Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Loosh Tapes Transcribed



Ivo Of Vega

Channelled By Sharon Stuart, 12-21-20


ivo of vega eraoflightdotcom“I’ve been thinking about “loosh”, what it is, how it is manipulated and created and consumed by the dark ones. I don’t think people really understand how pervasive this is in the reality of life on this planet.”

Me: That’s a comment from a friend with the request that we channel on this subject. We’ve touched on it in many video’s, but hey, Ivo, let’s lock and load, give everyone the straight goods on what loosh is and what effect it has on our world. And yes, lock and load refers to guns but it’s something my mind is picking up and I think is cool, against my better judgment. That’s the conflict of the soul versus the ego, and right now the ego has to have her little things. This one will probably go the way of the dodo, but right now it’s doing its job: creating internal conflict within me. I figure if you’re in inner conflict, you’re doing pretty good because it’s your soul and your ego trying to gain mastery over the expression that is you. What’s better is to give the soul complete control. So why is there conflict then? Conflict creates loosh.

Everything seems to create loosh, except for unqualified love.

Ivo: Very well, my love. I will explain what loosh is.

All energy is alive. All energy vibrates to a frequency. Energy is life and energy supports life and life utilizes energy. When you eat food, you are eating energy. Well, except in cases where you are eating dead food, such as meat, then you are eating low energetic substances, in fact, rotting substances. However, your refrigeration processes and preservation processes maintain this flesh long enough for you to ingest it.

In the lower dimensions, all physical life requires energy to sustain itself. Your physical bodies hold too low of a vibrational frequency to live without food. Despite the fact that they are created by the soul, they require the sustenance of the planet you live on.

One of the reasons that you require eating as much as you do is because you, too, are being eaten from, so to speak. Yes, many of you, except for those who do regular maintenance, are being used as a food source. Your energy is a food source to many parasitic beings inside you and without. However, for the sake of the topic, we will focus on those who are unseen to many of you who reside outside of your physical bodies.

All human life has the ability to create and we can charge energy with our thoughts and emotions. We are electro magnetic. The emotional field is magnetic, and the mental field of thought is electric. The mental field is what we put out into the ethers, the magnetic field is what we attract from the ethers. Therefore, life is an exchange. An exchange of electro magnetic energy. And you are the catalyst for this exchange.

Me: Woah, Ivo, my grade 11 science class knowledge is being challenged here.

Ivo: As it should be, my love. I am here to challenge all that you all believe.

So, we will look at this from the electro magnetic standpoint of what you emit, and what you attract.

Those who have overtaken your world understand this about the human. They understand how you create, and how you can charge energy to whatever frequency you desire. They know more about the human on this planet now than many of the humans living here do. So they create and then use your ignorance to their advantage.

In grade 11 science, which was biology, my love, did the teacher tell you you are an electro magnetic being that is capable of charging energy and attracting what it requires to itself?

Me: Nope. He did give me a 90% on a biology exam and was really surprised that I aced that test, though. Then his wife caught me smoking in the bathroom, but I don’t think that she told him, so my mark wasn’t affected. By the way, folks, since we’re getting really detailed, this might be a two part video. We’ll see.

Ivo: The concerns of a 16 year old.

Me: I had more concerns then, and they were of a biological type too. LOL

Ivo: Acne and boys at school. Yes.

You are a biological wonder. All humans are. Even in the lower frequencies of physical life, you still attract and charge energy to suit yourselves. Yet you have not been taught this.

Me: Mr McKenzie, tsk tsk.

Ivo: He did not know either, my love. Your biologists are aware that the heart, the brain and the nervous system run on electricity, but the magnetic aspect of your bodies is not well know. That is because it is not the body that is magnetic – it is the mind. They still believe that your minds are in your brain, that you think with your brains!

Your brain processes inputs from the differing dimensional fields that comprise your light bodies but in and of itself it is like your computers – it will not do much without your input. It will continue to function and it will continue to process minimally, but the real work comes when the human uses the keyboard or other input devices. The brain is the same. It will process life energy to keep you alive, keep your heart beating, etc.

Me: Oh, like a coma.

Ivo: At times, yes, a coma is a human body with the immediate consciousness having left it. It still has connection to the higher realms which may keep it alive, but there are no brain inputs from the different levels of the light body which corresponds to the chakras. So the brain is functioning but only enough to keep the body alive. When the silver cord between the consciousness to the body is cut, then the body will die. Until the soul can do this, the body will stay alive. The consciousness is out astral traveling during the time the consciousness has left the body. It is still alive and most likely watching the body and all those around it, grieving.

Of course your controllers know who a human is as well and what you are capable of. So they have tampered with the third eye, for example, and tagged and implanted many of your dimensional fields to behave in ways that keep you either ignorant, or in a negative state. Never mind what they have done to your DNA, physical and quantum.

Why do they want you in a negative state and ignorant of that fact?

Because this is the frequency that they vibrate at, a very low frequency. And the reason they have this low frequency is because they have fallen off the soul matrix and do not have a direct connection to the god source any more. They are not an aspect of God, in other words. So because of their low frequency, they have a way of life that you call evil, which is the backwards spelling of live, not coincidentally.

Because they do not have a direct connection to a source of fuel as you do, they are parasitic in nature – they require the fuel of others in order to sustain themselves. They cannot live unless they steal fuel from other creatures with their own fuel sources that exist on the soul matrix.

These beings have done many things to get the fuel sources they require to live on. For one thing, they have harvested the souls of many earthlings and keep these souls trapped, acting as batteries in order to fuel their computers, their mechanical items, their entire system with which they keep you trapped.

They have spliced your incarnated souls in order to live as parasites in the same body.

However, the one thing that we will focus on, is the fact of loosh being created.

As I said, you are electric projectors. You project electricity through the ethers with your thoughts – your mental body, which aligns with the third chakra, does this. Also the third chakra is about your personal power. So the power you would normally have that you would project out through this chakra, for example, into the ethers has been reduced to a level that these demonic beings that have hijacked you for their own use, can live from. 

For this reason, it is important to continually rebalance the chakras. Not doing so means that the chakras will slip out of balance and begin to send negative energy out into the world, thus feeding loosh to these negative entities and attracting a lot of that which you call “bad luck” back to you, as if life were that random. Life is not random, not at all. The third chakra will send out disempowered energy, the heart chakra will send out hate, the root chakra will send out fear.

Me: What will they attract then?

Ivo: Any number of things, my love. The heart chakra could attract a hater, the sacral chakra when emotions are shut down – because it has to do with emotional energy, sexual energy and creation, can attract a pervert.

Me: None of those here!

Ivo: Keep your chakras balanced.

Me: I have a good CD for balancing chakras by Layne Redmond. You can get it on Amazon and I do a shortened version of sections 4 and 5. I’ll link it below in the comments.

So it’s like our chakras are talking to the rest of the world and instead of humming a nice tune, they’re talking hate, anger, fear, and attracting that back.

Ivo: Yes. With one exception. Those who are of too high a frequency for these negative entities, such as yourself. Your high energy diminishes them, even annihilates them. These people attract demonics in order to try to keep your frequency down, to lower it again and to get you under control, and we will speak of that later under personal conflict. So the lightworker of high frequency is constantly battling negative entities, which try to reduce their frequency. And this can look any number of ways.

Me: Yes, tell me about it!

Ivo: The negative entities we are speaking of are embodied and disembodied entities. Those who are embodied generally have their own fuel source in the name of the person whose body they have inhabited, however those who are disembodied do not. They are parasites of anyone and everyone living in your system.

In the same way that you prefer your swimming pools to be set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, these negative entities prefer their fuel to be at a certain frequency, and that is what you call negative.

In the same way that you prefer your meals hot, your salads cool, these entities prefer their energy to be charged negatively because it aligns with their personal tastes as well.

This is why you see so many things you consider to be bad happening on your planet. Because these entities are up to their tricks, you see. Their survival depends upon it.

In order to get their food cooked for them the way they want it, in order for them to have their energetic fuel made to order, they have to manipulate you, the people of the Light, to do bad things. They have to manipulate you into hurting yourselves and others, they have to manipulate you into living with things that are less than the standards other humans in the galaxy would enjoy.

For example, your flight. Your airplanes drop out of the sky on a regular basis, sending loads of humans to a horrible fiery death. When this happens, these negative loosh eaters are standing by with forks and knives at the ready, waiting to enjoy the heady fearful energy of poor dying souls trapped in a cigar shaped coffin plummeting to the ground. Other galactic ETs would never stand for anything of the sort: If they are to travel, it will be of high frequency and high safety.

That is why your government agencies cover up so many of these accidents, that is why big business makes deals with the government to do so, and that is why so much money is paid off to the surviving families. So that it will continue. That is why. These negative entities are running your world, and they need a fuel source so they manipulate you. Money means nothing to them. The real fuel of life is loosh and the need to continue having you create it is their first priority otherwise they would not survive.

And in these cases, so often the scapegoat is “human error”. Do you think that that is by chance, my love? Now all who get into airplanes will fear the two humans flying the craft because “human error” has so often brought down a craft. Poor training is often not cited as the problem, and why do you think they are trained poorly? And made to work such long hours. So that there will be more downed craft, my love. You believe that money is what makes your world go ’round. It does not. Money is a means to an end – to gain more loosh. Energy is the real currency of your planet, and the more negative it is, the more you will fuel those who feed off of it and make them stronger.

Why is not enough money put into these industries to make them safer? Because if they were safer, then there would be less fear. They do not want you in that state. They want you to be fearful. So those at the top of the pyramid skim all excess funds off in order to ensure that your lives are fear based. This is how they do it. They do not care as much about being rich as they care about being alive, and their food is your fear and hatred.

You are kept in ignorance of this agenda, and you are kept in ignorance of how to relieve your world of this agenda. You are told only enough that you will continue to have “accidents” when the nature of many of your “accidents” is quite deliberate. It is all done to feed these demonics their loosh. Who in their right mind would fly after people in the government agencies have publicly declared flight a “tombstone industry?” Why is this even acceptable? Because of the loosh produced through this industry, and again, not surprisingly, this industry is vital for the achievement of financial gain and support of one’s personal economy. You have to do it. It is all deliberate, my love. Enslavement to money creates loosh.

Thankfully, galactic and universal forces have been intervening to reduce their existence and their influence on planet Terra. And we intend to crash your economic system.

With this in mind, why do you think you have so many wars? Virile young men are sent to their deaths? Those who require the loosh of fear, hatred and homesickness wait at the ready for these young men to die. Some attach to these men when their energy is low. When the energy is so fearful that these entities can lock on and continue to lower the frequency of that man. Then what happens? I said that you are an energy exchange. You put out energy through your thoughts, but you also attract similar energy through your emotions. When that emotion is so fearful of dying, what do you think this man will attract? Someone to kill him, that is what he will attract.

The entities have a hey day when you are at war! They do not attach to the confident men and women. They attach to the ones who fear and who could not be fearful under such circumstances, especially since your world leaders, your Churchill’s, your Hitlers, and your generals such as MacArthur, Nimitz and Yamamoto are embodied demonics themselves, leading the human lambs to the slaughter.

Everything is done on your planet to keep the loosh flowing. These demonic beings are feeding off of your energy. And they want you to charge it negatively, with fear and with frustration, hatred, anger and shame, so they have created an environment for you to live in that exactly accomplishes that – and you have been fooled into thinking that this toxic world is the true environment of a human. War is the opposite of the normal human state of peace.

Look now as the globalist leader of the U.S. goes into action. How many wars will be started? Now Iran is after continuation of a nuclear agreement. Why do you think this is? To scare you all, to create loosh.

If you would all stop fearing, there would be no life for these demonics. None at all. They would die because you are their food source.

Then there is money. So many working for so little in a time of inflated prices. This creates lack. Lack is another facet of the global scheme to create loosh. Lack is the opposite of the normal human state of abundance.

There is sickness, the global viral pandemic. Now people will not walk past each other in the stores because they fear being less than six feet away from another person. This is a huge creator of loosh.
It is all deliberate. All of it. Loosh is what makes the world go around. Sickness is the opposite of the normal human state of health and balance.

Your way to leave this Matrix is to start vibrating at higher frequencies. This does not create loosh, however you will be attacked in order to lower your frequency. Do not fear. That is what they want from you.

Understand that no negative thought is natural for you. They are all implanted, or manipulated into your consciousness through beings feeding from your energy.

Those of you who wake up screaming at night time, you are being attacked in the astral plane to lower your frequency. These parasites are becoming desperate now because they realize their end is near.

There is your news which is now called “Fear Porn,” which causes negative emotional reactions partially because you are seeing fearful events, and partially because they are lying to you. And your television shows, again, all lies or they are “drama’s” which your adrenalin reacts to in fear. Have you noticed the increase in violent movies, scary movies and conflict movies in the last few decades? This is all to create loosh.

There is the polluted state of the air that you breathe, the water you drink and the garbage upon the land. This is their preferred way of life, this level of corruption, however they know that you will not thrive in such an atmosphere which will keep you producing loosh, so they continue to force you to create it. Extraterrestrials do not live on unhealthy planets. The planets are in balance and so are the ETs upon it. And we do not create loosh.

We see politicians inciting anger in their listeners by saying that other politicians should be punched and praising the rioters who have pillaged many of your cities. This is all to create loosh. Love of the negative is thinly disguised hatred.

This is the world stage we are speaking of. Now let us go into the individual arena of interaction.

Me: This might be a 3 part video. LOL

Ivo: So be it, my love.


Ivo: How is loosh created within interpersonal interaction?

How many children have been abused? How many women have been raped? How many men have worked and struggled at their jobs? How many relationships are truly monogamous?

How many people have had failing grades at school? Have they ever considered allowing everyone to pass and then letting the children pick the courses they excel at instead of failing them in certain subjects but expecting them to continue to learn? No?

It is the nature of duality that positive and negative co-exist. And you all have the free will to choose which polarity you wish to ascend through, bearing in mind that negativity can only rise to the sixth dimension. 

However your planet has been overtaken by beings who needed a fuel source. And they have created a system for all of you that keeps you trapped in lower vibrational frequencies and makes use of your electro magnetic abilities. They have done this so that they could live, but you are only existing and you do not even realize it.

They have limited your power by lying to you and keeping you from knowing the truth.

As Sharon has mentioned, her family was a microcosm of the macrocosm of the Matrix. In her interpersonal relationships, Matrix values of dis-empowerment, power over others, greed, selfishness, lying, wrath, envy, pride, irresponsibility, blaming, control, manipulation, attacking, aggression and more, were acted out between the members of her family. And this goes on all across this world.

How do you react when somebody yells at you? You become angry, most likely. Also, as we have told you, the conditioned responses that you experience to stimulus such as this, are only learned responses and can be unlearned. Why should they be unlearned? Because a response of a higher frequency would not create loosh! A response of higher frequency would unleash you from the Matrix system of control, that is why!

When you see a car accident across the street, how do you react? You are shocked and feel badly for the persons. You may feel pity, which is also a low frequency reaction which creates loosh. Yes.

When you are splitting up a relationship, what happens? You generally are experiencing many negative emotions: you are upset, indignant, feel betrayed, are perplexed, feel stunned, feel hatred… why do you think so many relationships break up at this lower frequency? Because you are not at your normal frequency, as a matter of fact, well below it. And when a break-up is announced, it attracts the demonic entities who do their best to fuel the fire of hatred between the two parties, in order that they may have roast beef tonight instead of hamburger. You are being manipulated. All the time. Daily. These are entities feeding off of your emotions! Give them indigestion. Send all love, especially those you declare to be your enemies!

You are told death is to be a time of mourning. Why? The soul has been freed and is going on to new pursuits. Yes, you feel the loss of those left behind. How long will they be left behind for? If you were capable of it, you would understand that those who have died only have left their physical bodies behind, they have not been annihilated, and if you were capable you would still be able to interact with them. Why do you think this has been kept from you? Why do you think that this trick has been played upon you? For the loosh, that is why.

When someone dies, pray that they rest in peace and release them with love. Love is your only freedom. Then do your shadow work, understanding that those who stay stuck in mourning for their lost loved ones are not doing the work. Moving on is possible.


The energy vampire is a being that is native to low frequency worlds of demonic infestation. This unfortunate being is close themselves to becoming detached from the god source. Yes, indeed.

The energy vampire exists by replenishing themselves in the same way that the unseen demonics do – by stealing energy from those with a better god source connection. Higher dimensionals are often attracting these people, and need to be very wary of who is stealing their energy.

How is this done on planet Earth? Obviously by replicating the same behaviours that the demonics instill within you through your system, and by remaining at a low level of frequency.

Sharon and I have written articles about Energy Vampires and we have noted many behaviours that are typical of your Power Over Others system of beliefs, that the energy vampires indulge in in order to steal your energy. When you feel your good vibration sink to one of a lower frequency, in other words when you go from being happy to being angry, when you go from feeling positive to feeling guilty, when you go from feeling peaceful to feeling shameful, when you go from feeling well to feeling badly, you are at the mercy of an energy vampire. You need not be in contact with any other person – energy vampires can cord to your energy body and take energy whenever they feel the need. That is why clearing cords daily is a good energetic maintenance.

If the face of someone you are not thinking of suddenly pops into your mind’s eye, you may well be a victim of their energetic theft. This may be your light body warning you that it is being tampered with. Why would it not warn you when your life energy is being depleted? Death may not be imminent, but prolonged theft of your energy by many vampires can and has led to early demise of a life.

All humans are connected by energy cords. On worlds where interaction is always loving and positive, this is not a problem. On Terra, where energy is low and people need to steal energy just to stay alive, theft of energy is a problem.

In the same way you experience that there is not enough money to go around, you also experience subconsciously that there is not enough energy to go around.

The reason energy vampires exist is because their demonic attachments are draining them of energy and having them go to hunt for more. Yes, demonic. Not very pleasant, Sharon.

These demonic attachments can simply switch hosts at will. They usually have no inclination to stay with one person or another, although they are known to stay with certain families and these families are manipulated throughout the centuries to provide the best feed for their parasitic guests as possible. Sharon’s family was such a case.

Me: I could see my mother’s eyes later in life. They were very dim, not very bright at all. The spark was going out. She played host to my father’s vampirism of her energy all her life. Thing is, she said he wasn’t bad when she married him but he got worse later on, becoming more violent, and that was probably because her own energy was depleting. The more she had children and life’s responsibilities stacked up on someone who was emotionally incapable of dealing with them, the more depleted she was and the worse he became, becoming more and more tyrannical in order to extract energy from his family. Yes, I grew up in a home of energy vampires. To his credit, my father turned to spirituality when he was around 40 years old.

Ivo: Energy vampires do all they can to create negative reactions in others. That is the way they extract low frequency energy from you to feed their own parasites. Most people are being used to that end. The exceptions are the ones who have completely freed themselves from attachments, whose energy is of fifth dimensional unity frequency, who do good energetic maintenance and who assert themselves with others who seek to manipulate, dominate and control them. They are protecting their energy from theft.

If someone is controlling you, making you afraid of them, you are with a vampire. This vampire has attachments who demand this for their food source, so they will “not just stop it some day.” So stop hoping for this. This is denial.

If someone lies to you in order to get favours, if someone manipulates you to make you feel guilty, if someone flatters you, they are doing this to get energy. How can someone get your energy when they flatter you? They are trying to make you feel uncomfortable, and it works.

Me: Oh, I just agree with them.

Ivo: And that will not net them their prize, my love. You are not giving energy away when you refuse to feel unworthy of their praise.

Most people are unconscious of their behaviour enough to allow this to continue. See Sharon’s list of 365 Useless Behaviours on our website to show you how you are vampiring energy from others and how your own energy is being kept low by your own attachments.

Me: Barry Littleton has a lot of info on his channel about negative attachments, clearing negative attachments, clearing negative energy in the body and more, so I’ll link it below.

Ivo: The deliberateness of a god conscious being is generally not to be found on earth because of the fact that your energy, your life energy, is being sapped from you constantly.

Possession is real. This is possession of a human host by a virulent energetic being who wishes full control over the host. The behaviour is labelled as inhumane and it is because the overtaking entity is not human in nature.

Most people are possessed to a certain extent. From childhood on, these vampiric entities seek those incapable of fighting them off in order to infest and manipulate in order to get them their fuel. The more emotionally damaged the host, the better a host for these entities. As the insidious dysfunctionality of Matrix life begins to impress upon the soul of the small child, the soul will either split or otherwise show signs of dysfunction itself, thus weakening the light body to allow parasites to enter. Shadow work must be done in order to right unhealthy thinking and emotions, and to re-integrate a split soul. Often, higher connection is reintegrated with this work; the soul can be found in the parts of yourself you cast out in order to fit in to this world.

As you see from the state of your world right now, this problem is RAMPANT. I cannot understate the immediate need of earth’s people to take action. These are the true enemy of life on earth and what happens on your planet is only a manifestation of their manipulation and your adherence to their pathological belief system.

Loosh is being created at a global, societal, inter-personal and personal level for all of you. All you need do is to stop feeding the devil by refusing to buy into the idea that negativity is normal for you. It is not. Negativity can be unlearned.

Your negative belief systems, your negative way of interacting, your propensity for attacking others, your belief in separation, your belief that if you harm another, you will not be harmed, are all incorrect. I said that the human is an electro magnetic energy that attracts the same as it emits, so to harm another is to ultimately harm yourself as well. Life seeks balance and it does so within you. Demonics seek to imbalance because that is their nature and the way they acquire their energy from you.

The fact is, your societal structures are created in order to facilitate the existence of the energy vampire and the depletion of your energy through its theft! Your societies are created upon structures that allow for this vampirism of your energies and are led by the biggest vampires themselves!

Understand as well that if you are connected to those whose lives are fraught with difficulties it is because they are being manipulated for loosh. Your energy cord to them becomes the exchanger of loosh for your good energy when these upset people come to you for consolation. You are in a 3-way interaction: between you, the person and their demonic attachments who are manipulating them to get to you. Be very careful of those you continually help and be sure to cut cords afterwards.


There is such a thing as an energy victim. This is the person who relates to life primarily as a victim because this person has had so much energy stolen from them and is so disempowered that they come to see this as a way of experiencing life. In order to stop being an energy victim, one must create healthy boundaries, stop associating with energy vampires, quit social media, learn to be assertive and to practise good energetic maintenance.

The energy victim is often of high frequency and must learn to stand in their power. It is also worthwhile to spend enough time alone that you get to know what your normal energetic level is, and then you can understand that any drop from this baseline is indicative that something is amiss. Suspect foul play if normal needs of enough sleep, enough food and water, and enough recreation are not the problem.

Understand that obsessive thoughts and focus on what is wrong and what is lacking is you being manipulated for loosh. Take this and correct the problem, then you cannot be manipulated any longer.


In this last tier of disempowerment, we will discuss the way that the human interacts with largely unseen negative entities.

You do not realize the extent that you are affected by demonic attachments. Your DNA has been reconfigured in order to make you susceptible to their attacks, to make you susceptible to prolonged states of negativity, to keep your entire world oppressed. This has occurred over successive generations, with the empowerment of these entities increasing and the power of the human decreasing through successive lifetimes. Now they are seeking complete control in the form of the globalist agenda 2030, but they will not get it.

As we have said, everything that you see in front of you is constructed to keep you oppressed and bleeding your energy away. The reason you do not believe it is happening is because you cannot see the ones who are doing it, the ones who are feeding off of you. You believe what your physical eyes show you yet they are the most tampered with part of your senses. Fortunately there are those who are now seeing more, they are beginning to see the true reality of earth and are seeing these entities and other aspects of reality that need to be revealed to the masses.

Everything you experience is for the same reason: to keep you bleeding your energy away. Some of you have taken measures to ensure sovereignty of your bodies and your right not to house any entity but your soul.

Many of you are attacked at night time, in order to create fear within you during the day. At night time, few of you fear because you have your full human capabilities, however in the daytime you do not. So it finds its way into your daily life in the form of nightmares. Sharon has had them so much so she could not sleep for many hours afterwards but now she is of more power, she has not had so many. When she does have a nightmare, she goes back to sleep, vowing revenge. She will stop these interlopers from messing with her in the daytime. Sharon protects herself.

We have discussed planetary levels, societal levels, interpersonal levels and now there are the levels of personal struggle. If you look at your struggles, where do they appear to be coming from? If it is money struggles, then that comes from the societal level, even global perhaps. If it is an argument with a friend or neighbour entities are manipulating you both in order to create loosh between you.

Entities attack during the day or night. When you feel your mood suddenly change, it could be that an entity has come calling for a meal. Suddenly feeling tired is also a sign.

If you have fallen for the Matrix lie and have money issues, issues of lack, then these will be assessed through your energy field and manipulated in order to create loosh for your attachments.

If you believe in the lies of politics and that other leaders must be hated, then you will be prompted to sit in front of the TV set and hate on all those who do not agree with your opinion. Social media is set up for the same reason: to create loosh. Sharon calls it “the devil’s playground.”

Me: And I’ve written about some of the unreal experiences I’ve had on it as well. Try adminning a lightworker group. Holy cow!

Ivo: When you believe in the negative principles of life on earth, which have been created to keep negative entities alive, you will be manipulated into seeing and reacting to more and more of them, in order to feed their herd. Look now as the political scene is just a pack of lies. Entirely. This is because they are desperate for food. Your turning to the Light is starving their masses and they are dying off. We also deal with them by removing them from the third and fourth dimensional planes, and so they are in desperate need of more loosh now.

What you take for granted in life, such as tiredness, could be a sign of your being used for loosh creation. Some people experience physical hauntings, seeing beings in the home or experiencing occurrences that seem out of place for physical life. This is because you believe your eyes, again. Think how many places upon your earth are said to be haunted, and then think of how many more times this would occur without your knowing it. That is their preferred way.

They fear you. The nature of those who resonate to fear is that they fear as well. They are afraid of your power and are afraid of the fact that if they were caught you would dispense with them.

What they do, and Sharon has a picture of this caught with her camera, which can see more of your reality than your eyes can, is they sit in your auric field and attempt to “push your buttons” as you call it. They study you, know enough about you that would make you upset, and so they put thoughts into your lower mind that are intended to create conflict or manipulate you to do something you do not wish to, for example.

Me: I’ve heard them tell me to cross the road with oncoming traffic. I’ve heard them say how ugly Ivo is and I just know there’s no way I’d ever think anything like that. So I can hear them sometimes.

Ivo: Which is a good point, my love, for those who are more clairaudient than clairvisual, you can use these extra-sensory means to suss them out. Some can just sense their presence.

In the end, the way to deal with them is to refuse to become upset. It is possible to do. The more upset you tend to be, the more of them you attract. The higher in frequency you are, again, the more of them you attract. If you are empathic and subject to mood swings through these means, they will capitalize on this as well. Refuse to be upset and they will have nothing to do with you. If they cannot get a meal, they will move on.

Also, refuse to deal with people of lower dimensional energy. These people attract them very readily.

Me: I think some people are portals for them. It’s like they’re so negative, they wave a flag inviting them all to join them.

Ivo: They go where they can get their loosh, my love. By refusing to be negative, they will get nothing from you. That means having good self control. Understanding that bad moods are not even yours in the first place is important. They can manipulate you into lowering your frequency and then emitting this energy through your thoughts, and they do this regularly.

Have you ever “had a bad day?” Now, why do you think that was? One thing just happened after the next. You couldn’t stop it.

Have you ever thought the energy got bad whenever Aunt Myrtle comes to the house? Why do you think that is? It is not Aunt Myrtle, the aunt of doom and gloom, so much as it is her having her strings pulled so that she can create loosh. And she is likely to leave one or two of her unseen friends with you as a parting gift, so smudge the house and send white light energy to clear the air when she leaves. Any negative energy is a food source for them.

Negative entities love negative energy. If your home is full of it, you will have uninvited guests who will be starting things between you and others for a feed.

Me: Sounds like the last place I lived. I’ve found more ghosts over here but that last place I lived in was really bad.

Ivo: Yes. It was. I am glad you moved.

Attachments look for holes in your auric field. These holes are created by unhealed traumas. Heal your traumas.

Also, as an exercise in energy management, look back through your life to times you were in very high energetic spots. Or when you meditated and your energy was high. Compare those to your day to day circumstances and see how they compare.

Me: Oh god. LOL This place is bad, then! I went to Lake Konstanz in Bavaria in 1992 and I was standing there in the snow, watching a family of ducks in a line, swimming. It was bliss! It was quiet and peaceful and I stood there with another lady, saying nothing, just enjoying the fantastic energy. It was incredible. The other place the energy is high is the Mohawk pow wow I’ve been to a couple times right near where I live. I love going there because the energy is great. I also like places with flowers and birds chirping. They are high energy.

Ivo: And you see, those are smart birds. They do not go where energy is low.

Me: So follow the birds.

Ivo: Exactly.

Me: As for the rest of the time… well… it’s pretty constant. And it doesn’t feel like a mountain lake, that’s for sure.

Ivo: So you have these as comparisons. Now recall a place or a situation you were in where the energy was very bad.

Me: Well, my childhood home. When you know who was home, it was worse. The last time I went there as we were selling the place, I started to have a panic attack and had to get out. I’ve been to places that give me the total creeps too. I have a room in my basement here I won’t even go into.

I know that I can feel the energy of people and there are some that are pleasant and others that are very unpleasant.

Ivo: So then you should use this as a gauge of whether to engage a person or not, my love. As you all should. Become cognizant of high and low energy places and people. Understand people are lower in energy because they are negative and hosting parasites.

Send them a shot of white light energy and move on. Do not engage negative people. Stand in your own high energy as protection. And continue to heal.

Me: Well, thank you for this, Ivo. I think we got the whole thing done in one shot. I will be posting this on a page on our website, and then cutting it into three videos. I’ll also be putting it into the articles section of the website as well.

Ivo: To the viewer, I would say this is well worth exploring if you wish to beat the system. Your light body senses energy, it is a question of becoming attuned to what it is telling you and how it does it. There are different ways to sense energy. Sharon, for example, will say, “Ugh!” and recoil at an extremely negative person or energy. You will get a sense of foreboding or fear will overcome you. Do not disregard your senses, they are very important in learning to navigate the world you live in and to overthrow your underworld and its toxic denizens.

Me: Thank you, Ivo. There are people on line that offer more in depth energy sensing information. I’d suspect that Barry Littleton’s Youtube channel looks like a good source. Worth exploring. Oh, there we have it again, this is page 11 of 11. 11:11 again! Thank you for that reminder.

Ivo: My love, we will stop now. This has been a good exercise and I thank Sitara very kindly for her wonderful suggestion.

Me: Me too! Kiss kiss


Good examples of Energy Vampires: Watch “Everyone Loves Raymond” – the mother is the worst but the whole family is guilty as well.

Watch the movie “Office Space,” the character of the boss with the coffee cup and the glasses, Bill Lumbergh, is a good energy vampire, and then you have the revolt of the oppressed victims within the plot of the movie.

All in the Family – Archie Bunker – if you can stand to watch that show, he’s an energy vampire and Edith is the victim as well as everyone else.

There are more, but these come to mind for me.

LOOSH Part 4

I just want to do an overview of the videos we created on Loosh, Ivo. I think there are certain points that need to be made that haven’t been made yet.

First of all, people may not realize this, but we’re all plugged into a system. That system is run by an A.I. Computer that fancies itself a god, and by virtue of the fact that the reality created by our lower three chakras are manipulated by mind control technology, Gmo’d foods, Roundup, processed pizza’s, the division of sex and love, and more, as well as simply microwave and other mind control technology waves, this is why you don’t know who you are, why you were put on this earth, and what you’re here to do. But this is why your parents will tell you to go get a job when you’re 16 and go make some money. There you go. Welcome to the Matrix. Interference with your contact to your inner self, and a focus on external learning with strong messages that there is nothing else and that we know everything already. That’s why you don’t know who you are, and that’s why you’re creating loosh.

You don’t think you’re creating loosh? Why? Because you’re a nice person? Nice people are also loosh creators, because nice people feel uncomfortable being around aggressive or assertive people. Nice people are often victims, and the victim is so fearful that this fear is emitted from them as loosh. Who do nice people attract? Sometimes other nice people, but often bullies and tormentors. That’s because society triangulates and opposites do attract. Nice people also attract demonic entities that whisper things to them to make them more fearful.

Nobody is exempt. Nobody. They target everyone in any way that works for them to keep your vibe down.

I was about to pick up the manuscript from my Ashtar book in order to finalize it in paperback. I have one chapter left to read. I went to bed the other night and woke up tired and out of sorts, and the book hasn’t been looked at since. I was attacked that night. They hate when I have anything to do with that book. While I was channeling the manuscript for the e-book I dragged myself through it trying to finish it because I was attacked so badly. I still got it done. Well, they’re at it again because I’ve had a past few days that are absolutely miserable.

I’ve been butting horns ever since the neighbour died. I said, “As soon as he goes, I go because you know it’ll get noisy,” and that’s exactly what happened. at 9:15 a.m. A couple days ago, his kid was moving furniture out of the apartment which woke me up, today my super was in there painting with his steel toed boots on, then he went on the roof to clear the ice. That woke me up too. I’m telling you, these things wouldn’t have happened in the same way if anyone else had been living there. I know, I’m personalizing their behaviour. Psychology says that this is a cognitive distortion. It’s not. Psychology doesn’t know about demonic entities, and psychology has never had neighbours with blacked out eyes either. I have. If I can’t sleep properly, my whole day goes off the rails. I’m spending the day doing damage control instead of burrowing into loads of work like I want to.

Since then, I’ve been having difficulties with almost everyone else as well. That’s the way it goes when they’ve got it in for you. How am I doing, other than a whopping blood pressure headache, I’m holding my own.

These are demonic attacks. I won’t buckle under. Everyone on this earth has the right to command their own life, not to buckle under to manipulation or other forms of coercion, seen or unseen, to hold their own Light and to use it as it was intended in your agreement with God and yourself. That’s called free will. Social media, your friends, your foes, the government and more on the physical level, reptilians, draconians and disembodied entities on the unseen level, are all there to ensure that you live their agenda, not your own or God’s agenda for you. They don’t want you exercising your free will.

You have to say no. Do not allow anyone to take you off your chosen path. Now that I’m on it, I certainly will not. I have an alliance with Ivo and Ashtar, specifically, and all ETs non-specifically as well as universal and earth’s masters, and my allegiance is to them. I know that the Matrix will do anything to either get in my way or try to take me off my path, and that includes manipulating other people to do their dirty work. These people will come to me to try to distract me, control me, manipulate me – whatever – to try to take me off my path. Ivo and Ashtar sit watching to see that I stay my course. And I always do. I’ve passed any test that’s been thrown at me, and I still am. You have to stand in your power.

You have to look at your own life the same way. Look at everyone you know as having at least one unseen manipulator that’s trying to keep them in line with the Matrix values of low energy, low vibration, low self esteem, lack mindset, sickness mindset, whatever… as we’ve discussed in the videos.

Anyone who comes to you with an agenda of manipulation or control, the saboteurs who try to take you off your path of Light, may not be cognizant of the fact that they are working the demonic agenda and are not in your corner. In fact, I believe most aren’t. That still doesn’t matter.

These saboteurs will do anything. Like the one shill I encountered early on in the days of adminning a group on Fb. This person initially started a “friendship” with me, now why a kid from India would pick an old lady from Canada to relate to when there are decades between us, just randomly…. he initiated our conversations about ETs initially and then took everything off that path and onto the path of his music production. When he tried to continually dominate the conversation, I asked myself why I was spending time on social media with something that didn’t interest me when I had bigger fish to fry. I realized eventually, that he was there to distract me and so I ended our friendship. He was doing this deliberately I felt, and he was probably even getting paid to.

Others are not so aware. Others act as distractions to keep you off your game, and you have to be on guard for them. I found every time I started working at anything spiritually, life would end my job, necessitate an apartment move, someone would come along with problems they wanted to discuss, a new boyfriend would show up, whatever…. something would always show up to ensure that book never got read, my plans didn’t follow through, and I fell short of my mark. Every time. That’s the way the Matrix works and these unseen demonics are a big part of that.

Yes, I know. I sound like I’m nuts. Wait until the big reveal when the Truth is revealed to you.

Particularly when you’re doing Light work, you have to stick to your guns. Suspect everything, yes, I know, not a nice way to live, but let’s be frank here, this world is controlled by a group of negative extraterrestrials and unseen negative entities, that have run it, molded it and lived off your energy for the last twenty six thousand years, so don’t think you’re an exception. You’re here to take them down, and they resent it.

If you doubt that it could be this severe, think of the people who have had handlers. They have handlers in the MK Ultra program to be sure the monarch doesn’t slip up. Apparently Britney Spears’ father is her handler. But for those of us they couldn’t stick with a handler, they have to resort to using everyone and anyone else to do their bidding. And they do. When you stick to your guns, assert yourself and do not allow anyone to control or to manipulate you, you’re winning. Allow them to do it, your guides will work to wake you up to the fact that you’re off course and you need to take corrective action.

All of you who don’t know what your purpose is yet, you’re subject to this manipulation of your mind. That’s why you haven’t woken up to your purpose yet, one reason anyway. Until you get motivated, do your shadow work and re-connect with your higher self, you’re not going to know. The intuitive side of your mind is buried in your shadow. Where else would it be when you’ve only used your intellect to get through your life on earth.

The first time I’d heard of this I was watching a video by a young guy who talked about seeing demonics jumping from person to person in the mall, and he talked about the Matrix and how it works to distract those of us with an agenda.

Some of you aren’t a great threat to the dark ones, yet, and maybe with them being removed off the planet, you won’t have to experience this. Other ones know how distracting life appears to be, but they may not realize what’s behind it all and that there’s actually an agenda.

It takes, some days, going through great emotional and physical pain, feeling like the whole world is pitted against you, but refusing to quit. That’s what it takes. It takes every ounce of emotional strength you have to keep going. But you have to because you have to do your part.

I have a TV station to start. And I have to bring Ashtar Sheran to you. That’s my last job. Nobody will take me off that path, and nobody will budge me an inch off my path on any day or night. Remember this is the power over others system and to beat it, you have to have power over yourself.

Ivo: My love, you are absolutely correct. There are things you have not even mentioned that occur, but nonetheless, this is sufficient.

Me: Oh, I got timeline reversals or skipping time. Like maybe Roger was originally supposed to die in July but they moved it up to February so they can get some nasty new neighbours for me.

Ivo: For example.

Me: I’m moving my bedroom into the front room so I can sleep. I’ll have my computer there and my couch, and every piece of my living room I’m not using goes into the back bedroom. That way I should sleep better, I hope.

Ivo: You have your shortcomings and they capitalize on this.

Me: I know. I sound like I’m crazy paranoid, but I’m not. Other people experience the same things. Of course they don’t want Ashtar Sheran on tv!! They don’t even like when I channel him or publish his book.

Ivo: Push through, my love. Let no soul stand in your way. People do not realize they are being manipulated to cause loosh, but they are. Stay the course. Do not let anyone take you off the path. You are so close now.

Me: That means we’re all so close now! All of us will benefit from the love these ETs will show us now on the tv screen!

Ivo: Yes. It will be wonderful. Finally we will connect across your world again. 
Me: Yes, the people did it this time. Not the governments!

Ivo: I knew it was the correct approach.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you will sleep well tonight, I promise.


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