Saturday, November 21, 2020

Disclosure Digest 11-20-20

Get The Upside Of The 

Lowdown Right Here!

Tucker's 12 minute rip on this 'let-them-eat-cake moment' with eloquence beyond his years; git Sum: 

Wherein Young Tucker creates an Awkward Situation by being righteously indignant and Impatient:
The 5D chess-match is approaching Ludicrous Speed, hidden by the Blue Haze; players on your Marks:
The legendary Baconator is alive and in custody somewhere in Texas; whoodathunkit? Nitrite-Kek:  
Klaus is an old Nazi relic, he even has the perfect accent for promulgating World Domination; Achtung:

Pedowood rewards it’s shills lavishly before sacrificing them; Snake Plisken pulls a CYA PR Move:

And 'cause you saw the original cast in Hair on Broadway, you know all about the Age of Aquarius?

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