Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jesus: In The Spiritual Realms We Are Far More Aware Of You Than You Can Imagine

Channelled by John Smallman – November 25 2012


The November 22nd global meditation went very well, with millions holding the intent to awaken into fully conscious living and being.
The enormous changes for which you are all hoping are soon to materialize as the divine field of Love continues to strengthen and intensify in line with your collective free-will choice to awaken.

In the spiritual realms — where we are far more aware of you than you can imagine — our exhilaration and joy continues to intensify as we see you making great efforts to bring in the new age in which all humans will experience loving acceptance, a fruitful abundance that will fulfill all their needs, and the peace and harmony that only Love can provide.

There has been a great opening to the divine field of Love that surrounds you at all times, and when you do open yourselves to it, as increasing numbers of you have been doing for the last two or three decades, the results are amazing. Your joy will soon match ours as you awaken into the divine Reality where all that exists is eternally present, open, transparent, and utterly loving.
Your ongoing journey has demanded much from you because, when you became embodied as humans, the various cultural imprints of the area in which you were born were, so to say, seeded into your growing human forms.

This has had the effect of closing down or at least severely weakening your awareness of your eternal spiritual heritage, and following on from that, the cultural codes of belief and conduct of your human home environment became firmly etched into your personality, thus supplying you with your human identity.

Some of you realized very early in your lives that you were most definitely not the person or identity that had been assigned to you or was being imposed upon you, but the vast majority of you succumbed to the constant environmental pressures to conform. Yes, you may have rebelled a little as you grew up, but basically you accepted your cultural imprinting by modifying it very slightly to give yourselves a sense of individual identity, a sense of specialness.

Every sentient being that God has created has an eternally present God-given individual identity. All are one, but each also has an individual divine creative talent or aspect that is unique. And while you all always remain Whole — one with each other and with God — there is a part of the divine in each of you that can and does express itself individually.

So, while growing up as humans, you had within you, at a much deeper level of yourselves than you can normally access within the illusion, an intense sense that occasionally broke the surface of your consciousness, that you were far, far more than you were given credit for by your human companions and by the culture within which you were living. And of course your egos often took that sense and ran with it, frequently causing chaos and mayhem.

The illusion is really a very strange and confusing environment where nothing seems to make much sense. You are all human, you can cooperate very successfully together to achieve common ends if you choose to, and yet most of the time you only partially cooperate while at the same time trying to improve your own personal situation at the expense of everyone else. And yet within each one of you there is a sense that this does not make sense!

And so you seek out loving relationships with another – maybe countless others – or with religious, political, cultural, corporate, or any number of other organizations that seem to offer you something special or enticing, and which, in return for your loyalty, seem to offer you some kind of security and acceptance. But if you break the rules you are out, ostracized, abandoned. This fills you with a deep sense of insecurity and anxiety which you are forever attempting to relieve.

That insecurity and anxiety, if it did not drive you to maintain an extreme egoic passion for personal power and control, eventually induces you to seek more meaning, more fulfillment, more creative possibilities in life, and this leads you towards a longing for your spiritual destiny. You start to uncover the hidden depths within you where the divine and inextinguishable flame had been established to assist you at this precise point in your ongoing evolution.

What is happening now on Earth is that more and more of you are, in every moment, uncovering these inner hidden depths and longings and responding to the love that they offer. In truth they can no longer be suppressed. As they bubble up to the surface of your consciousness they are bringing with them the many deeply buried emotions of anger, fear, resentment, injustice, and betrayal that, for a variety of reasons, you have been unable to express. For most of you this upwelling is shocking, uncomfortable, and painful! You thought you were reasonable, kind, honest, and caring people — how could you have all this stuff coming up? It could not possibly be yours!

Again, it is all part of the illusion! Do not let it worry you; it just needs to be released. Some of it may well not be yours personally, but it is part of the enormous negative karmic energy field that humanity has built up over the eons. Do not engage with it or try to make sense of it. Instead, let it flow through you and dissolve into the field of divine Love surrounding you, as it will. It is uncomfortable, but it has to be released, and if you are experiencing it, it is yours to release – your task as you assist in humanity’s grand awakening.

This discomfort and the confusion it causes you will be short-lived. It is like the intense pain before the bursting of a massive furuncle filled with poisons that has been causing fevered disharmony. It has to burst to release all that toxicity – and afterwards there is great relief and healing occurs.

A great healing of humanity is in progress, and the conflicts and suffering that are being reported worldwide are indications of the release of all this accumulated toxicity. It is very painful for those directly involved, but they are not accidentally involved, and the relief that they will experience when it is complete will more than compensate for what they are presently undergoing.

You can all help enormously by intending to send love, compassion, and healing to where it is most needed every time you are meditating. Remember, all is divinely taken care of, and each one of you has an essential and intensely loving part to play as the moment for awakening approaches.

Focus your attention on the field of Love surrounding you all. Intend to engage with it, and allow the awakening to unfold as divinely intended by holding on high the Light you are bearing for this purpose.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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