Thursday, November 22, 2012

High Council of Orion - Message for November 20, 2012

Channelled By Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support you as you now move through the initial vibrations of the new earth and come back into balance and wholeness. The balance is vital for at any moment you are able to move back out of balance as the teachings that reside deep within your energy system move to your conscious mind. We guide strongly for you to accept that you are now in a process and that this process is ongoing. 
It is imperative that you are able to discern between the old energies and the new earth energies, that you are also able to see those who are deeply held in the old energetic patterns of the earth and understand their ability to try to pull you back into those energies. We guide for you to understand that none of this is done from a conscious frame of mind for the patterns are too strong for them to detach from. KNOW that as you work to release the old then you are in effect bringing those around you higher in vibration.

We would like to explain in more depth and to clarify what we mean. There is a teaching of distortion that has been implanted within the human race that all are out for each other, that all are only concerned with self and that there is no equality. This teaching is now playing out within the spiritual field. Many are concerned about family members and colleagues, not appreciating the power that resides within. For as YOU heighten in vibration then you resonate to a frequency, it is this frequency that then affects ALL around you. Let us provide an example for further clarity for the human race is not fully aware of its own power.

Take for example a wife who has spent a long time (in human context) spiritually working on SELF, she may spend time meditating, she may spend time channelling or she may spend time working with crystals. As she begins to explore this world then she will heighten in vibration, as the crystals in this example will be working on various levels of her energy system. Now in this example let’s say that her husband has little interest in what she does, he thinks that its ok to indulge his wife but really he does not understand why she does what she does. The wife in this example can do one of two things, she can continue with her meditations and her self-discovering and space hold for her husband or she can try to convert him to her way of thinking. One situation in this example will elevate both vibrations, the other will lower both. We draw your attention to this as many are attempting to change the minds of those around them.

In this example if the wife was to continue to elevate her vibration, continue with her self discovery and able to detach from the dramas that he husband may attempt to play out around her then the vibration of both husband and wife would elevate. For he would resonate with her energy signature and vibration at an unconscious level. If the wife in this example were to actively try to change her husbands mind by verbalising where he was going wrong then the teachings that exist within him would spring to life and attempt to pull her back down into the old world energies. This would then activate any teachings that the wife in this example had within her that she was unaware of.

Do you now see dear ones how changing SELF, how dissolving the programming that runs deep within YOUr BEing is the way forward? For as you change SELF, as you come back into wholeness and balance then YOU change the world within YOU and therefore around you, for ALL ARE ONE.
We guide at this level so that you may clearly see the process in action for the teachings work to create what may be termed “ a blind spot”, this is an area in which you cannot see how the teachings filter your reality. This serves no one and work will commence that enables all to be aware of this.

More information will be sent out etherically in the dream time scenario and SOUL family members will connect at deepening levels. For you do not go through this process alone dear ones, there are galactic brothers and sisters who have incarnated onto this planet who walk with you, who are now contacting you through various processes in your human life experience and as you deepen your connection to ALL and with ALL this will become much clearer and obvious to you.

Much like awakening from a deep sleep the eyes may take time to refocus, for YOUr eyes have been blinded by the vibrations of the old world, the new world seeks to cleanse those eyes, to bathe them and to nurture those eyes so that they may be used to their full advantage and not closed once more due the smoke and mirrors of pain that is used to control and to suppress in the old world energies.

Many of you may now be having very vivid dream time scenarios where you are reconnecting on all levels with ALL and we guide for YOU to work with this. If you have questions then please hold the intention to ask the questions within the dream time landscape for the dream time landscape is outwith the conscious mind and events and information may be uncovered that may not be possible to uncover in the conscious waking state due to the teachings of distortion that you have anchored into your energy signature. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you understand how YOU are now awakening at ALL levels and not just the conscious awake level?

ALL information that YOU need at this moment in YOUr human life experience is available to SELF, the SOUL will now begin to filter this down through YOU. We ask that you are open to the new, that you embrace the new and that YOU allow the process to unfold through YOU for YOU are the process. Do you understand our words?

Events will now take place that move the entire human race beyond where they have ever experienced, as this unfolds we guide for you strongly to anchor TRUTH and to realise that YOU create that which is experienced. We ask that you space hold but do not try to change those around YOU as the patterns in many are strong, the energies that now pour across and within planet earth work to dissolve these rigid patterns. Chaos may appear to be overwhelming but in TRUTH it is recreating and recalibrating the human life experience here on planet earth.

Do not be led by another for another is not YOU, do not bend to another’s will because another is not YOU, do you understand our guidance dear ones? This is YOUr human life experience and this is under YOUr full control at all times despite what the smoke and mirrors of the old world may try to teach. Reach into the heart space and anchor TRUTH for TRUTH resides within YOUr HEART. The HEART is the key to the new world, turn the key in the lock and unlock SELF for YOU ARE TRUTH.

We are the High Council of Orion and we come to support ALL as the old begins to break down allowing the shafts of light from the new to radiate through ALL. ALL is perfect for ALL IS as YOU ARE, we are YOU and YOU are we for ALL ARE ONE.

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