Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Message From AAM Via Ron Head

You are Changing a World

Channelled By Ron Head On November 13, 2012
It is almost unnecessary for us to point out that today’s eclipse will enhance those energies which are propelling you into ever higher versions of yourselves. Perhaps, for those of you who do not yet notice much change in yourselves, we should make a few recommendations and observations.

First, let us begin by saying that, because our view of you is from a perspective which you have not yet reached in many cases, we see a you which you are, as yet, unable to perceive. We see light you cannot yet see, and we see the persons in planes and dimensions which have not manifested into your third dimensional awareness. That condition will, however, be short lived.

Now, is there some way we can help you in shortening the apparent wait? We say apparent because the reality is that the change is made already. What is needed is not a shortening of time, but an expansion of awareness. Does that not seem reasonable, dear ones?

We shall not introduce any new ideas here. You already know these things and have for a great long time. But we will point out that applied to your current situation they can now produce in days what may have taken lifetimes in your past. It is a rather short list, and many of you may tend to shrug off these recommendations. No matter, your guides, angels, and higher selves will bring you through anyway. But just in case you are in a hurry… and we chuckle here because we know you are always in a hurry… you may want to place a tiny bit more emphasis upon these things.

Are you using your every opportunity to meditate, contemplate, visualize, and offer sincere prayer? We mean your own heart felt prayer, not something you have memorized. Are you visualizing the breathing in of Creator’s perfect light into your crown and then down through your chakra system and into your entire body? Are you seeing the light then passing down to the very core of your blessed Gaia? And do you then look deeply into your hearts and ask for the inner changes that you desire to make? Do these things and you will make progress in leaps and bounds.

Ask for the new to be integrated into your being with ease and grace. Ask from your heart’s feeling for those things which are important to you, not those that you have accepted from outside as desirable. Then, dear friends, as we have said so many times before, get out of your own way and allow. Allow us, and allow yourselves, the possibility of making those changes.

 Expect miracles. But remove your thought from the outcome. This will stop your constant feelings of “Are we there yet?” and “Oh my, it’s not happening and I must be doing something wrong.” You are not doing anything wrong. You are changing a world.

Give yourselves a tiny bit of the credit we give you for succeeding in an immense undertaking. Your Creator would hardly have you succeed in such a divine mission and not insure that you will come along for the ride, don’t you think? Allow yourselves to be the divine beings that you are in truth.

We walk with you each moment and protect each step you take. Please feel our presence and ask for help any time you need it.

We will speak again, my dearest friends. Good day.

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