Saturday, May 11, 2019

Disclosure Digest 5-12-19

 We Found the Divine Mother

At 11,000 Feet

All Mothers are intrinsically angelic so we begin today with Ann Albers and the Angel's message:

One of my longtime favorite contemplative musicians sent out this lovely Mother's Day newsletter:

I still hold my vision of this Pope as a 'sleeper white hat'; only time will tell if he's the real St. Fancis:

Sorcha’s got a Q-Crush goin’on; she’s also spot-on the broad strokes of current swamp drainage;

The Divine Mother has turned up the heat under our collective skillet and hell's-a-poppin':

The Venezuela Fiasco - banging war drums or exposing [DS] warmongers for all to see? You decide:

Mamma mia! This trial and those to follow will blow the WW Satanic Cult wide open; ‘bout time:

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  1. I've been reading up on your blog and, wanted to say thank you for your time and effort you've put into making this information available to others. I've been doing a good deal of research Into my own starseed origins. There is so much information out there, the majority of which just doesn't resonate with me as being true not accurate. However, this is not the case with what I've read on your blog. You have also helped me connect the dots to find answers I'd previously been unable to. So just know your efforts are noticed, appreciated, and awesome.