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The Federation of Light Through Blossom Goodchild -- November 12, 2012

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild
SkyTribe Graphic by Greg Lauer -'Unleashing The Goddess'

                                   November 12, 2012                                   

Blossom: Well hello there. I’m back and may I say what a joy it was to have you speak through me at the latest Sedona conference. That was quite something. Thank you. So … where to from here?

The Federation of Light: Onwards to a place within yourselves that enlightens the spirit. Moving forward to a coexistence with all that is of the purest vibration of Love. You offer of yourselves now a freedom that can be complimented alongside with your determination to make sure that you ‘get this right’. You have for so long continued on in faith and yet we say to you that in days that lie ahead … 'faith’ will not be the order of the day … ‘proof' will.

Blossom: Proof of what exactly?

The Federation of Light: Proof of not just that which you see with your eyes open wide … Proof also of that which you FEEL with inside of yourselves. You have laid question upon question before us and yet it is to be KNOWN that ALL answers shall be satisfied. Allow yourselves NOW within each moment to BE OF JOY. Should you choose to do so you will experience a New Wave of Love that is entering in. It shall help you to understand that which you are about to encounter. For you see dearest souls … we who have come to give assistance in the progress of this transformation are now at a juncture when we are simply waiting for the go ahead … in order for us to go ahead.

Blossom: Yes … but to go ahead doing what?

The Federation of Light: Doing that which we came to do.

Blossom: Which is?

The Federation of Light: Be of assistance. Maintain a constant rapport with you so that you may KNOW WHO YOU ARE ... as we remind you of that.

Blossom: I have to say then  ... you are doing a good job for I am sure you are aware of the Love that was experienced between all during my time away

The Federation of Light: And did not many say that this is how it should be at all times? Yet, who created such a level of Love? Each one of you. All you need to do is keep being of that level.

Blossom: I might say that it is not so easy when not in that environment.

The Federation of Light: Yet that is your task is it not?


Inside of your Being you are as a blossoming flower. You have nurtured the seed and felt it grow. It is now to be the summer of your growth. The beauty of the flower that you are is to be in full bloom.

You shall FEEL the difference within you. It is done. Yet … shall we put it ... that although it is now in fullness of itself … it is awaiting the Light of the sun to portray it in its full beauty. Once that Light shines upon it … it will be displayed in such a different hue.

FEEL THIS within your hearts.

Blossom: We are doing our best. For me … like many … I still ponder on what is to come at the end of this year.  When we get to it we will know. I met many people that are so SURE that something major will take place on Dec 21st … they just KNOW. I don’t!  I Truly hope Light of High Love energy will infuse our planet and make a difference to all /in all things.

The Federation of Light: Yet you have doubts .

Blossom: Do you?

The Federation of Light: We do not experience the energy of doubt. Yet we say to you that long have we travelled this journey. We have committed our Beings to be of service in order to allow this change to take place. We have given 100% of our KNOWING and our LOVE to this project for we see it as a worthy one. There is not one issue that concerns its progress any longer. However we would say to you also ... that it is wise to remove all expectancy … for what is to come … in the way it is to come … you are unable to conceive.

Blossom: Why?

The Federation of Light: Due to the magnitudinal effect that it shall have. It is not within your creative awareness at this time. And yet once ‘The Happening’ has been offered to all … then shall each one in their own way ... at their own pace ... make decisions that shall move the planet onwards into its rightful awaited position .

Blossom: I know I shouldn’t keep asking questions … because to do so lowers the vibration upon the matter … yet ... can you not just tell us at least if life shall be pretty much as always yet of a Lighter FEEL … if you get what I am trying to say ?

The Federation of Light: Life cannot and will not be the same after The Event.

Blossom: So … will we for instance still be doing the things that maybe booked in our diary for next year?

The Federation of Light: Oh yes … For life will not stop. Things will not suddenly ‘not be’. Yet there shall be a vast difference in your demeanour and this may make you want to change things that are in your diary!

Blossom: It would be so much easier if we could know. Yet I will leave it there, for there is no point in going over old ground. I have to say though … just in this last week there seems to be a lot of resignations of top notch folk and although I don’t ‘get’ all that side of things … it does feel right and as if finally preparation is taking place to have the wrong things removed!

The Federation of Light: We come before you in knowledge of all that is to be. We have sat quietly and subtly behind the scenes bringing about change in a way that is undeniable yet at the same time very much unnoticed. This is the way it has had to be . Yet in the time that is coming we shall not be so ‘unseen’. Our contribution to the Divine Plan shall be made perfectly clear to all. There are many of you that shall choose to walk another way for a time for the sheer recognising of the TRUTH shall set many in a whirl.

Yet … delays can no longer be delayed! Moving into this new space of the self shall allow one the opportunities to step up in alignment with all that is. The choice is yours. So many of you are complete and in readiness to receive this New Wave … which in turn shall bring alongside new beginnings … new understandings … new levels of perception.

By this GRAND upliftment of the soul and all that is … one shall be able to merge with energies that were once out of reach. Through these new eyes one shall be able to see all that one has longed to see for as long as they can remember.

Blossom: I guess there really isn’t long to wait.  Will I still be communicating with you in this way?

The Federation of Light: To a certain degree. Yet the level of communication shall be of an easier disposition. This shall progress into quite a different form of communication as ones energy adjusts to the Higher level and a ‘togetherness’ shall bond with ease.

Blossom: I know many are so eagerly awaiting to communicate with you first hand so to speak. Will this too be possible?

The Federation of Light: For those who know of us in their hearts … they shall indeed be side by side with us in days to come. It is said that many of us walk amongst you … we say … that many of you shall be able to walk amongst us in the same way.

Blossom: But this won’ be ... like in March or thereabouts will it? I am assuming this kind of ‘merging’ will take quite a time to perfect.

The Federation of Light: It will depend entirely upon ‘the world reaction! The more that choose to accept THE TRUTH the quicker changes shall transpire. It will all depend on the level of energy that continues to arise when this New Energy visits. Once integrated with the soul self there will be a majorly significant change that takes place within … allowing this to change much without.

Blossom: It is so intriguing … one can hardly wait to BE IN IT. Yet there is still a part of me that thinks perhaps I am falling into one big fairy tale … for it is quite hard for me to imagine that of which you speak. I can sort of grasp what you are saying and yet … here I am sitting here as ‘normal’ just weeks before this so called change is to take place and things don’t really FEEL that different.

The Federation of Light: We would ask you to question that last statement. Can you honestly say you FEEL the same as you did this time last year?

Blossom: This time last year I told you to take a hike!!

The Federation of Light: Yet look now at your level of Trust within all things. Keep in mind that from our point of view we have no time . We just take on board the development … the progress being made ... The scale of accomplishment within the GREAT DIVINE PLAN.
For us we are almost there … and it is the same for you .

Blossom: Yet with all respect I believe it was a few years ago at least when you said ‘All systems go’ and we all got very excited … And …

The Federation of Light: And we meant what we said. With all respect to you also dear Blossom as we have said to you many times before … when you are in a position … a vibration to understand us fully … you will appreciate that never once have we ‘egged’ you along. Our journey with you all has been in TRUTH for we are of it. Things that you ‘misinterpreted’ shall be laughed at with us at your side saying 'Now do you see’?

Blossom: I look forward to that. A good old laugh with you will go down a treat. I wonder how you tolerate my ignorance sometimes.

The Federation of Light: We do not consider it ignorant … perhaps just a little naive. Yet that is simply where you are … where many of you are … or assume you are. Yet like the flower in bloom with inside of you … it is already in its fullness … all is known … you just need to KNOW that.

Blossom: So will we ‘know that’ … when this Light energy comes … instantly?

The Federation of Light: That is not a simple yes /no answer.  For it will all depend on the individual.

Your world as you know it NOW has many souls living in it ... yet each is resonating at their own level of understanding . This they have chosen and shall continue to choose. Therefore … it shall not be that everyone suddenly ‘gets it all’ … some may. Yet some may get ’more than where they were at before’... yet nowhere near as advanced as those who have chosen to wake many moons ago.

There is no judgement on this. There cannot be … for each soul in their own personal upliftment level shall be more than happy and alert to the level they are to move into … and with the knowledge also that this shall continue on .

Blossom: I think for me … I could just do with the clarity of what’s going on and I’ll take it from there .How different it will be if you were able to ‘let us in on it’ before time.

The Federation of Light: How different indeed … this is why we cannot do so.

Go inside of your hearts dearest ones. FEEL THAT KNOWING WITHIN. When you FEEL it … you know there is no doubt. It is only when you allow the thoughts to interfere that the confusion sets in.
Take control of your thoughts and send them to your heart space so that they may settle there and recognise the TRUTH that your heart is emanating. No words necessary with a thought … just PEACE. A Peaceful Peace that can only be FELT in the quietness of the souls knowing that all is indeed well and ones struggles and tribulations are soon to cease as one unites in LOVE with LOVE.

Blossom: Thank you as always for your time … I am not sure what I have learned new from that until I read it back. Yet I do thank you from my heart for your patience and understanding … and your guidance and upliftment. In Love and thanks.

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