Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Saint Germain: You Have The Power Of A Thousand Suns

Channeled by James McConnell On 1-12-20

I am Saint Germain.   I come to be with you in auspicious time, in these auspicious moments that you have arrived at.

For all is happening exactly as it has been foretold for eons of time.  Not to the point of catastrophes and devastation which would lead to the ascension of man.  But the absence of this devastation.
To the calling of all to come forth, all of you, the already awakened ones that are the forerunners, all of you now, to come forth and to share your heritage with each other and with all of those around you that are open to it, that will listen to you, that will welcome your thoughts, your ideas, your ideal.  Certainly not all will.  They are not meant to.

But you are here to anchor the light and to share the light.  To share your love.  To open up within yourselves everything that makes you who you are as a creative force, and a creative source within each and every one of you.

And that creative source within you is now creating the New Golden Age, this Age of Aquarius.   
We are not creating it, the Galactics are not creating it–you are.  You are the creator and the created.

You speak of the Solar Flash and The Event, how it is coming, and how it is to become a part of the expression here on this planet, and to raise the consciousness everywhere.  But I tell you now, as Saint Germain, in many respects it is already here.  It has already arrived.  Not the full blast, you might say, but many of the precursors, those waves, those events that you have been told about before have been coming, building to the grand event, building to the grand Solar Flash.  The Solar Flash that you can now be able to withstand.

The Solar Flash that will help all of mankind reach deep down into themselves and realize, just as you have, who you are.  Yes, certainly there will be those who will shy away from the Light, who are blinded by the Light.  But even many of them will recognize that they are a part of the Light, just as much as all of you are.  It is the Light that is your salvation.  It is the Light that continues to pull you on. 

It is the Light within each and every one of you that brings the creative force within you forward.  To begin to use more and more your imagination, your imaging process, your visualization skills, to create this new Age of Aquarius.  And create it in any way that you want.  It is your universe, both within you and outside of you.  It is your creation.

Up until recently, the collective consciousness of man has believed that the creation process was outside of themselves, not within.  Even though Yeshua told those that were gathered with him the kingdom of heaven is within.  Many did not believe it nor understand it.  But those of you now are beginning to more and more fully understand just what that meant, what he meant by that, the kingdom of heaven is within.

The creation source of your being is within.  You have the power within you to create outside of yourself, create whatever it is you want.  For you have the power of thousands of suns within you, if you would only come to believe and fully acknowledge that power within you.

Many things are changing, and more are about to change.  Your financial system is coming very close, coming to the threshold, you might say, of a major shift, where all across the planet will come more and more to be equal.  Balance, that is so sought after by so many of you, will be realized.

Many of those who have sought to hold the evolution of man back will now realize their folly and their futility of being able to do so.  As if they could hold the power of those thousands of suns back.  And, of course, they cannot.  They will realize, and will be taken into custody as the times are right for it.

Those of you that have been waiting for the many ships to begin to show themselves, that is also coming closer and closer.

Allow the truth to come forward.  Know that it cannot be held back much longer.  For the truth is everything.  The truth is the creative process.  And the creative process brings the truth forward.

Be patient just a little while longer within your sense of time.  But know that your sense of time is also changing and shifting, and will continue to do so until you come to the point when your sense of time becomes no time.  Continue to allow for the process to continue to move both through you and outside of you.  For as it moves through you, it continues to create the world around you.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace and love, and the Violet Flame to burn and purge within each and every one of you all of the old programming that still may be present within you, still may be held within your lower chakra centers.

But each and every day see those centers purged out by the Violet Flame, so that eventually there is no more programming left, and the past is forgotten, and the present moment becomes your all.

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