Saturday, February 27, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-27-21

Get Ready For Some...

Let's begin today with a Three Witches Bundle led by our dear friend, Sedona Sandra - grok Sum:

The Ascension Follies are kicking into yet another High Gear; grab yer socks and read some Sorcha:

We must Understand the Scam in order to Defeat the Scam; now, try following the objective Science

The truth of Big Pharma/MD-Mafia causing Iatrogenic Homicide instead of practicing Ethical Triage:

Great confusion among the Low Vibe Tribe; ancient spells being broken as the Sheeple Awaken:

Magenta skirts another bout of multi-dimensional laryngitis to bring us this important '9' Message:

Dr. Peebles (gotta love that handle...) drops in for a bit, courtesy of channeller Natalie Gianelli

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