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How to Weather The Storm Of Hard Truths

Good advice for a planet in recovery...Git Sum

By Steve Beckow On 9-11-16

Our lot for a time, I think, will be to hear good news and bad news.

The good news is everything we already know about – the Reval, NESARA/GESARA, Disclosure, Ascension. That’s the agenda.

The bad news is the uncomfortable truths that soon may or will begin to be revealed, to a wider circle than just us lightworkers.

What will issue from a newly-opened and now-informed press will depress the heck out of some folks. Thsy may want to lynch the cabal. Others may just lash out blindly. Some may choose to leave altogether.

Let’s take two examples of seriously-bad news.  The truth of 9/11? How crushing will that be for many people, who lost dear ones in the catastrophe itself or in the foreign wars it was designed to justify?

How will parents react when told that their children died in wars that were simply aimed at financial aggrandizement and global hegemony, propped up by deceit and deception? Their children died to benefit the CIA drug trade? For an oil grab?  Etc.

I’d be devastated. It’d be hard to accept. Difficult to adjust, to carry on.

A second example. How will Catholics feel when they learn the truth abut the Vatican?  Matthew Ward tells us what it is (see 1).  Many people’s reality will collapse when they hear the news from indisputably-credible sources – Pope Francis, for instance.

What shows up as good news to us may show up as bad news to others.  Disclosure may scare the heck out of some people, for instance, while we for our part welcome it.

What might bring gladness to us – like the revelation of truth, in this case – might devastate others. And it just may be that our calmness and reasonable explanations save the day for them and give them permission and hope to go on in spite of their world having collapsed and perhaps feel gladness as well.

Because we already know what’s going on and what’s coming down the road, the upsetting stations we pass on the way probably may not affect us as much as they do the uninformed.

We’ve heard the Company of Heaven describe how the world can be made to work. We’ve heard their promises of abundance. And we’re ready to begin the work as soon as the signal is given.

We’ve also heard from others who are either in the higher dimensions or have had brief glimpses of them.

I’ve had several brief glimpses or visits now. I can report back to you that the future is friendly.
We know what’s coming down the pike. They don’t. And that might make hearing the bad news bearable for us.

Unto whom much is given, much is asked. Some of us need to shoulder the responsibility of explaining what’s happening to others. Consider this the job description and the position vacant.
Let me look next at how I suggest we handle hearing hard truths.

Don’t expect the Reval on 9/11. I’ve been told that Sept. 11 is a national day of mourning in the United States and it would be inappropriate to start the Reval before then or on that date.

(Concluded in Part 2, below.)
(1) This picture of the Vatican by Matthew is only a part of the story, as far as I’m aware, unfortunately.

“The Vatican, which has been a major world player under the Illuminati umbrella, is the international headquarters of Satanism, and its untold wealth includes stolen art treasures acquired in collaboration with Nazis during World War II. Any pope who raised an objection to the mammoth deceit, unconscionable behavior and amassing of fortunes was short-lived.

“Yet, possibly the most shocking revelation will be the disclosure of ancient records that will show how the Bible long ago was strategically altered – most notably the fabricated story about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection – to give the church control over the Catholic populace.

“When all of that becomes public knowledge, the Vatican’s long reign will be over. The crumbling will be extremely sad and difficult for Catholics, but all devout Christians will be profoundly affected by learning that the foundation of their lives was built on lies.

“Compassion for all of those souls can help them accept that the truth about Jesus’ life and teachings is far more valuable than what they have been taught. 

Their beliefs that are based in spirituality rather than in dogma will endure and the rituals based on falsehoods will fade away.”  (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 18, 2013.)

-Part 2-

I suggest that you buckle up your emotional seat belts when the revelations of truth start flying. Some of them will be intense.

Some of you won’t like what you hear. Some will walk away from this blog and others.

We’re approaching a time when we may need, as my meditation instructor would say, to “take what you like and leave the rest.”

It’s going to be a time of discernment for us here at the blog, but a totally-different kind of discernment for you. We have to discern what’s likely to be true (and we’ve been wrong) and productive to post. You have to determine what you can take knowing.

There’s no need for everyone to know what happened at Stalingrad during the Second World War. Or Auschwitz. Just a few brave souls. And God bless them for their work on behalf of the rest of us.

I stopped researching the Illuminati when I came to their responsibility for snuff flicks. I could go no further. God bless those who’ve done so for our sake, acting as the public conscience.

When the time of truth starts, some of our favorite people may end up looking awful. Some of our bestest theories may hit the outhouse wall. Some of the reading offered us just may not be for us.

Some of our life choices may be brought into question and we may look – in our own eyes only – bad and wrong. We don’t seem to handle those states very well.

Let me look at what I do in those situations. And these are my suggestions for hearing hard truths.
Remember, in what is said next, that awareness goes down when stress goes up. That’s important to realize when considering how we react.

Something may have erupted and, inside, we may not even be aware of it. How many times has someone said to you “You’re angry.” And you’ve said back, angrily, “I’m not angry!” Then you feel sheepish when you hear yourself. Our awareness goes down at times like that.

The first thing to go off, which may not be consciously noticed, will likely be entitlement.  That’s what strikes me first. “I deserve better. I don’t want to be a part of this. Who do they think they are/I am,” etc.

Instead of mounting the vasana and riding it into battle, I need to remain calm with it but aware and let it go when it begins to subside.

Something like watching a bear come into your camp. You quietly observe it sniff around and then allow it to leave when it decides to. Then you let out your breath.

When I see that my cherished version of truth has just been irreparably called into question, I experience frustrated expectations. I say to myself that I’m not going to get what I want – respect, attention, approval. My anger at being denied what I want can erupt.

I immediately have to let go of all expectations, as a matter of great urgency. They’ll be like anchors on me if I don’t. They’ll drag me down into argumentativeness, conflict, and rejection.

I need to raise to awareness anything that keeps me from accepting the truth. Then, having experienced whatever there is that’s incomplete, I need to let it go. That includes self-righteousness, snobbery, priggishness, any resistance.

That doesn’t mean I have to read an article I don’t want to. No one is forced to do anything. I’m my own boss.

I may simply stop reading an article the minute I feel offended by it.

That’s how I handle massive deconstruction of my basic beliefs and fondest hopes. I’ve gone through the process of my world collapsing several times. It’s the emotional equivalent of a hurricane.

Meanwhile we at the blog will do our best to weigh what people need to know and what can and should be dispensed with. Do you really want to hear about the Illuminati and snuff flicks? I don’t think you do.

Some of the remaining news is still going to offend.  It’s downright offensive news. After the Reval, we’ll be able to segregate it into departments. The most we can do now is to attempt to predict what you’d want to read and what not.

We’re going through what Matthew Ward called “the storm before the calm.” (1) Time to buckle up if we want to calmly weather it.

(1) Matthew’s Message, Aug. 17, 2015, at

Original article Here

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