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Taryn Crimi - Adventures In The Dream State

Channelled By Taryn Crimi on November 24, 2012

Today we would like to focus your attention on the “dream state”. In some ways this topic is connected to our most previous message about parallel realities.

The topic of the dream state is yet another very large one which has many facets to it but we would like to help you to understand a bit more about what you do in the dream state and how you can use it to your advantage.

Many of you are taught to believe that when you sleep you are in a sense not “doing” anything; that your dreams are not “real”, and that you cannot achieve anything while you sleep. It is our intention to shed some light on what it is you truly “do” and what you are really able to achieve while you are in the dream state.

It is when your body goes into REM sleep that you truly become unteathered from the limitations you place on your conscious mind. Your soul is free to “leave” the body every night or at any point which REM sleep is achieved. Of course you still have a part of your consciousness that is still “watching” over your body, however much of your focus is no longer on your current perceived reality as you know it. In the higher dimensions you allow yourselves to focus on more than one dimension or reality at a time, hence the word multi-dimensional.

Many of you have experienced the feeling of falling when you are starting to fall asleep. This is usually when you are just about to reach a deep sleep or the REM sleep. Know that this simply is your soul entering back into your body, the feeling of falling occurs when the soul or consciousness enters the body a bit too abruptly.

Now when you have reached the REM sleep state, your consciousness is then free to move about. Many of you have heard of people having the ability to do what is termed remote viewing. This is simply the ability to expand your consciousness beyond just your physical body. You allow your consciousness to focus on a reality detached from your physical body. Know that all of you have this ability, as you do it every night. Those who have the ability to do remote viewing simply remember the experience, while most of you do not. When you awaken you are oftentimes left with fragments of remembrances or as you like to call it “dreams”.

Dreams can be many things; interpretations of your current reality, they can be your physical mind’s way of trying to understand on a conscious level what you were doing while your conscious mind was sleeping. Dreams can be symbols from your higher selves trying to send messages to you; they can also be premonitions of realities that have a high probability of manifesting in your current reality.

We have spoken of worlds which are much different from your own, some of which are so different that it would be too foreign to put into words. Your conscious mind would not be able to process the information with the “filters” that you have intentionally placed on your mind in order to experience the lower dimensions. With that being said some of your dreams which seem incredibly bazaar and have no logical path to them are often times your conscious mind’s way of trying to bring information forward that it does not have any preconceived basis for.

It’s very much like trying to explain what a color is to someone who has been blind their entire life. There are no words or symbols that would allow you to explain what a color is if that person never used their vision before. This is in many ways what your conscious mind is trying to do.

Your mind uses pictures to communicate. When someone says elephant, you picture an elephant, correct? However some worlds don’t have physical form, so there are no “pictures” that will accurately describe these worlds. You’re free to visit any of these “foreign worlds when you sleep and in fact many of you do.

Also know that there is no time in the higher dimensions; well we would say it’s more accurate for us to say that we don’t use time in such a limiting way. So you are free to stay here as long as you want. So for instance you could have experienced your “dream reality” for years, however you have only been asleep for 8 hours.

Much can be achieved while you are asleep. Often times you review current perceived problems that you are having in your physical reality; you in a sense “problem solve” with your guides and even the higher selves of those who you are having the problem with. Much can be gained from your dream states. It is so important for you to get the proper amount of sleep. You also can heal your body while you sleep much faster than you can while you are “awake”. This is predominantly because your conscious mind is no longer in the way, so you are free to repair all bodily functions much faster. Your sleep state allows for your body to “reset” on a daily basis.

We spoke about parallel realities in our previous message. While in your dream state you have access to all probable realities at all times. Many of you use the dream state to “check in” or view many other lifetimes. Some of you will be shocked to learn that you often times are visiting not just lifetimes on this planet but lifetimes that you have all over the universe. We say “have” instead of have had, because from our perspective these lives are all going on concurrently.
We would like to point out that a dream in which you saw yourself in a situation that you want to experience in this reality is simply another “probable you” living out that exact circumstance. It is a glimpse into another probable reality where your goals and vibrations are in sync. Know that by simply holding that reality as your intention, you can ascertain that information from the other “you” on how to manifest that experience in this reality. By holding that intention and therefore a similar vibration of the experience you want to create, you bring it into being. Because that reality is your wish, you manifested it in another probable reality. It has already happened; all you have to do is manifest it here in this vibratory reality. Your soul already knows how, because it has already experienced it!

Many of you check in with old friends and loved ones who are not in your physical world.

Although you do spend a fair amount of time in your dream state learning and reviewing, know that you also spend time teaching as well. Remember that you are all teaching us many things that we could not learn in the higher dimensions. So you oftentimes “report” for lack of a better word, back to us what your experiences are like in the lower dimensions of Earth. You are able to experience emotions that we have never had. Although we can empathize with your emotion; we have never felt it personally. We would say that our perspective is very much like when you watch a movie, you can empathize with the characters and feel emotions evoked from the movie however the character’s experiences are not your own.

Now certainly you can make suggestions before falling asleep of what you want to accomplish, as many say “why don’t you sleep on it.”  This is because many problems are solved while in the dream state. You have access to much more knowledge while sleeping and in a sense you are much more aware and free then while in your “waking” reality. You are not bound by your perceived limitations while you’re sleeping and therefore you are able to achieve much more.

 By directing your intentions of what you would like to accomplish in your dream state you give your subconscious a much more detailed objective while you sleep. We would suggest that every night before you go to sleep, be very clear of what you would like your consciousness to work on. This could be anything from finding a solution to a perceived problem, to healing an illness, to helping to develop talents or abilities.

You could also request that you are able to remember more of your dream state and some of the travels that you made. You can also ask that you receive guidance about decisions you must make here in your physical reality. Anything is possible and you will be amazed at just how much you can get done while you are “asleep”. From our perspective it is your dream state in which you are the most active.

We hope that this message has in some way served you. We wish you many sweet dreams,
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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