Saturday, February 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-19-21


 Don't Wait For An Intermission,

This Show Is Just Getting Good...


For Denise LeFay fans here's her latest collection of multi-dimensional mind-droppings; Ponderable:

RDS is very good at de-coding the spook stuff yet is obviously uncomfortable with Spiritual Ascension:

Higher Ed. in the West is a Joke; Pimping freshwomen as the new 'woke curriculum' -triple Blech!

Disney Corp. is truly the heart of Satanic Darkness and it Oozes out of everything they produce; Basta:

Today's triplet of thought-trinkets from the enhanced Merkabas over at GAoG; ponder on Pilgrim:

Creator makes it all sound so simple; is this same Being who created this very complex Universe?

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