Monday, May 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-27-19

This Just In From The Planet's Surface...

The Maestro Fights the Deep State With His Own White Hat Ninja Deep State; you've been Q'd:

“Ratf**ker Spy” Meets “Honeypot” Avenger Backed By President Trump; Sorcha's gettin' hot:

Ain't synchronicity grand; Neon backs up Sorcha Fal with this, his newest deep decode to date:

Since Guttenburg started the Information Age the Cabal nastieness went full stealth mode:

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the CME-like interplanetary shock wave that just slammed Earth:

As the cleansing cosmic rays ramp up; all skeletons come out of their closets - no exceptions:

More partial disclosure of highly advanced bio-tech that we already have, think Dubya Clones:

For desert we join Blossom Goodchild as she attempts to grok the Quantumness of it all:

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