Sunday, September 18, 2016

Only Here

By Steve Beckow On 7-18-19

There are always going to be a spectrum of people in a Third-Dimensional society.

Some will be into control; some will be into granting freedom; and others will be in between.

Some will practice violence, hatred, anger, jealousy; most will not.

In no other dimension would angel and devil, saint and sinner rub shoulders.

Matthew Ward, who works on the design of “Nirvana,” as he calls the afterlife, explains:

“The energy of every person’s thoughts, motives and deeds throughout the lifetime is registered in the infallible Akashic records, and, when the dense body dies, the etheric body automatically is drawn to the part of Nirvana that corresponds to the energy in the person’s records.” (1)

A murderer on the astral planes would go to the Dark Planes or Winterlands. A saint might briefly stop in the Higher Summerlands of the Astral Plane, but would probably soon be off to the Mental Plane, which we call the Fifth Dimension.

This would all happen in a way that’d appear to us as automatic.

If a soul were to devolve to the Second Dimension, it’d return to nothingness.  (2) To all intents and purposes, the Third Dimension – from which we allegedly recently departed (3) – is as low as we go.
It’s here, with the physical body crying out to be fed, clothed, and sheltered, that we learn to get along and pull together.  It’s here that we see that everyone’s the same in their suffering. It’s here that we learn to get over our objections and forgive.

Uniquely this lifetime, lightworkers are predominantly starseeds, who’ve volunteered to come down from higher dimensions to help the folks of Earth with Operation Ascension.  And don the veil of forgetfulness. And bump into a lot of walls, like everyone else.

We really are ground crew, whether we realize it or not. Waiters at the banquet of Ascension. And we draw on a deep intuition that things can be better and that, after the Reval, we can transform our world.

We deserve congratulations for wading through this dimensional molasses (OK, muck) for a lifetime, facing a life at times so incredibly lonely and frustrating compared to what our deepest unconscious or cellular memory tells us we’re used to, and literally forgetting about ourselves for as long as Ascension requires, pushing on, and on, and on.

Being more or less a hermit in my private life, I run the risk of allowing my gratitude muscle to atrophy. And there seems to be nothing more encouraging to softness, especially in men, than gratitude.

Therefore, as we near an incredibly busy time, according to predictions, may I thank you for supporting this team all these years, taking in what the celestials, galactics, and masters have to say, and spreading the word.

And thank you as well from me personally for hanging in there past Dec. 22, 2012, through the Neptune fiasco, all the false predictions (every prediction to date has failed to materialize), and all the other trials of the lightworker. I know the personal lives of many of you have been challenging and hopefully that will soon end.

If the Reval were to hit by the time this article is posted, on that day, my life will change. And I cannot start the new phase without completing the past by thanking you.

(1) Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward: February 8, 2015,
(2) See “On the “Liquidation” of Souls – Part 1/2,” at    and “On the “Liquidation” of Souls – Part 2/2,” at
(3) I can’t say I “know” we’ve departed it. There are no road signs saying “Leaving Third Dimension.”

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