Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Denny Robertson - The Chart For 12:12:12

My Favorite Astrologer,  Boulderite Denny Robertson,  Gives Us An Overview Of The 12:12:12 Energies, Enjoy!  DT the ET 

Chart is cast for Greenwich Mean Time, when and where the date turns to this fateful number for our Western culture.

It is the last day of the old moon, conclusion of the lunar cycle that began with the New Moon in Scorpio last month.

And, what a clean up job it is, with Virgo, the sign of health rising with some mastery. Neptune-Chiron are conjoined in Virgo’s natural 6th house of work, so our idealism and heroic identities are pledged in Pisces to the greatest service to the greatest good.

The Sun in optimistic Sagittarius lies at the bottom of the chart, the doorway to the 4th house of home: the personal inner life, our family’s home, our beautiful home planet Earth.  We are sweeping our welcome mat and polishing our front door to welcome the new energies coming with the New Moon. Inside the homey 4th house, dwells Juno (asteroid of ritual), Pluto (transformation), and Mars, the energy for house cleaning. The tools are here to give our homes a ritual cleaning, to welcome the new truths coming soon.

The planetary emphasis for this day’s chart is the chatty 3rd house of interpersonal communication.  We will whistle and gossip while we work, chirping like little birds. Venus opens the conversation in Scorpio, and conjoined the North Node of destiny, she is singing her deep-throated love songs, charming us to sing along with her.  Moon and Mercury conjoin in Sagittarius, bringing higher thought and emotion in sync.  How appropriate for the season of joy? And the Sun at the threshold keeps us focused on our happy homes.  Expect good news from planet’s media today.

Except for the aforementioned conjunctions, the chart is remarkably free of exact major aspects.  The closest is Saturn in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, 2nd house to 4th house.   The sextile is a friendly, cooperative aspect.  Between the two heavies of the system, in the two darkest signs, this bodes well for lightened-up good cheer, as we get our important work done.  Combined they point to Jupiter (even more good cheer!) in Gemini, an aspect called a yod, or Finger of God.  Seems to be saying, “Go forth and have a good time together.”

The cosmic event planners have us cleaning house happily, at the deepest levels, preparing for the New Moon and the Solstice party coming.  Bravo!

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