Monday, February 22, 2021

The Patriot, Citizen Journalist And Light Worker Tool Bag


 By James Gilliland, Star Lord, 2-22-21

There are some energy waves coming in that are driving the dark hearts rather mad. They are pulling out all the stops invoking and sending everything from demons to creatures through ritual to maintain their diminishing control. When you are exposing and going up against the tyrants realize many are no longer human. This is why they can do so many inhumane things much of which the average human cannot even contemplate. You are not just working against some very evil people you are up against unseen negative influences as well. 

It is not uncommon for the dark hearts to use spells and hexes against light workers.  The Satanic/Luciferian rituals are real, it is an unthinkable abomination what they are doing to children. It is the ultimate slap in the face to Creator. The sex and child trafficking are also real along with harvesting organs and blood and “Adrenochrome”. It has become epidemic within almost all institutions and industries. It is time to wake up, end the denial and take back your planet.

Just as these fallen humans and other unseen negative entities are real, so are the positive seen and unseen entities in greater numbers and powers. We can be a victim or stand tall in our own divinity. The positive higher vibrational beings are here to liberate, empower and awaken Humanity and the Earth in a plan that goes all the way back to Creator. Some have incarnated from these higher planes, dimensions and civilizations  while some are raising their frequencies merging with their higher dimensional selves. Some are being initiated, having visions-dreams of beautiful loving beings and receiving guidance through these tumultuous times.

On the other side of the coin some are having nightmares, being psychically attacked, put in hellish situations, having lovers, friends and family turn on them and feeling totally alienated. Hopefully this newsletter will assist you in understanding, depersonalizing these events and help with tools to get us through these trying times. The prophecy of End Time Madness explains these times.

During the awakening many don’t even know why they are doing what they are doing, it just feels right and the old ways no longer interest them. This is all part of the process. We have said many times in the past the closer you get to nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads. If you are not being challenged, you’re not a challenge. In other words, you’re not a threat. The challenge comes with the work and if you are truly doing the work you will be challenged. 

Another way of looking at this the more on target you are, the more you become a target.  The more consciousness and energy available to you the bigger the threat to the unconscious and their overlords. Rather than being a victim wear it as a badge. You may not be doing something wrong, you may be doing something right. 

The reason for writing this article is to help depersonalize what is happening and bring some tools to bear that will clear these situations. The first and foremost priority is to make your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great spirit. We all have guides some call watch Angels, Masters, Saints and Sages to help us while on Earth. Many incarnated from Spiritually and Technologically Advanced civilizations, often from higher dimensions. This will all fall under the category of HELP. You are not alone, you have never been alone other than what you created in your own mind, what you be-lie-ve in. “There are no divisions in God, there are many divisions in social consciousness, contemplate the word Omnipresence.”

You have and have always had the power within you. You just did not have the tool bag. The tool bag has been hidden from you for a reason. What if you fully realized there is no separation in Omnipresence? What if you realized Love is the ultimate power in the Multiverse, the manifesting force behind creation? What if you realized you could channel that love through the heart into every situation? What if you stepped out of reactionary mind, perpetuated fear, guilt, unworthiness, the all external false needs? What if you transcended the first three chakras (survival, sex and power) through which, the controllers and enslavers manipulate you? 

What if you centered into the heart, the present moment, allowing the ultimate power of love to move through you in creationary mind? What if you pulled your energies from the 7th, 6th, and 5th chakras and channeled them through the heart? What if you asked for the higher dimensions to balance out all your chakras or energy centers? Imagine healing the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, mostly held in the first three chakras, which confuse and block the real power - you owning your divinity?

It was once said there are two forces, love and lack of love. There is connection to Creator and lack of connection. There is Universal Law and the straying away from Universal Law. There is Unity Consciousness, balance and the perpetuated be-lie-f in separation and imbalance. These are the dynamics playing out in today’s world. As higher consciousness and energy continues to rise the masks come down, the imbalances are revealed along with the actions outside of Universal Law. Karma or action/reaction accelerates in linear time and the lessons become exponentially harder. 

Those who have led a life of service, loving humanity and nature will fare very well. Those who have led a life of service to self, dishonoring and disrespecting humanity and nature will not. It’s not rocket science. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood and be in service to humanity and nature. Growing up to meet the demands of an ungodly social consciousness is often the problem.

It seems we have strayed off course but these understandings are necessary. Now for the tool bag. There is a saying 'know your enemy'; know their tactics, how they interfere in your life and the lives of others. There is a war in consciousness, a war against freedom, a war between good and evil. The polarities are real, we cannot live in denial - it's not in the tool bag.

There are enemies seen and unseen. There are those who desire to enslave, perpetuate division, keep you ignorant, poor and sick using deception, fear, guilt “shaming”, and unworthiness. They perpetuate external gods, a Creator separate from Creation a be-lie-f that you are separate from Creator and Creation. They are self-serving and their lust for power and wealth is insatiable. They are war and disease profiteers; many have lost all humanness. As we said earlier, the reason there is so much inhumanity is because they are not human. 

Did you know you cannot commit suicide without multiple unseen negative influences. The desire to live and survival is too strong. Did you know many of your thoughts and emotions are not your own? Did you know many of the thoughts and emotions of others are not their own? Did you know people can be influenced both positively and negatively by seen and unseen influences? The consciousness of others, the environment, the psychometrized thoughts and emotions in stone and metal, the land, the presence of positive and negative entities all play a part in ours and others mental well being. 

Many illnesses, accidents the loss of energy are a direct result of psychic attacks.  Self-Mastery is being aware of and control of the consciousness and energy affecting you and others no matter what the source. It is the ability to observe, use your inner sensitivity and feelings to clear. If you don’t like what you are feeling do a healing. Clearings are mandatory if you are going to take on the dark hearts, both seen and unseen.

We cannot stress the importance of clearings. If you are in law enforcement or the military you carry a gun for protection. Without clearing it is like walking naked into battle against a fully armed opponent. An opponent that often knows you better than you know yourself. They will use your fears, wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences against you. Generate thought forms, false scenarios, divide lovers, family, and friends. As we said before they can drain your energy, make you sick, even create accidents. They are masters at this. Removing them is a must to restore health, well being, peace and unity. 

Aligning with higher consciousness and energy, higher dimensional beings and removing any hooks or patterns, wounds, traumas etc. within self is the answer. This repairs the chinks in your armor. Personal responsibility is also necessary. It is up to us to make our own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection expand in awareness and consciousness and become proficient in healing. Help has always been available it is up to us to initiate it. 

That being said here is the process to clear and heal unseen negative influences:

James Gilliland

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