Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-29-19

Atlantis Redux

This time as the Atlantean Fall Fractal looms large, Hue-manity makes the right choice: grokfest:

Ben is back at it and the good news is he sees the Light at the end of all the world-wide BS:

Major Hidden Hand players are being ‘suicided’ as the panic spreads; too little too late:

I must admit that I ain't got a dog in this race but I do know this truth; Happy wife = Happy life:

Unhappy women seem to be grist for the Hollywierd, pulp mill cinema machine; truly sad:

Things are moving quite fast these days; power to the people - right arm:

Many thanks to Bro Beckow for putting this informative little essay together; cosmic reality check:

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