Thursday, September 15, 2016

SOUL Integration: Your Sacred Vessel/Body/Suit

An interesting piece from our Mistress of the Run-On sentence...


 By Lisa Transcendence Brown On 9/4/2016

PictureThese next three months are going to be beyond the most powerful "times" (vibrations") that we all have experienced thus far. These next two weeks lead all through a huge vibrational alignment process and collective timeline jump for all....

HOW each will experience, will be determined by how much of their own SOUL, their own Light, their own process that they've embraced thus far....

THESE GRAND COSMIC UPGRADES AND ALIGNMENTS will continue to increase and amplify. Everyone who chose before incarnation here to BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH and all of our other dimensional existences into this physical one..... will go through this process of the physical body ascending, higher selves descending, souls merging/emerging and ALL integrating/unifying, all existences, in one physical space.... your current physical body...... the rest will transition out in increasingly large numbers, because they chose to ascend back to their Master state, their whole state, their light existence and leave their physical body here... It is their soul's desire to experience peace and wholeness without the constraints of physical form anymore.... Their energy merges back into the unified field as love and consciousness of all as one here. It is part of their sacred gift to humanity, themselves and all.

(Y)Our Physical bodies, our temples, containers, suits, vessels... these are to HOLD all of your LIGHT... and as separated, unconscious humans, we did not have this capability before. Our physical bodies go through a HUGE OVERHAUL, reconfiguration, recalibration, upgrade process... where old programs are triggered to play inside and outside simultaneously, while new programs are activated too.

The human aspect's energy is STRONG... for it does not want to open up, share, let go of those mindsets, things it's attached to... not understanding HOW ALL WORKS yet. Experience shows everyone what they are not willing to yet see/could not see before.

The KEY (CODE) to this is to OPEN YOUR HEART FULLY, let your mind relax/take a back seat... listen to the stories/programs/thoughts and realize that you are not subjected to believing these anymore IF YOU CAN SEE THEM AS AN OLD PROGRAM. FEEL the feelings and realize what they REPRESENT.... work with these separately, for together they still hold the power over you... YOU take your POWER BACK.... from inside.... by listening, letting go of the judgment, the fixed mentality realities, the resistance, the struggle.... you want EASY!

Quantum Jumps, Quantum Timeline Shifts/Jumps/Slides/Hops.... these are how we function here.... Quantum Existence... as a Quantum Light BEing .... moving in and out of realities, at the speed of light, yet from a very still space of peace, bliss and magical awesomeness (alchemy).

Navigating is EASY, when your heart & mind are OPEN... and you are present and using the TOOLS (abilities) that you already hold. Understanding comes when you are open, actually want to know/hear/listen and you put this first....

Your priority, your reality.... all your choice... Your decision, dedication, presence.... your committed energy... this determines how you experience all.

Quantum Light BEings, Crystal Grid Light Keepers have priorities, what is truly important now. Human aspecs wait, until they don't have a choice anymore... and they are desperate....

Which aspect are you honoring in every moment here? IS LOVE for yourself number ONE? Are you worthy of your own PURE love fully now? Yes you are, you have been. You are not only worthy, you DESERVE all of the magic, love, and abundance this brings forth for all. AS you INVEST in YOU and what you are here to BE/DO/SHARE, you RECEIVE YOUR RETURN... gazillion-fold. Step UP to BEcome MORE Light... honor your process and you.... for you honor all others as you do.

Our REALities are CREATED... from the inside out.... the physical materializes for us, according to the light that we INTENTIONALLY HOLD... not one part of this process is an accident/mistake/punishment.... these are not lessons anymore, (but they do teach us how everything is). If they feel like they are, it's because they go against human mentalities of why everyone is here and they push everyone to listen to/value their own SOUL for LIVING higher consciousness existence now.....

(Y)Our Soul... this is what this is about... what could be more important? Full embodiment.... These are the vibrations/timelines we are in NOW. ♥

HEAVEN ON EARTH and our GALACTIC Civilizations... we anchor these realities here. WE WALK in/as them. The dimensions where all has occurred are visible when you are expanded. All each has to DO is hold the vibrations, open up to connect/share, do through our Divinity and stay open so that all can come TO US to fulfill our roles, purposes, missions and NEW LIVES here.

When your heart is fully open and you've released any suppressed emotions (energy), unification will occur, flow will be restored and all becomes easy again. When you can do this instantly, flow never stops....

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu! ♥ Keep shining your light and all of that love and touching everyone!

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Oracle, Sage, Scribe, Teacher/Coach/Guide
Author, Transformational Speaker, Energy/Ascended Master Embodied in Physical Form

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