by Higher Gaia adjustment of process. 


Intentions of humanity enmasse now begin to support Gaia ascension. 

All releases occurring at this moment produce multi-fold increase in consciousness.

Key Gateways For Transformation Of Humanity (Small 'h') To Hue-manity Have Been Opened And Stabilized

 Gaia Portal Channelled By EirePort


Key gateways for transformation of humanity (small ‘h’) to Hue-manity have been opened and stabilized. 

These have been prepared, as a step stone, for final step of Gaia to Higher Gaia. 

Purification followed by clarification occurs via these gateways for transformation, and those ready for such purification and clarification will experience such.

Concomitant narrowing of Ascension pathways may also be anticipated.


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