Sunday, May 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-25-19

Still Breaking In Your New Merkaba?

Just in from Sandra Walter a.k.a.Our Lady of Mt. Shasta - Timeline Shift Complete; Grok on:

Some good advice and insight from Suzanne over at The Golden Age of Gaia website: grokfest:

I personally think the Ukraine will be better served by elected comedians than by C_A Clowns:

I loves muh some Dinarians; here's Judy Byington's most recent compilation - sprinkles of truth:

This is a timely history lesson on how the Cabal/[DS] engineers endless conflict: it's sooo over:

I'm glad to have lived long enough to witness this rollback; no more sheeple poisoning, boys:

It’s raining micro plastics in the Rockies; coming soon - stoned frogs blocking I-25 - pictures at 11:

It's long past time for a short Creator Break from your increasingly chaotic current timeline:

Multiple Mike - SaLuSa - Kryon of Magnetic Service; the band's got back together; CrO2:

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