Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Hathors: Sync Up With Higher Consciousness

By Peggy Black and the 'Team' 

On 2-15-21

We are here. We are here to support and inspire you to your highest and best. You are still witnessing the huge shifts and changes in your reality. You are also witnessing the vast differences of opinions and attitudes. You are witnessing the anger and the chaos being created in the collective.

Everyone is feeling the distress and anxiety of their reality. This year has been a tremendous challenge on everyone. With the pandemic, the shut downs, all the normal markers have disappeared. What has been left is a sense of void, a sense of mental fatigue and emotional uncertainty.

We are here to invite you to own and recognize once again that you are divine multidimensional beings. Yes all your normal markers have disappeared, however you now have the opportunity to shift into your higher state of creating. Realize that you are in the midst of a mass awakening of consciousness.

When you lose all your familiar markers of your normal life, you have the opportunity to review you life and call forth a new reality. You have the opportunity to call on more light awareness, which is new data and information for you to incorporate. You can step into your power.

The old energy is collapsing; the lies, the manipulation of events has been meant to activate your anger, your fear. We are inviting you to step outside that box and observe rather than react. It is the reaction that holds you hostage to the events. When you go into fear or anger you are creating more of the same in your future. You know these truths. Everything is energy and vibrations.

This great awakening of humankind is offering the opportunity to shift and change what has not been supportive on your planet. When you are in a void and all that was familiar has disappeared, you are in a powerful place of creating; you are in a state of transformation. We invite you to honor that state.

Nothing in your reality will be the same. The changes you are experiencing are offering you the opening to envision a more harmonious reality, a reality that honors all living beings, a reality that honors your beloved planet and all of earth and nature. It is most important at this time for you to focus your energy on the awareness within humanity to care for and respect your planet.

Begin to call forth assistance from the divine realms to trigger this awareness. Begin to see amazing things taking place around your planet that support the well-being of other sentient beings and all of nature. Spend time in nature yourself offering your gratitude and love to all the green and growing things. This simple action will support your well-being and expansion and it will certainly feed the natural beings that receive your blessings.

Be aware that with these changes there is a shift in dynamics and power between the masculine and feminine energies. More and more females are stepping into positions of leadership and guidance. This will continue until there is a balance between the two. This planet has been out of balance between these energies for eons of time. Now there must be harmony and partnership between these powers. More and more energy is infusing consciousness with this invitation of the divine feminine. The feminine energies are carried in both male and female just as the masculine energies are carried within both male and female. There needs to be a balance within and between.

So with all these changes and shifts we remind you that everything is energy and vibrations. All things in your universe are constantly in motion, vibrating, oscillating and resonating at various frequencies. All nature vibrates. The key to working with vibrations is to realize that often these different frequencies will begin to resonate at the same vibration; they begin to sync up.  

This is a powerful state and one that you can begin to achieve. When fireflies of a certain species come together in large gatherings, they start flashing in sync in ways that can still mystify. Large groups of fish can be seen acting as one, their movement synced up. It is proven that lasers are produced when photons of the same power and frequency sync up.

Realize that resonance is a key to shifting your reality. Notice what vibrations you sync up with. When you are expressing a vibration of fear, you are going to resonate with experiences that match that fear. When you are expressing a vibration of heartfelt gratitude, you are going to resonate with experiences that match that gratitude.  

We know that you have had a situation that was troubling and the more you focused on the issue the more strange and troubling things began to happen to you. The more you focused on those events, the more your reality began to be very troubled. It is all vibrations. It is all resonance.

 You are waking up to this fact and that you have the control of your vibrations by what you think and what you feel. Remember to ask yourself often, are these vibrations (energies in motion) attracting the reality I desire or not.

Allow your energy and vibrations to align or sync up with others of higher consciousness who desire to be the anchor for transformation on this planet at this time.

We also want you to be aware that the energies coming to your planet that are triggering this shift are also triggering your DNA. Know that the DNA of humans is evolving. Because of this your nervous system will begin allow much more data to enter your consciousness. Many more of your brain cells are being activated. Know that you will begin to have flashes of new awareness and new ideas.

Use this energy shift and gift as you experience it.  Use your tools of awareness and your focused vibrations to sync up with divine beings of higher consciousness that are here to support you in the grand adventure.

We are also available to support and assist you. We love to sync up with you. the 'team' 
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