Friday, September 2, 2016

Solar Eclipse in Virgo Triggers Waves of Life-Altering Change


By DL Zeta On 8-30-16

The solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo brings us to a crossroads and a turning point that will shape the course of coming weeks, months and years. This week’s eclipse is one of the most powerful in recent years. We have been feeling its influence for a week or more and will continue to intensely experience it for the next six months and beyond.

The Sept. 1 solar eclipse brings endings and beginnings in equal proportion. Doors open and close; people enter your life and people leave your life. In life’s larger view, change happens across the board and at all levels, transporting us further into awakened timelines.

Health, Service and Relationships Are Major Themes

The energies associated with Virgo will be front and center during this eclipse period, heightening themes of health, dietary choices and service. This is an excellent time to dedicate one’s energy to the service of a cause and/or to focus on health through new dietary and exercise regimens. Jupiter enters Libra during this time, bringing relationships and social connections into a positive and uplifting light.

With the Virgo eclipse series occurring in the midst of a Mercury retrograde, attention to communication is essential. Mercury stations direct on the Sept. 22 equinox, bringing a “wobbly” feel to the changeover of the seasons. Wobbles and instability often accompany times when Mercury stations retrograde or direct.

Eclipse Series Ushers Life-Altering Change

For some, the eclipse energies of this period will transform the course of their journey, triggering waves of life-altering change. Collectively, lightworkers will be called to move past the last vestiges of the old way as it rears up in resistance to new ways and visions dawning on the horizon. This movement began with the Aug. 18 lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius and gains momentum with the solar eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo and the upcoming Sept. 16 lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces.

This solar eclipse serves as a transition point or grounding rod for lightning bolts of transformative change that has percolated beneath the surface for months and years.

New Moon Awakens Manifesting, Healing Powers

Those affected most strongly by this eclipse may be able to harness the mystical manifesting powers of a new moon potent enough to awaken in some the gift of healing hands. Others may enter deeper levels of seeing and find ways to focus the wisdom and guidance they bring forward for the highest good of all.

With Neptune opposing, the solar eclipse has the power to inspire us toward creative heights, opening doors of perception and imagination that draw forth new artistic and spiritual collaborations. This is a solar eclipse designed to awaken humanitarian ideals, yet it also underscores the need to bring awareness to any desire to rescue others. It is important that well-intended actions honor the life lessons of others. Drawing healthy boundaries lifts up and empowers all concerned.

Eclipses Trigger Earth Changes

This is a period when earth changes crash onto the scene, heightening awareness of the eclipses’ impact on the earth. Eclipses in earth signs in particular have been associated with earthquakes and other earth changes. Eclipses have also been associated with volcanic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, floods and other forms of earth change events.

The recent earthquake in Italy occurred at a point sandwiched between the August 18 lunar eclipse and the Sept. 1 solar eclipse. Interestingly enough, Italy experienced an earthquake the last time a pair of eclipses landed in Virgo – in September 1997. To better understand this week’s solar eclipse, look to the events and themes around the time of the Sept. 1, 1997 solar eclipse in Virgo and the Sept. 16, 1997 lunar eclipse that followed. To understand the impact eclipses exert on the earth’s energetic field, look to the earth changes that have accompanied eclipse periods over the years.

Eclipses Highlight Our Soul’s Deepest Desires

Eclipses shine a bright light into the future, illuminating new pathways that offer learning and growth opportunities to each person. Eclipse energies extend well into the future, bubbling forth to bring us what we need within the moment to evolve. The location where an eclipse falls in your astrology chart reveals important information you need to navigate the days, weeks and months ahead. An eclipse may highlight major turning points in your life, awakening you to your soul’s deepest longings and the path to realizing those wishes.

In coming months, September’s eclipse series will trigger significant events on the world’s stage. Anything hidden or under the surface will be brought into the bright light of awareness. A daily communion with spirit will help us navigate the strong winds of change and the transitions eclipses usher into our lives.

Course Corrections And A Vision For The Rest Of The Year

September’s energetic mix is a powerful time of new beginnings and endings. This is a time to make the most of these energies to examine what is no longer working and implement a course change. With Mercury retrograde and aspecting six planets over the course of the month, this is a time to slow down, focus within and practice patience when delays emerge.

With the sun opposing Neptune, any magical thinking we’ve indulged will be revealed. A grounded, thoughtful and planned approach will bring the best results during this time. September’s unique and powerful energetic mix supports and empowers us as we set priorities for the rest of this year.

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