Saturday, February 6, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-6-21


Pay Attention Snowflakes, He's...


Media fixation on BOM dominates across All platforms...the Less he says, the Crazier they get!
Behold the massive TROLL by Q+ of the Black Sun-Orion Grid-Borg AI-Zombie Apocalypse Crew:

This is the Martial Law in DC Bundle for those of you still snoozing through this massive Clean-Up:

Lou cancelled right before scheduled segment with Mike Lindell; are Tucker and Hannity Next?

Vaxatopia Fantasies to ponder as you imagine you are suffering from the dreaded Rona/Common Cold:

Drip, drip...we already have a Star Fleet, it’s now being revealed as Space Force; Ayup:

It’s gettin’ real hot in AZ as Supervisors covering up election fraud are threatened w/arrest; git Sum:

Our Lady of Sedona does a High-Vibe check-in from the multi-dimensional Red Rock Buttes; grok On:

It's Last Words time again; this is getting to be a real Galactic Ground Hog Day event Horizon:

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