Thursday, May 9, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-9-19

[DS] Take Down Accelerates

Cuckerberg is so flagrantly violating our constitutional rights even the NYT is calling out his game:

The translation of this essay from Dutch into English is a bit choppy but I think you'll get the ideas:

Scratch the surface of PCR and you'll find an indignant historian; deconstructing the House of Lies: 

Terri Wade offers this bit of clarity regarding the larger flow of planetary events; grokkable: 

Decent overview of planetary swamp draining; put this in your Borscht and slurp it: 

Looks like R2D2 and stings like a bee! I want one mounted on my Buick:

That this data was even crunched just blows my mind, what’s left of it:

Denver voted to decriminalize magic mushrooms and the Rocky Mountain High rolls on:

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