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Earth Undergoes Extreme Metamorphosis From A Spiralling Solar Creative Genesis-Force From The Center Of The Sun

Channelled By Judith K. Moore On June 1, 2013

 In Chimayo, NM - 04:30 Hrs
Transcript by Sandra, edited by M.

Cosmic Genesis - A Solar Vortex Infuses Earth With Transformative Energies

Through the Consciousness of the Masters of the Universe and the Great Wisdom

Nasa Solar Observatory Photo
J: Since yesterday I've seen an image of a tunnel of energy. You could imagine it almost like the shape of a tornado, except for it comes right from the center of our sun. The cone point is in the center of the sun and it seems to be spiraling towards the earth. When it reaches the earth opening and surrounding it, and I keep seeing this image, and I hear the words "transfiguration of matter," "transfiguration of the consciousness of matter." The consciousness that is contained within each particle of matter is being altered from the Solar source.

So I'll open to the consciousness of the Masters of the Universe and the Great Wisdom, and ask for clarity on this.

From the center of the Solar Source - okay, I think I'm getting it. The center of the Solar Source is generating a great tunnel of energy. You may understand it by thinking of a worm hole, but it isn't a worm hole. It isn't. But you may think of it as a solar tunnel. It is pure energy from the Solar Source. This solar phenomenon is a concentration of solar frequencies that have drawn into the spiraling vortex powerful cosmic energies. It is a highly concentrated energy field.

The planet Earth has moved into alignment with the solar force. This solar power was present at the time of the creation of the Primordial Earth. It is a Solar Creative Genesis Force. As it reaches the planetary spheres, it opens, engulfing the planet Earth with the powerful cosmic energies and infusing the very core essence of the planet with the force field of energy that alters the capacity for mass and matter to contain consciousness, intelligence - and of course, this is the intelligence of Creation itself - the consciousness of Universal Form.

It is aware of its place in the dynamics of Creation and the guiding harmonies that sustain the patterns of Universal Order, and specifically contain instructions, conscious thought forms of Universal Order, the Laws of Cosmic Principle and the intelligence that is organic. It's not separate from the Power of Creation and the flow of Universal Order, but is indeed the consciousness of the God force at work through cellular intelligence.

Each particle of mass and matter then generates energy that is compatible with the life force of the planet and the order of Universal Law which is creative in nature and not destructive. The Earth is in extreme metamorphosis.

This does not mean that the self-destructive nature of consciousness on the planet will immediately cease. It does mean that the nature of the cellular intelligence of mass and matter is changing as consciousness itself opens to a new potential, one of creative cooperation, and that there is a cohesion to the particle form of the consciousness of mass and matter that now is infused with this all omni-powerful solar vortex energy that moves energy on this planet.

Stagnant energy is opened up and released. Energy that is dense and incapable of conscious relationship to creative - (oh, geez, just a second) - energy that is anti-life energy, incapable of conscious relationship to the nature and dynamics of Universal Order and the Creation Blueprint is moved, disrupted, infused.

As it moves, the disruptive patterns break loose. It opens and moves the flow of energy where it was stagnant and destructive, and infuses those cellular bodies that do not have the capacity to communicate with the intelligence of the Infinite Oneness, that have blocked the resonance from the self-creative forces, thus developing destructive patterns. These cellular - just a second. (Excuse me, this is Judith and I'm absolutely on fire with this

This Solar Genesis Force is the absolute primal essence of the conscious energy during intelligent instruction in the Blueprint of Creation. As this vortex energy - (the word vortex is used because it's a spiraling force) - disrupts stagnant and dormant decaying anti-matter, it opens the - they are using the word 'fibro-genesis' of mass and matter.

The Awakeners, the Elementals, the humans that have awakened to higher consciousness, the Elementals and the higher beings on the planet are super conductive energy systems for this Force of Creation. You who have agreed to channel the Great Light upon the planet are called to anchor this Cosmic Genesis on a cellular level in your light body, your consciousness of your soul's intelligence from the inner source of the wisdom that has guided you.

You receive this because you're receptive, you receive instruction, this infusion of Primordial Solar Genesis, because there must be receptive Vessels of Light that are already in harmony with the Universal Powers that are receptive to these frequencies and forces, that anchor and integrate these energies into the dynamics of the cellular structure of mass and matter and the intelligence of the planet. The Earth herself absorbs these energies, and the centers that are sacred sources of power are harmonic generators for this power, for this frequency, for this Solar Genesis.

(Just a second. This is a powerful one. Okay, I need to really call upon the Ascended Masers and all of the guardians who help me because this is taxing me, it's a lot for my body. I've been kind of on a, coming back from the journey of the discovery of the Tones of the Essence of Creation and the hidden Kabbalistic formula of 13. I've been required to just not channel any extreme energies, and I understand now that my body was recovering so that I could bring this energy through the system of the Chronicles of Ibis, through the Lens of Ibis.)

I see it, they're showing me an image of the Lens of Ibis [The Unified Morphogenic Field Of Creation - ED] with the consciousness of the 131313 and the solar force spiraling into our consciousness, just spinning and spinning and spinning and infusing us with this intelligence. And I see the Devic realm, the Elemental realm.

(Oh God, my body is shaking, okay, calming, calming, calming. Okay, take it easy, take it easy.)

And they said the purpose of this transmission is to bring an understanding to this Creation phenomenon, that those of us who are channeling this energy from the 131313, which is the Code for the Awakeners of the 144,000, that we have an understanding of the extreme energy that we're feeling right now, and that we can consciously cooperate with it because it is the Force that, regardless of whether our awareness is cooperative or whether we're aware or not, it alters the dynamic nature of the cellular intelligence of the cosmic force. That's it. Oh, that's it. Everything is relaxing now.

It's coming to the Omni-intelligence and from the Records of Creation into the Akashics. The moment I brought that in, my whole body relaxed. They call this Genesis 13, Power of Creation. I hear that the Solar Force is the only force in our solar system and galaxy that has the capacity of receiving these powerful frequencies and organizing them into the spiraling vortex frequencies that open to surround the planet. Again, I get an image of a great funnel of energy coming from the center of the sun and surrounding Earth and then infusing it, holding it in a solar vortex. Oh, that's it.

I hear that there is a higher potential for winds and weather disturbances and even earth changes right now, because as well as being a disruptive force, it's such a powerful creative force, that any form that does not surrender totally and lend itself to the Power of Creation will be disrupted, but that the very Genesis of the earth is altering. It's altering the very Genesis of the Earth.

The core essence of molecular structure on the planet is altered by this, and it is a transitional phase. It isn't something that just happens today. This is something that will take, I hear, ages to complete.

We are receiving it, but it must be manifest through the ages of the cycles of the new Galactic Time Spell. The New Galactic Time Spell is the beginning of the Galactic Formulas of the 2013 Galactic Time Spell that is now the new order of time and the template of Creation for the Earth.

 The old time spell has completed itself and the Galactic seed is received on Earth, but now we are preparing to open to the full force of the new Galactic Codes, and that this is part of the Genesis of Galactic 13. Okay. Now that makes sense somehow. Okay.

Water is the element that best infuses, carries the integration of this energy. It is important that all of us focus on the water element on the planet and are well-hydrated, drinking lots of water, which I have been drinking so much water. Okay. Alright. Now my body is to calm.

The importance right now of these Creation energies that are moving through me and the Chronicles of Ibis is that, as a medium, I need a lot of time to integrate and rest between these huge transmissions. The time of being in a marathon that I was in before the end of 2012 stretched my body to its limits.

Through the Spring, I've recovered, but the Guides and Masters are particularly sensitive to not overtaxing my body. So between these transmissions, there will have to be time for me to integrate, and just be here in my home in Chimayo, and draw from the nourishment of the Earth so that my body is well taken care of so I can continue this process of the Cosmic Oracle work.

They will help me to understand that I am in the rhythm. When it's necessary for consciousness to receive an intelligent communication from the Universe, I will naturally feel it like I did this morning.

And the timing is essential, but for people to be aware that this transmission this morning is an enormous transmission. It carries layers and layers and layers of consciousness. They said that as I am a link from the Records of Creation to the Akashic records, that just connecting to the force of this reading, you're already being affected by the Force in Creation, but connecting to the communication of this reading actually facilitates integration and assists our light bodies.

 So the message this morning actually assists us, the 131313, the ones who have agreed to channel the power of Creation through our light bodies. It assists us in our integration and the utilization of the energy, because when we can understand this, it helps us, it helps us to co-create with the Elementals and the non-physical realm in the cooperative effort, the cooperative energies, that enhance the dynamic of Creation as our world is transformed.

Okay. Blessed be, So be it and so it is. It's 5:08.

The image that I saw of that great vortex is best described as I'm laying here and processing the energy and the information, is best described with the image of the cosmic serpent swallowing an egg. If you could imagine, if you've seen pictures of a serpent opening its mouth and swallowing an egg, well, that is what this is like because the vortex energy is like a cosmic serpent. It's all spiraling, coming to the earth, and then it opens up like a snake opening its mouth and swallowing an egg. It surrounds Earth so that Earth is contained within the core essence of this cosmic force.

I do want to note that last night when I was bringing my granddaughters home from Albuquerque, I got so tired and just had to lie down. I started getting dizzy yesterday afternoon. There were big winds here and fires in the mountains - it's very dry in New Mexico. I just barely got dinner and had to just get into a quiet place and lay down. I didn't know what was wrong with me because I was just totally depleted and exhausted.

And then this morning as I woke up, I was on fire and so much energy was coming through me - I was burning up. And now that the transmission has come through, everything is calm in my field and I feel good again. So I know that this is an energy that commanded attention and that, as it goes out to the Lens of Ibis and the 131313, that we will serve to integrate these frequencies and assimilate them into consciousness.

Blessed be, So be it and so it is.

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