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Suzanne Lie: Mytre’s Trip to the Mothership Part 12 – Arcturian Corridor Cliff Notes



By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – November 6, 2012

I thought about Mytre’s “story” about the Creation of the Arcturian Corridor, and wanted to outline certain points that are embedded in the message. These points were actual directions about the Ascension Process. I have outlined these points, to facilitate deep pondering and exploration of this:


Know the time of Transmutation is near
All excerpts from:
11-4-12 Arcturian Ascension, Part 3 What is The Arcturian Corridor?

“The Formless Ones, the Planetary Core and the Portal Openers knew that the time was nigh for the completion of the Planetary Cycle. The plants and animals did not need to understand what was happening, as they lived in unity with the planet and accepted whatever planetary event occurred. Only the Lost Ones were left uninformed that the transmutation of EVERY molecule of form was imminent.”
Believing in our process is important and often difficult. How can we believe in something that we have never experienced? How can we believe that WE are ascending into a higher frequency of our SELF? To find these answers we must go inside to realize how different we were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 6 months ago. Our consciousness is expanding every day, and the way that we look at our reality, our bodies and how we want to live are rapidly changing.

Keep Steady Communication with Higher Frequencies

“On the other hand, the Portal Openers had been in steady communication with the Formless Ones. Therefore they realized that, since the Formless Ones could create a planet, they could assist them to safely transmute their reality back into the Oneness of multidimensional light and unconditional love.”
The Formless Ones are, of course, the higher frequency expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF. As we Believe IN and Communicate WITH our own Higher Expression of SELF, our doubts are released and our beliefs are transmuted into that which we formerly thought of as impossible.

Directly and Personally Perceive Higher Self

Since the Portal Openers had expanded their consciousness enough to directly and personally experience the Formless Ones, they believed that ascension into a higher frequency was REAL.
What is our REAL reality? Is paying our bills and going to our job real, or is the light and unconditional love we find inside real? Are they both real and the old version of reality is transmuting into a new higher frequency of that same reality? These are all questions that we must go within to find the answers. Also, we need to trust our SELF enough to talk with others who are also on the Path of Ascension.

Feel Transmutation of Energy in Personal and Planetary Core

“Therefore, they could feel the transmutation of energy within the Planetary Core, as well as within their own Personal Core.”
KNOWING that the transmutation of the energy within our Core is REAL releases our doubts and fears, and reminds us that we are GREAT Multidimensional Beings who are returning to our true SELF.

Fully Integrate Expansive Energies

“Once they fully integrated this expansive energy into their Being…”
To fully participate in the transmutation of our Core Energies, we must believe that this transmutation is REAL. In other words, we must believe in our Multidimensional SELF!

Radiate Our New Expansive Energy

“They began to radiate their own multidimensional energy beyond their Core and into their surrounding world.”
When we fully own our true SELF, we can live within our SELF and radiate our Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love into our daily life. We may think that is a simple task, but try it. Try to remember your SELF and radiate only your SELF while you are paying bills, driving in traffic or having an argument with your boss or loved one. What would happen to our world if we all remembered our SELF whenever we first began to feel lost in the 3D?

BE The Portal You Are Opening

“In other words, the Portal Openers became the very Portals that once they had to find and ask assistance to open.”
What would happen if WE could BE our Multidimensional SELF in our daily life? For one thing, our Multidimensional SELF would Know that a certain street has traffic and to avoid that street. Our SELF would Know that paying bills is just the remnants of an illusion that is coming into its conclusion. Our SELF would Know that LOVE is louder and more easily understood than fear or worry. Hence, our SELF would no longer need to create unhappy experiences in our reality.

Enter The Arcturian Corridor

“Meanwhile, the Formless Ones were busily creating their Arcturian Corridor. This Corridor was much like a huge birth canal through which Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies and Universes could be protected and cared for during their intense transformation into higher frequencies of expression. However, only the spiritually awakened ones would even know they were within a huge Cosmic Portal.”
Take the risk to BELIEVE that we ARE in the Arcturian Corridor right NOW! If we are the creators of our reality, let’s create the reality of Being in the Corridor. In fact, if WE are each an open portal, then we are Portals into this Ascension Corridor. Of course, this Corridor is not a place, and there is no hurry to enter it. The Corridor guides us beyond time and resonates to the HERE and NOW.

Totally Surrender Into a Unique State of Consciousness

“They would know this because they were the ones who had enough trust in the Formless Ones to totally surrender into a state of consciousness that was completely unique to all of their past, present and future experiences of reality.”
This State of Consciousness is the KNOWING that we ARE in the process of Ascension. We have to detach our consciousness from that which pulls us into the illusion of the physical hologram and focus on the TRUTH of our Inner Knowing.

Surrender Encompasses Past, Present and Future

“Their surrender encompassed past, present and future because, once they entered the Corridor…”
When we surrender into the unknown, our surrender encompasses all that was, is or will be. In other words, time is not discrete and is not laid out in a sequential line of events. As we fully awaken to our SELF, we remember that every decision we make within every moment of the NOW opens a Portal into a different form of reality that braches off into our past, present and/or future.

Begin To Lose All Concept of Time

“They slowly lost all concept of time.”
As we lose our concept of time, only the NOW remains.

Memory Expands Into the Future Incarnations

Hence, memory would no longer be limited to the past, but could also include the future.
With the release of the third/fourth dimensional illusion of time, our fifth dimensional SELF can remember, communicate with and/or inter-dimensionally visit our myriad realities free of the limitation of time. Hence, we can surrender our consciousness to a future reality, experience a lifetime in that reality, and return one second after we left.

Release All Space

“Furthermore, within the Corridor there was NO illusion of inside vs. outside.”
We are not inside our body. We are inside our reality. Simultaneously, our reality is inside of us. With the release of time and space, we return to our Multidimensional Perceptions of Being LIFE.

Allow Internal and External to Merge

“Therefore, they could no longer distinguish between internal and external events.”
When we are “Being LIFE,” we are able to enjoy every possible expression of our Multidimensional Self within the NOW of the ONE.

Directly Experience Here and Now

“They could only directly experience their Beingness within the constant state of the HERE and NOW.”
Being Present with LIFE is BEING Life.

Be All Life

“At first, this direct expression of Being Life was unique, and therefore challenging. However, as they became accustomed to this manner of “being” they soon forgot any other expression of reality. While in this state of BEING they could consciously experience their form transmuting without the necessity of ‘death or birth.’”
When we are present with who we are within each moment of the NOW, we live in acceptance of our SELF. Once we accept our SELF, we can accept ALL life. Hence, we are free of judgment, which frees us from all fear.

Simultaneously Experience and Forget All Lives in Form

“In fact, they began to experience, and simultaneously forget, their myriad third/fourth dimensional lives in form.”
Allow the simultaneous experience of that which we have known as opposites to confuse our habit of polarity and time. Within this temporary confusion of our 3D thinking, our multidimensional thinking can fully integrate with our physical brains. Once our physical brain can find its connection to our multidimensional thinking, we can begin to live in the NOW — while we also visit time.

All Past Challenges Become Present Victories

“They retained all that they had learned, but once they began to return to that true SELF, they were in such joy that memories of their past challenges transmuted into the victories of the present.”
In other words, we will fully embrace the joy and unconditional love of the NOW. Then, just as we can live in the NOW and visit time, we can live in joy and unconditional love of our SELF in the ONE. Within the NOW we can visit the third/fourth dimension too.

Release All That Has Not Chosen to Enter Corridor

“When they first entered the Arcturian’s Corridor they had to release every person, place, situation and thing that had not chosen to enter the Corridor. Some of these releases were quite difficult, as some physical relationships were made that would not carry forth into the Corridor. The Portal Openers were sad to leave behind some of their friends who had become lost in the illusions that they believed were real. However, the Portal Openers knew that there was NO time. Consequently, their friends and family would eventually join them.”
Furthermore, as we become an open Portal, just being with our loved ones is an open invitation for them to join us in the NOW. In order to BE an open Portal in daily life, we must choose to maintain a resonance of the fifth dimension and beyond. In that manner, we keep our Portal open with the Power of our Multidimensional SELF.

Without Question Surrender Into Corridor

“Without question the fully awakened Portal Openers entered the Corridor with absolute surrender and total release of ALL that could not, or would not, join them.”
Releasing question requires that we KNOW form our Core that we are DOING the BEING of our SELF. Within this Surrender to our SELF, we can release ALL that we once considered important, but has become obsolete in our new vision of reality.

Trust Heart Feeling and Discharge Mental Clutter

“They entered the Corridor knowing that they had to trust the feeling within their heart and discharge anything that cluttered their mind. But how did they enter the Corridor? Was it visible and discrete, such as a physical bridge? NO, that was the primary challenge of entering the Corridor. It was not a Bridge, and it was not physical. In fact, it was not in front or around them. The Corridor was within them. But how could they enter something that was within them?”
We can only enter within our SELF by surrendering ALL control of our physical body to our SOUL!

Collapse Into Your Self

“The Portal Openers had to collapse into their SELF.”
We can collapse into the faith that our Multidimensional SELF that has always been with us by collapsing into the higher frequency of our SELF. We will find this SELF by following the Flow of Unconditional LOVE.

Deny All Attachments and Bond with High Heart

“In other words, they had to deny all attachments to that which appeared to be around them and bond fully with that which they found within their High Heart.”
See your Three-Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love within the ATMA of your High Heart. Stand within the Core of your High Heart and Fall into the Flame. As you Fall into the Flame, allow the Flame to Fall into you!

Enter High Heart

“To their surprise, when they entered their High Heart, they discovered that all they had loved unconditionally in their myriad incarnations was waiting for their reunion. The Formless Ones had told them that Unconditional Love was the bonding force of the Universe.”
We need to BELIEVE that we are entering the fifth dimensional expression of our SELF, and BELIEVE that we are re-uniting with the SELF that we have always been, but forgot.

Surrender Into High Heart

“However, how could they know that Unconditional Love would bond all that they loved within a higher frequency of reality that they could only enter by surrendering into their own High Heart?”
We repeat again and again, “There is NO place like HOME.” As we allow our High Heart to pull us into New Earth and/or whatever fifth dimensional reality, or realities, that have been awaiting our return.

Collect Every Past, Present and Future Reality

“The Portal Openers did not know that they had collected within their own High Heart every reality that they had ever experienced in all of their excursions into form. Every person, place, situation or thing that they had loved unconditionally was awaiting them within the NOW of this Great Reunion. The Portal Openers collected ALL these past, present and future realities and merged them into the NOW of their Ascension. In this manner, every experience of Unconditional Love that they had ever enjoyed was gathered into the Corridor.”
From our Beingness in the fifth dimension, we can easily collapse all our myriad incarnations into the ONE of the NOW. We do not try to understand this action with our 3D brain. Instead, we allow our Multidimensional SELF to imagine that we are collapsing all life into the NOW. Then we can Let Go and Let God. We remember to be patient with our 3D self, who may need some “time” to believe that what we did was REAL.

Gather Everything You Love About Your Planet Into the Corridor

“Since the Portal Openers so dearly and unconditionally loved their planet, they gathered everything they loved about their planet into the Corridor as well.”
We then gather up all our many memories and experiences on the physical form of Gaia, planet Earth, and merge them into the ONE of our SELF. Again, we do not think or question, as these are 3D habits. Instead we KNOW and DO within the power of our own unconditional love.

Join in Unity with the Holders of Planetary Form

“Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, the Arcturians who were the holders of planetary form were happy to join the Portal Openers and the Formless Ones in the Corridor.”
WE are ONE with Gaia, and we chant often as you can remember:

“WE are ONE with Gaia. Gaia is ONE with US.”

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