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Adamu: For Quite Some Time, It Hasn’t Mattered What Political Party Was Voted IN In America

 Good reporting Zingy! For those new to Adamu's linguistic style when he says Red Shield...he means the Rothschild bloodline families.


Via Zingdad On 2-15-17

  (Ed- IMHO Adamu Is Zingdad's Higher Self)

book3 300wGreetings my friends

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilization coming to you, once again, through Zingdad.

Today, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump quite fresh in your memories, I wish to offer you another update on your socio-political scene. So I will be sharing with you a perspective on what is going on in the news, what is going on behind the scenes with the so-called Illuminati and what is going on in your collective psyches. But with today’s update I have an agenda. And I wish to be totally transparent about that:

My agenda is to show you that there is no truth or authentic power to be found outside of yourself. Your truth and power comes from within you. And even more importantly, I wish to invite you to cease to see the world outside of yourself as that which needs to change before you can find happiness. Your happiness comes from within yourself.

And so, today’s update marks a transition of sorts. We have been looking outside of ourselves to the events of the world in the past few updates. Beginning with today’s update, I will begin to point you ever more inwards towards the eternal and the divine within yourself. And then, as the following updates unfold, so you will also learn how to access your own deepest truth and power. And, as I have promised before, I will also be teaching you the sacred steps that you can use to transform and recreate your reality. But all of that is to be found in future updates. Let us begin now with today’s transmission: a discussion that will centre on the false political dichotomy of left versus right. The democrats versus the republicans in the USA. The liberals versus the conservatives. And then I shall show you how this supports my agenda.

But first let us take a small step back and look at the broader world picture.

It is a truism that a snake is most dangerous when it is injured or when it is blinded by its own shedding skin. In such a state, a snake is most likely to strike aggressively at anything that moves.

And the same is true of the Red Shield Illuminati faction. Being really quite grievously injured and being more than a little blinded by the transitions going on in the world that are suddenly, incomprehensibly beyond their power to control, they are suddenly more dangerous than ever before.

To understand to whom I refer when I say “Red Shield Illuminati” and why it is that I say they are grievously injured, please do read my previous set of updates. You can find them all at

The current crop of woes of the world can almost exclusively be laid at the feet of the Red Shields and are largely due to the fact that they are wildly thrashing about as they perceive their own impending demise.

When Europe refused to cohere into one nation under their power, their solution was to drive a wave of migrants from areas of wildly incompatible cultures into Europe. The idea being to use the religious, cultural and socio-economic divisions between the migrants and the existing European population to spark a raging civil war that would reduce Europe to a war-torn, rubble-strewn wasteland. And then, from the chaos to create order. Their brand of order. A single, unified Europe with a single unelected parliament, a single military. None of this based upon democratic principles, of course. All of this utterly under their dominion.

They dreamed of being viewed as the saviours of Europe as they restored order. Their much vaunted New World Order.

But, alas for them, before their plan could begin to come to fruition, Britain exited the EU. And other EU nations began to exhibit strongly nationalistic, anti-EU, tendencies too. It became obvious that Europe was far from ripe for the Red Shields’ plans!

And then, to the Red Shield Illuminati’s shock, the Russians took a hand in showing them up. They attacked the ISIS forces in Syria, proving conclusively, by their string of victories, that the war against ISIS had been a sham. Nothing but a pretext for the Red Shields’ twin goals of extending their zone of influence into the Levant and, as just discussed, destabilizing Europe.

The Red Shields retaliated by preparing for war with Russia. And yes, my friends, a full-blown thermonuclear war once again became a real possibility. Which we shall discuss again in a moment.

First I wish to address another of the Red Shields’ plans: to fuse America, Canada, Mexico, Japan and a slew of other nations in the Pacific rim into a single multinational state under their dominion. The plan was quite similar in many respects to the one that resulted in the creation of the EU. The Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, as it was called, was the deal that was forged for this purpose.

Perhaps you recall that the EU was initially sold to the people of Europe as merely a common market. Then it was broadened to include no internal borders. And so, item by item, slowly the EU transmogrified into anti-democratic super-nation. A state with heads that were not elected and therefore not subject to the approval of its subjects.

The TPP was to lay the groundwork for exactly such an anti-democratic super-nation, this time incorporating all the non-European Red-Shield dominions.

The idea, of course, was that the EU and the TPP nations would eventually be fused into one great Red Shield empire spanning half the globe and most of its financial, military and strategic muscle. And, from there, they would conquer and crush the other Illuminati factions (especially Russia and China) and realize their dream of total world domination.

But, alas for them, the American people just didn’t play ball. Instead of following the highly coerced script, the American public voted into the presidential office the one absolute dark-horse candidate that the Red Shields had, for a large part of the electoral process, considered to be something of a joke candidate. The one candidate who firmly and resolutely would not dance to their tune.

Whatever else you might think of Mr Trump or the sweeping changes he has brought to the American political landscape, it cannot be ignored that he has repeatedly played an anti-Red Shield game. For example: one of the very first things he did was to unceremoniously end the TPP!

Did you even notice that? This one act of his presidential prerogative completely changed the course of the world and it was barely even reported in the press. Only the most attentive would even have been aware of that he killed the TPP.

And better than that, Mr Trump has been clear from the beginning that he favors peace – and even cooperation – with Russia. Not a puppet – but a peaceful trade and cooperation partner. And so the Red Shields received a double dose of disappointment as the world inched back from thermonuclear suicide, as neither the American nor the Russian heads of state would now be likely to implement those launch codes.

Please understand. I am not actually being partisan here. I do not suggest everything Mr Trump does is good nor do I ask that you support him unreservedly. Very, very far from it. Many of you have some very valid reservations about him. And if he were to pay me an ear I would make a number of quite pointed suggestions to him. But that is not what this article is about. All I am saying here is that “the moment calls forth the man”. And Mr Trump is the man of this moment. And in between everything else that he is, and everything else that he is doing… he is ALSO the means by which America ONCE AGAIN gets to avoid being used as a tool of the Red Shields’ destructive plans.

I say “once again” because, since the American War of Independence, the USA has over and over again proved to be a massive thorn in the Red Shields’ flesh. So much so that they have a special dislike for Americans. And now that dislike is being fanned into a rage. And they are responding to it in totally characteristic fashion. Whenever they cannot get their way, they cause chaos. They destroy that which will not comply. And then, from the chaos, they create the new order that they desire.

This is the true cause of both world wars. And the cause of almost all of the other large wars that have raged across the globe since, perhaps, the dark ages. The cause of the great depression and various other financial disasters. The cause of the 9-11 attack. The cause of the Aids pandemic. And the cause of many other, “less successful”, and failed pandemics. All of these (and so much more) have been about the Red Shields attempting to reduce to chaos that which would not comply with their will.

And this is what they wish to bring to America now. They wish to bring chaos to America such that the nation’s will is shattered, its identity destroyed and its civil institutions in utter disarray. And then they plan to gain control and to reform America in their own image. Without the constitution that they so despise. And they plan to use America's own citizens to achieve their goal!

And, my friends, after the series of stinging defeats that the Red Shields have suffered, here, sadly, is a place where they actually seem to be having some early success.

The final trick up their sleeve is to turn you against each other in civil war. Not a race war. Not even a religious war. No, something far more insidious. A war of political ideology. They have been working to divide the nation exactly evenly down the middle numerically. A 50 – 50 split based upon political ideology. The whole idea of there being an “us” versus a “them”, where “we” are Right Thinking Americans and “they” are not. Despite the fact that “they” are your own very neighbors!

Yes, perhaps “they” reside in greater concentrations in another state of your nation. But the fact remains that “they” are American citizens just like you. And you and they, both, are being wound up against each other. Every time you wish “they” could just be silenced, every time you consider “them” to be un-American, degenerate, idiotic, wrong, not deserving of their right to think, believe and behave as they do, you can almost hear the Red Shield operatives cackling in their sleeves. In that moment they win another tiny victory. And every time a demonstration turns violent and American citizens strike out at each other over ideology, then that is a battle that they have won. And, at some point, if there keep being battles, it will ignite a war. And if there is a war, an actual civil war in America, then they have outright won.

The only winners of a civil war in America will be the Red Shields.

My friends, I wish you to understand that it has, for quite a long time, not really mattered which party was voted into power in America. Not really. As the Red-Shields have gained greater and greater control of both sides of the political process in the USA, as they have stocked both sides of every election with their chosen candidates, as they have owned ever greater numbers of politicians at every other level in the political system, so the differences between the two parties have become more a matter of style than substance. Like choosing between vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. You choose the flavor you prefer, but that which you are really eating is essentially the same thing. In the same way it has, for quite some time now, not really mattered which party was voted into power.

I know many will reject this contention outright. Truly mind-boggling amounts of money and effort have been expended in polarizing the American people into these political camps. And so, many of you have allowed yourself to be labelled by this imposed political affiliation and then you have allowed yourself to believe that the ills of your nation are because of the opposing faction.

Many of you have become very attached to “your team being right” and “the opposing team being absolutely wrong”.

It is a sad fact of the current state of American politics that the most effective campaigning is very often nothing other than tearing the opposition apart. Showing how evil, awful, incompetent, disgusting and vile they are. More people are motivated to visit the poles to vote AGAINST the opposition candidate than to vote FOR their candidate. More money is spent on political advertisements that degrade the opposition than those that highlight the advertiser's strengths and positions. And the press spends far more airtime and newspaper inches on degrading candidates than it does on highlighting their platform positions.

And while this is exactly what is going on, somehow this seems to escape everyone’s attention when they discuss why a particular candidate was voted in. In this latest election, the press (which has been almost uniformly vehemently anti-Trump), engaged in much hand-wringing and soul-searching after the question: “Just HOW did Mr Trump get voted in?

They have looked at the issue from almost every angle. They have discussed at length how the psyche of America might have changed and posited that Russia – or other players – may have taken an active hand in manipulating the electoral process. They have, in fact, considered almost every possibility under the sun, except the obvious one. The number of voters that, really, were actually voting ABH: Anything But Hillary.

But the vote very nearly did go the other way. And if Mrs Clinton had been voted in, it would also not have been her sterling qualities that won her the vote. It would largely have been a vote for ABT: Anything But Trump!

Of course I speak here in generalities and of course there are many exceptions to every rule including die-hard fans or either candidate who believed that they were the nation’s savior. But those exceptions merely prove the rule.

What this really means is that elections have become increasingly vitriolic and divisive. And if this negative emotion were to be contained in the political sphere… if the anger and distaste was focused only upon the candidates and their respective political parties… that would already be somewhat problematic. But it is much worse than that. The rage and disgust fostered by the political process spills over into daily life, dividing ordinary American against one another.

And this, my friends, is not by mistake. It might seem as if this is merely a sad by-product of a political process gone mad. But in this world, things of this scale are almost never accidental. They are almost always carefully designed and controlled. And almost always carefully used by the puppet masters to gain ever greater control over you.

And, now that a President is in office who is not under their sway, now they call all of their operatives into action. And of course almost none of these operatives are utterly unaware of who their true masters are. They believe they are serving their own political or social interests. But, if you follow the money and see who ultimately bank-rolls them, it is quite possible to discern who is pulling the strings. And these operatives find fertile soil for their message of violence, hatred and chaos. Soil that has long been prepared by the very divisive nature of the political process itself that we have just discussed.

So the pawns come in to play. And so America is being prepared for a so-called “color revolution”. This time an anti-democratic revolution for the purpose of creating the kind of chaos the Red Shields desire to bring about the change they desire. And the means by which they are attempting to engineer this chaos is by turning you against each other.

Right now the focus of their efforts is to persuade every American citizen:
  1. That they belong to an exclusive, isolated group.
  2. That their group is under attack.
  3. That the enemy that is attacking them is another group of Americans.
  4. And that they must strike back at that internal enemy before all is lost.

I am sure you can see the evidence of this for yourself? I am sure you can see that this wind-up towards social chaos is actually gaining ground in America right now?

Perhaps, if you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you have even felt the tug in this direction yourself? Perhaps you too have felt a certain group – or certain groups – of fellow Americans to be your enemy? Perhaps you have felt the desire to strike at them? Perhaps you have even acted on that impulse, even if only in your thoughts or in a symbolic or figurative manner?

Please don’t berate yourself if you have. The inducements to this kind of thinking are powerful and pervasive. Almost anyone, under such circumstances, would yield somewhat to these temptations.

And this is why I bring this to your attention now. That you might understand what is occurring.

But there is a further, much more important reason.

Beloved friends, it is time to activate the Starseed Legion.

Right now.

This is the moment it begins.

You see, the Illuminati are quite correct in their understanding that chaos is what precedes great change. But chaos and change are both, by their very nature, inherently unpredictable things. And so we are going to grasp victory from the very jaws of defeat. And I am speaking to you today to invite you to participate in this victory.

You see, my friends, the Red Shields are playing a 3rd density game. They are manipulating the situation using 3rd density tools. But we are going to respond from the 4th, 5th and even 6th density. We are going to use vastly more powerful tools than they are using. And we are going to transform this situation in magnificent ways. And not only the situation in America… but the whole world.

They have played their hand. We have watched and waited. And now we play ours.

We don’t need to be overly hasty. It best serves us to be mindful, careful and thoughtful. To act from our hearts. To serve the greatest good. And to carefully avoid being pulled into the battles of the Red Shields’ choosing.

And so, if you wish to accept my invitation, if you wish to co-create with me the grandest, most glorious outcome, then I ask you to prepare yourself thoroughly.

We will work together, step-by-step, and act in perfect Divine Right Time.

Which brings me back to my agenda. My friends. Please take a moment to take stock of this information I have shared with you, and of everything you know, in your heart, to be true.

Is it not so that this recent election has proven, beyond all doubt, that you cannot trust the political establishment?

Is it not so that you have seen, beyond all reasonable doubt that they have, for longer than you have been alive, been no better than a band of bandits hiding behind an urbane and cultured veneer?

Is it not so that you can see that they have consistently and faithfully served their masters' interests and never served yours?

Can you not see that the political process that they offer you, the democratic process of electing a member of their club, has been utterly subverted?

Can you not see that you have no real power in this system?

Can you not see that the fact that they continue to tell you that this system is the best and only way for you to wield power, simply distracts you? That you don’t seek after your own authentic power as long as you believe in this weak, false power?

My friends! You are creator-beings! You are masters of Power and Light! You have merely been hypnotized into a deep, deep sleep where your power has been taken from you. You have been focused and directed in such a way that you create what THEY want you to create. And it is NEVER in your best interests that you so create!

Your power lies within you. And I wish to remind you of this fact. I wish to assist you to remember your creator nature. I wish to assist you to remember HOW to create. And most of all I wish to assist you to cease believing their lies, as regards power. You do not gain power through the political process, or indeed any other process. Power and Light is your most basic nature! All you need to do is to connect with the divine within. To harmonize yourself with the eternal immortal being that you truly are. And to act from that place of magnificence.

You have been so deeply conditioned to disbelieve what I am saying to you. You have, in all probability, spent many lifetimes in deep forgetting. And so it will take a little work to awaken completely to your true creative power. And I will walk that journey with you. I will show you how to recreate your own life in such a way that you will never again doubt that you can do this. And so your awakening path will begin. And so we will begin to co-create a most joyous and glorious future together.

I do have some important things to share with you along the way. For example, I rather urgently need to speak directly to my beloved Starseeds next. I need to remind them of their contract… of why they are here. And then we will proceed with an understanding of where your creative authority comes from, of how you tap into it and of the steps you can take to recreate yourself and your reality.

If you wish to be updated, as and when I release new transmissions through Zingdad, then I’d like to invite you to sign up for our newsletter at

The final thoughts I wish to leave you with are these:

Your world will find peace only when the individuals upon it are at peace.

You are not responsible for what anyone else does. You are only responsible for your own thoughts, deeds and words. But you MUST take responsibility for yourself. You MUST seek to have your thoughts, deeds and words conform to what you know to be the Greatest Good. When you do, you align with the divine within. You align with your true source of power.

When you seek to change the world and the others you see around you, you do little good and much harm. You exhaust yourself, to no great benefit. When you seek to change yourself, you find that you succeed, and you find joy, peace and self-love. And, as if by miracle and magic, as you change yourself, so your world follows suit and transforms around you into a more joyful, peaceful and loving place.

And with this I leave you for now. But I will return soon to continue our path together.

I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilization and I have been speaking to you, as always, through Zingdad.

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