Sunday, May 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-26-19

Organic, Popped In EV Olive Oil S.V.P.


Gee Willikers, Galactic company's a-comin' and this realm is a mess; time to clean up our act:

Well, I guess 'bananna bags' is a start; seriously, can't modern alchemy do any better:

Oh Canada! Your cannabis research is the gift that keeps on giving; Keep calm Carry on:

Sovereign nationalist Euro parties trounce globalist in EU elections: the tide finally turns:

Victoria’s Secret Adam’s Apple, the Beast’s Bridgeheads and Trannnys; Oh my! Grokfest:

Denise LeFay has survived the recent onslaught of trans-formative Gamma Rays; Git Sum:

Well, that was an exciting and third eye-opening visit to The Gates of Mordor; cue Creator:

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