Saturday, January 25, 2020

Digital Digest 1-25-20

This Blog Honors Transparency

Here's the back story on the good folks at Gab from Neonrevolt; is it time to get your Gab ON:

Ed Buck is now the ultimate toxic tar-baby for Cali corrupt politicians; photos at 11:11:

The French trying to keep the lid on the ongoing 9/11 Truth-Out; fuggedaboutit Frog-o-crats::

Jon Rappoport Raps it down; in this latest Vax Bundle the whole sick satanic agenda is Exposed:

For you Morag fans out there here's her latest Andromedan Directive, for your further Edification:

Watch President Eisenhower accurately predict the future at the end of his second term; Mike Drop:

Davos Follies roll on with in-your-face POTUS rips globalist with some unvarnished truth; Kekfest:

Tulsi Gabbard goes full Warrior Queen on Killary by filing this milestone lawsuit; good Medicine:

We haven't heard a credible message from the Forces of Light in a few lunar cycles now; Git Sum:

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