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The Race is On. Time to Put All Other Matters Aside

Posted by Steve Beckow    - November 12, 2012

Perhaps you’ve watched what happens when a race starts. Prior to the starting gun, people maintain their ordinary stance. Some make sure that they have enough to eat and drink during the race. Others talk to each other about the affairs of the day, awaiting the starting signal. Still others educate themselves on the finer aspects of the race – the fitness of the participants, road conditions, weather for the day, etc.

But once the starter gun goes off, all eyes are on the race.

Whatever you may think about the re-election of Barack Obama, and some are saying it will cause a mutiny among military officers while others are ecstatic, I firmly believe that it’s the starting gun for the rest of the events planned for the wrap-up of this cycle on the planet.

Why do I say that? Because the sources we follow are saying it.

Archangel Michael has said it. In An Hour with an Angel on Nov. 5, 2012, he asserted that the election of Barack Obama “will result in what people may think — and I emphasize ‘think’ — is radical change. Will it be the whirlwind? Well, yes, it probably will be, actually. So, get ready.” (1)
In a personal reading I had with him on Nov. 7, 2012, he said:

“Yes, [the re-election of Obama] heralds massive change upon your planet and things are unfolding rapidly now so when you look to things like events, Disclosure, NESARA, pre-NESARA, you will think, well, these are all happening simultaneously and it is true they are, both inside and outside of time.

“So look at it as if the cork has been taken out of the bottle and it is not a regular bottle, it is a genii’s bottle, and it is miraculous. So anticipate, welcome, open to the changes. But also acknowledge, sweet friends, that you, each of you, are the change. It is the change in heart. It is the change in values. It is the change in the dream of the collective. And it has shifted.

“So take heart. Take heart, my friends, and know that as you slide through this last bit of time, or what you think of as time, the change will be very rapid but it will be very easy.” (2)

In his message on the day before the election, SaLuSa said that the President’s re-election was assured:

“In the U.S. the Presidential elections are coming to a close, and President Obama will return to power to take you all into the Golden Age.

“So far you have seen little of his real abilities or desire to bring about World Peace. The dark Ones may have used their methods to appoint their choice, but we of the Light are not without our way of making sure our choice succeeds this time around. It is a victory that is assured.” (3)

He then added that the re-election of President Obama was the signal for things to really start happening:

“… and then you will really see things taking shape. Indeed you will be taken quite by surprise when things really start to take place. There are but few weeks left to carry out whatever is needed for you to enter a new period in your lives. Be prepared for the changes so that you are able to accommodate them without any difficulty. They are not intended to make your life difficult, but improve it beyond your wildest dreams.” (4)

In a certain sense, it’s as if we’ve all been interrupted by a special bulletin. We put down whatever we’re doing and listen. I contend that this is the time to put down whatever we’re doing and begin focusing on the task at hand for all lightworkers. And what is that task?

That common mission, in my books, is to help the largest possible number of people to ascend.
I believe our shared task is to see that all the undecided, all the fence-sitters, all the people who are on the edge between ascending or not receive our attention and assistance to ascend whenever the shift is destined to occur. For me that day is Dec. 21, 2012 but I’m fine with the date being different for you.

I’m fine with another’s view that Ascension will be gradual rather than sudden. I’m fine with the truth whatever it is or whatever it turns out to be. Our mission doesn’t change with the date of Ascension. And we’ve heard our sources say that the starting gun has gone off regardless of date.

I’m orienting towards President Obama’s re-election “as if” it were the event that brings
on all the rest. And so I say that now is the time when we need to put all other considerations aside – our disputes with each other, our unresolved inner conflicts, our “druthers” and our “on the one hands,” and join together as lightworkers to accomplish the common mission for which we came.

Our sources have spoken about their common resolve. 

Atmos of Sirius reminded us that “it was and still is the Divine Plan to help as many souls as possible to move back into the higher dimensions through Ascension.” (5)

Matthew Ward has said: “As many as possible of Earth’s residents will accompany her into the higher planes.” (6)

SaLuSa agrees: “The object is to return as many of you as possible to the Light, and able to be uplifted through Ascension” (7) and “every effort is being made to lift up as many souls as possible.” (8)

He told us some years ago: “Nothing would please us more than if you all had a turn of heart, and every soul made the transition.” (9)

Saul as well has reminded us:

“Rejection and separation are of the illusion; Reality is infinitely inclusive.  None who desire admission will be turned away – this is the unconditional Love of God in action” (10)

And just a few days ago we heard Archangel Michael say:

“So this is a very significant indicator of change, that those who have been in containment, from full containment to what we call very light containment, are being penetrated and their hearts are shifting and opening.

“We have been very clear. Everyone is expected, invited, and welcome to ascend with Gaia.” (11)

And in that same interview he repeated: “Our plan, and we do not give up, is that everybody goes, everybody.” (12)

So even the cabal is being invited to ascend.

So this is our marching order: to help as many as possible ascend and the re-election of the President is the signal to begin that mission in earnest.

So again I ask everyone to put aside personal issues and unfinished business and join now in the common task. The starter’s gun has sounded and the race has begun. This is the time we incarnated for. This is the mission we agreed to undertake together and to see to its successful end.


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