Monday, February 8, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-7-21

Crushed By The Cold Truth...


This Patriots Fight bundle offers an up-dated Team RICO parade of Losers: it's ever so Clonely:

Let's re-examine Donald Trump's Sword Dance Tour; Charlie Freak does a great job on this Video:

The Failed color revolution Attempted last year in America is self exposing in the Lame-stream Media:

This from Utsava’s ‘Buymeacoffee’ patronage page; Frens, if ya like her work give her some Caffeine: 

It’s time to grok that the Spamdemic is educational & a Very Necessary cover for Cabal Removal:

Simon (the warlock) Parkes joins the GAoG witches to fill out today's Troubling Troika of Truth-Outs:

Brenda Hoffman, Ascension Coach extraordinaire, closes today's omnibus out; Git some Grokkables:

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