Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-3-21

Their Symbols Will Betray Them,

Is This Biblical Enough?


Operational silent-running is in effect throughout The Alliance; what can be shared is in this Video:

We kick off the Follies Bundle with a powerful whistle-blower interview by Patriot Lin Wood; grok On:

All these custodians of dark power seem to be spawned from the David Rockefeller clone Cells; Yuck:

The Cabal Vaccine Eugenics push is Full-on in most media and governments; it's High time to say NO:

That great sucking Sound you hear is your tax dollars flowing into the hell realm of Satanic D.U.M.B.S:     

Suzanne's message from the hammock eases us out of despair with a righteous dose of Hopium:

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