Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-15-19

Nuthin' Wrong With The Ides Of May

Soshi rocks...grab yer pita chips and hummus and dive into some Kosher Conspiracies; Oy gevalt:

I know Ben isn't every one's taste yet there are pearls to be found by the discerning reader:

Danish truth bomb is too much for these lamestream politicians; their shocked expressions tell it all:

I continue to watch the glacial shifting away from the Dark Side by this stealth Pope; time will tell:

RV-heads should take Heart for their long, patient vigil is coming to a beautiful end/beginning:

Nigel speaks the people’s truth to a BBC attack talking head; No More Fake News:

Today's closer is dearest Blossom Goodchild with the latest from the Federation of Light: grokfest:

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