Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Disclosure Digest 2-17-21

 Fearless Leader Asks

The Burning Question,

Can You Handle The Answer?


As Above, So Below, ya Know...Galaxies have Auras too, just like us! Who'da Thunkit?

This bundle has turned into a bit of a F_F_ Primer for newbies; oh gets a lot Weirder:

I love a thorough, no punches pulled Lightworker curmudgeon; time to git sum Gilliland!

A must view Gene Decode video on DUMB Dungeons from a year ago; many more blown Since:

Mmmmm, excelent work, my Padawan; continue your spelunking in search of the White Rabbit:

Git yer Neo-Feudalism straight from a bastard Rockefeller’s mouth; this will melt some ‘Flakes:

Don't miss 'Giddy-yup Daddy...Sledding Texas Style' and other PG rated delights; not for the Timid:

That donkey-pal Swiss miss Utsava be messin’ wit y’all’s heads again; that includes ole Ron Head:

We have crossed Oceans of Time to get to this Moment, only to find Creator patiently waiting for Us:

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