Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bella Capozzi: Message From An Un-named Being Of Light. “Grant Yourself Permission To Be Happy.”

Channelled By Bella Capozzi Nov. 28, 2012.

* This message came in at about 5:oo this morning, just as I was waking up.  I have no idea who it was that spoke to me, but I am positive that he or she is very loving and benevolent.  I went to bed extremely well-shielded, and even now I can still feel the glow of warm, golden energy that accompanied this short transmission.  I hope that in reading this message, you all will feel the love from this being, too.

“To understand who and what Creation is, you need only look within yourself.  It is the silence within.  The silence is your place of refuge apart from the noise of your exterior world.  When you discover the Silent Spot, you discover uninterrupted connection.  A connection formed not with a barrage of words and pictures, but in the contentment.  Why, child, do you deem it necessary to constantly think?

The acquired mastery of dwelling firmly rooted and stable and centered is to attain the sought-after level of consciousness you selectively term ’5D’.  The attainment of this next level of consciousness is so simple it is genius, and not nearly so complicated as you make it out to be.  Find it in a spark of creativity.  It lies in the compassion which spills forth freely from your heart, to those who are in need.  And there are so many souls in need.

Do unto others as you should wish others to do unto you.  Yet equally important is to do unto yourself as you would strive to do unto others.  Grant yourself permission to be happy, and proceed to live accordingly.  Authentically.  With a gracious heart.  

 Clear away what chains you up and holds you down, be it old programming and ideas or excess baggage from a long-forgotten lifetime.  Water under the bridge, it is, and it flows off into the nether-regions.

To know love is to know God.  To live by the dictates of the heart is to live honestly and without artifice.  By being true to what you know to be true.  And what is true for you may not quite be true for another.  Such is the way of things, and such is the way it is coming round to be for all concerned – for you, for Earth and for her inhabitants.  Be ready to be this change.”

(Could you explain what you mean by ‘living authentically’?)

“Yes.  It means being true to your vision of what this New Earth means to you.  Your own personal ideal.  Each of your visions is unique to you.  And all have the potential to come together, to exist concurrently, in harmony.”

(Who is this?)

“You already know.”

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