Monday, February 20, 2017

Disclosure Digest 2-20-17

Preparing For The Particle Convergence

Tiara Kumara...

Om Mani Free Energy, Om Mani Free Energy, Om Mani Free Energy...

I am SO proud of my county government here in The Peoples Republic of Boulder Colorado:

Please circulate this video far and wide - this interview aired on FOX!

This Antarctic 'E.T. Disneyland' stunt is so blown already, it's time for the MAD Magazine parody:

Add this to the ongoing de-construction of the NWO/Shadow US Gov't as Trump lets go of NATO:

Yup, New York is full of all kinds Jews and they know a crooked mob boss when they smell one:

One can only sigh audibly and visualize Monsanto dragging Bayer along with it into the abyss:

Now let's lighten-up, kick back and self-medicate w/MMJ and read about the benefits!

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