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Releasing Fear About Ascension And The Event

For many years now, I’ve been addressing the emails that come into our “Contact Us.” It’s been an honor to be on the receiving end of all manner of questions.

Over time, as I started to understand why I was actually doing this, it occurred to me that the posing of the question is what would generate the answer.

I’ve come to realize as well that my guidance has been sourced from a Collective that is both Celestial and Galactic. It includes Whales and Ancient Trees, Stone and Crystal People.

Recently, a message came in from a reader expressing concern over the information offered in an article posted on Voyages of Light (1) representing that only about half of the population of Earth “will be able to ascend.” Further, that because of damage to our beautiful planet, people who don’t ascend will have to remain on a 3D Earth while the successful ascenders get to move on to a 5D Earth.

The second question had to do with the Event having already happened, along with the understandable fear of having been left behind. The answers that came through generated a discussion that might be helpful for others with similar concerns.

Please be assured that anyone taking the time to search for answers and subsequently reading this and many other blogs hasn’t been and won’t be ‘left behind.’ At this point, what we have to go on is speculation and information given through various channels as to how this all will unfold.

Because of this, it’s vital that we establish and nurture our own connection to guidance. As with any relationship, care and maintenance is required to bring about the greatest benefit to all parties. And, yes, our friends in the rafters do benefit from interacting with us.

My own understanding is that there will indeed be different living arrangements for those who choose ascension (consciously or otherwise), and those who choose to experience a more lower-dimensional existence. In this, I believe we need to let go of knowing how such a separation will take place. I don’t think we can even imagine it, to be honest. Not only has it never been done before; we may be writing the story as we go.

The phrase “will be able to ascend” doesn’t feel quite right to me, because a desire to ascend might be all that’s required. I imagine that when the desire is expressed, either with awareness or unconsciously, things are put into motion to bring about the preparatory experiences needed for each individual.

Say, for example, that someone knows about ascension and thinks it a lovely notion. They want in, but have the idea that there’s nothing they need to do to prepare. That simply isn’t true, as it’s incumbent on each of us to do our personal work and clear ourselves of the wounding and false beliefs we may have taken into our bones as children, in a past life, and sometimes even as adults.

The Earth has indeed taken damage as a result of human activity, but she’s quite alright. Our Galactic Family is more than willing to share their technology to help us clean everything up and set things right. From what I gather, that won’t take very long.

The Event that’s been discussed by many hasn’t yet taken place. In some ways though, it’s been happening for a while already.. Similar to astrological events where the energies are felt for days (or longer) both before and after the moment in question…we’ve been in preparation for the Event perhaps for our whole lives and for many incarnations. I would say that our preparation has been accelerated and condensed recently because we’re getting close to it.

Bottom line is that no one who desires to ascend with the planet will be left behind, but unless they’ve been diligent about doing their personal clearing work to let go of all that no longer serves, what hasn’t been given up actively and voluntarily will be stripped away, and it may not be comfortable.

This is all about frequency, and Love is the very highest. If we live our lives from our hearts, with good intentions in the name of the Light and for the highest good of all concerned…there’s really not a thing to worry about. That’s our Shield.

Our discussion then turned to her feeling of anger about the state of our world and all the suffering and manipulation that Humans have been subject to. Then she spoke of the fear that we’re trading one elite group for another, with this newer group being the ‘spiritual elite.’

Many are wondering as well: What about the folks who have to fight for their daily lives and have no access to higher knowledge, with barely the juice for a positive thought? The article that was referenced also stated that many will die in the Event.

For clarity, the following examples can be male or female, cat, dog or horse and any combination of the same.

My own vision about people who are unaware of or unable to participate consciously in the Ascension Process is clear. Say, for example, there’s a man who’s lost his home and is living on the street. Maybe he has a dog, and no matter what else each day
brings, he makes sure his loyal friend has food and water. That’s Love, and Love is always seen and rewarded in kind.

Hardship fosters compassion. Having to contemplate one’s own survival on a daily basis can be a deep spiritual awakening.

Another man has no financial worries, yet he commutes back and forth to a job for many hours each day, five days a week. He comes home late and has just enough time for making dinner and getting things ready for work the next day, with maybe a little T.V. before heading off to bed, because the alarm goes off pretty early. There’s not a lot of fun or freedom in this life, either, but maybe the reason he shows up every day is to keep a family going…also for Love

My point is that inside each of us is a knowing, deep in our bones, that we’re all connected and that being kind and being in service is what we’re here to do. People who never heard of Ascension but who choose Love as the basis for all (even most) of their decisions will be given the same opportunities as those who have awareness.

The ultimate goal is to bring everyone along, and great efforts are being made on behalf of the Human Collective to do so. Those who don’t come along have made a choice not to, and it’s not actually anyone else’s business when such a choice is made.

Some will choose to go through Ascension by dropping the body. How could we make the call for anyone else that their choice is wrong? A loved one’s choice to drop the body might not be in our personal plans for them. It’s painful to lose those close to us, but how can we know that what they’ve chosen isn’t the most blissful and perfect next step for them?

I get the point about a ‘spiritual elite,’ but there’s no such thing anywhere but in people’s perceptions. We’re all in this together. Nobody gets out alone, and we really have grown up enough to say on our own what’s true for us as a Sovereign Beings. What if we were to share the view that all of us are on the same path, but in a different place on it with differing perceptions?

If we find that reading a channeled message is troubling and starts a fearful thought process, it might be worth it to seek more information from other sources. And always check for how it feels in the body while taking in and processing what information is being offered.

While we do need to know where we’ve been, we surely don’t need to dwell on the horrors of true Earth History for long. That grand manipulation is ending, and our attention is best placed on what we want and what we love in this Now moment. It may be that the only power the cabal has any longer is what we give to it. don’t necessarily disagree with anything written in the article that prompted the initial inquiry, but I also don’t know if the Event is a solar flash that kills many. We’ve been getting frequency bumps for quite a while now. It used to be that they’d take place mostly at celestial events and portal dates, but now there’s no let-up to the rising energies.

Doing our personal work and living according to our heart’s choices raises our frequency. I suppose if we choose to hold onto our wounding but have a loving heart, Divine Dispensation comes into play. If we have the Love of others and we have their prayers and good intentions, how lovely and wonderful for us, and how great a frequency bump for both parties!

The prayers of all those working for the Ascension of the Whole help bring up those who haven’t the juice to lift their own selves up.

Truly, the most important thing each of us can do to help the entire Collective raise up is to keep ourselves happy. Seriously, to spend any of our powerful thoughts and feelings on negative outcomes is counterproductive to what we wish to bring to fruition. We need to find a way to be at peace with what is so.

(1) Preparing for the Leap into New Earth | The Elohim via Tarashtan

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