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Angela Peregroff - Getting Your 11:11 Bearings Straight

          Rev Angela Rocks On! A Must Read...DT the ET
Angela Peregoff 11.12.12

                "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." - Lewis Carroll

Congratulations! You were present, in a body - which is really important, when humanity demonstrated their acceptance of Gaia's acceleration and evolving consciousness. Did you miss it? It happened yesterday, on 11:11. We aligned with some of the swifter fifth-dimensional energies of the Universe. What this will translate into for the globe is - A Greater Sensitivity to Oneness.

This week if you would like to assist with the foundation-ing of the New into the physical arena of planet Earth you can do so by opening to your individual spiritual sensitivity with the intention of receiving and expressing the harmonic Light waves that are presently traveling at infinite speeds around and within Gaia.

 These latest harmonic Light waves are a form of electro-magnetic energy that are literally zooming into our fields at unprecedented rates - unlike light, which can only travel at 186,000 miles per second. Since these current waves travel at infinite speeds they can go across great distances in the Universe immediately.
Much of November's anchoring is coming from the Great Central Sun and it is bringing elevated Spiritual Intelligence to all who would like to connect to it. This new intelligence increases your percentage of Light quotient and tweaks your ability to understand spiritual energy, spiritual relationships, spiritual symbols and the ability to ascend past the perceived duality and illusions of this third dimension.

Your Light quotient is the percentage of light energy that can be held in your energy field. Higher light frequencies are necessary in order to ascend this time on planet Earth. A higher light vibration is necessary to be a hybrid human after 2012.

A higher light quotient is necessary in order to transform one's Self into the fifth dimension and to perform the spiritual practices of pulsing your core star (Soul) essence. The spiritual light quotient that is currently asking to be embodied is anchored through meditation, and through sacred toning and sacred sounds. Isn't it interesting that you can expand the Soul's residence and your sensitivity to spiritual Light just by listening to sacred sounds and tones or by allowing yourself to watch a sunset with mindfulness?

Throughout my practice and teachings we have been connecting to the transiting fifth dimensional energies with prayer, intention and toning. The prayer and focused attention of the mind upon an intended outcome takes us within. The toning that then emanates from each Soul at its unique energetic level works to activate the sacred Language of Light frequencies that are housed in the etheric and astral layers.

Each encounter is about creating a bridge of liquid Light from the sacred to the mundane in order that all of us begin to radiate the new influx of Light that is here. I say this all the time but, an unbelievable burst of spiritual elevation is now on the planet - the ascension. And we are closer than any other time in Gaia's history to bringing the God-head and Creator-Light essences into balance once again in this domain. You? Me? Isn't it amazing that we have that ability? You bet it is!

For years visionaries have been detailing how the game is changing here. We have tuned in and reported on the progress of our potential; on the chances of our limitless possibilities. Now it is my pleasure to announce that finally the moment has arrived when we longer have to work at "getting there". We are the change we wanted to see in the world.

 Yes, many still do not have a clue exactly what that means as a spiritual truth but the ones reading these words understand we have crossed through a veil of consciousness and there is no slowing us down from this point forward. Knowing that makes you smile a little more than before. Lets joy leap in your heart. Allows the Divine to live with abandon here and now. There is no more trying to get it, there is only attuning to the vibration of it and then becoming.

So this is where your contract with the newest infrastructures of Light changes a bit. Our new role is one of pulsing, shimmering, radiating and transmitting the higher vibrational energy and consciousness that is now here.

You must now connect to the Divine in all things first - live from the perspective of your own divinity - see through the eyes of your Soul - and love with the purity of Source. Doesn't the truth of that resonance sit right in your heart? Practice these things and you will not only feel these wondrous evolutionary energies, you will participate more vibrantly, more purposefully and more successfully than you have ever imagined possible.

So once again, the natural contribution you can make this week as a Universal citizen of global awakening is to enlighten your existence with some sacred toning and mediation.

Remember toning is the fuel that ignites the Language of Light and creates the conditions that are right for others to begin to feel and align with their holiness. When you tone, or listen to toning (Tom Keyon for example), take a deep breath. Let your energy sink into your solar plexus, into your navel chakra. As the energy saturates you, be aware that a new sensitivity has become more open around your crown chakra and your third eye area.

Intend for this newly balanced state to be a shared remembrance. In this way your existence can be the energetic antidote for those wanting to shift but not knowing how. The focus and intention for your meditations should center upon opening and expanding the heart chakra. Such meditations are currently helping to move from the "me to we" concept in consciousness.

I'll close by simply echoing the sentiments of some celestial guides,

"You are the ones who must be the receptacles and transformers of the Divine Light from the Infinite Creator which is filtered down to you from the Soul Self. Just as your beloved Universal parents reduce and filter the Creator Light out into the galactic suns and then transduce it down through the suns of your solar system, you are needed to filter the Light through yourself. You must then activate it with your unconditional love and radiate it out into the world."

Sending healing sound waves out to each of you,


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