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Steve Beckow/SaLuSa: Galactic Federation Re-Mix

For This Holo-Interview with the Galactic Federation - DT the ET 

 Posted by Steve Beckow On December 14, 2012

I’ve been taking quotes from SaLuSa’s Dec. 14, 2012 message today and putting them in the First Contact database, (1) as I usually do, and keeping track of how many excerpts I take out. One or two means a rather routine message. Three or four and I begin to perk up a bit. Five or up and I’m wondering what’s up?

I excerpted almost every passage of his message today and so I know it’s a keeper. What’s SaLuSa saying today?  We’re seven days (in North America, six in England, according to the countdown clock) away from the date he said (in October 2012) that Ascension will take place:

“The Light as ever continues to grow exponentially, and is carrying you forward faster than ever. It will meet its optimum level on the 21st. December 2012 and will trigger the Ascension of Mother Earth and all those souls that are ready to go with her.” (2)

In a sense his message today seems to have been an omnibus message.  Perhaps the best way to get at what he’s done here is to ask questions of SaLuSa, so to speak, and listen to his answers.

Alone out of all our sources I believe, SaLuSa has taken on the task, on behalf of the Galactic Federation, of being a spokesman and complete source on what is happening on many, many fronts. So here are our questions and his answers:

Interview with the Galactic Federation

Question: Was 12/12/12 a success?

Answer: As days come and go 12.12.12 was a perfect success. How else could it be when it is beyond the control or interference of anyone upon Earth. Higher powers have ensured that you are prepared for your Ascension with Mother Earth.

Q: What’s next?

A: Now you count off the days to 12.21.12 that will be a most profound time, one that will be the experience of a lifetime, indeed many lifetimes. Through Ascension you will learn where your creative powers have placed you.

Q: Where are we going?

A: You will all end up exactly where you are best suited to continue your experiences. Lightworkers will naturally find themselves with their own kind, in the most uplifting vibrations.
Q: Will only the people who know about Ascension go there?

A: There are some beautiful souls of compassion and love who know nothing about Ascension, and they will also join up with the Lightworkers.

Q: What will we do after Ascension?

A: As the changes are put in hand there will be much to do for those who are enlightened and wish to serve others. For a while needs such as healing will be handled in many different ways until you all have access to local centers with modern healing facilities.

Once we commence the changes there will be almost non-stop activity, but be assured you shall be kept fully informed as to what is happening. 2013 promises to be a most active year, and it will be also for many of you. When you incarnated it was with Ascension in mind, knowing that you could participate in it. Some of you have skills that are useful to us, and you will know when we are ready to use you. There are a number of ways it can be done, and some of you will be the early visitors to our ships.

Q: Will all be ease and leisure after Ascension?

A: Some difficulties may arise until your society has been fully integrated into the new way of life. Having been brought up in the Space Age you will of course adapt to it very quickly. New technologies will overcome most of your problems in quick time, and we are urging our Earth allies to push forward with the promotion of free energy devices.

Q: Things on Earth don’t seem to have quieted down quite as much as I’d have expected them to.

 A: General conditions on Earth are getting worse due to weather variations, and also interference in markets that are being manipulated for gain. Whether it be food or money, speculators continue to bring misery in a world that is already in a turmoil. However, these conditions will not last very long and will not be allowed to be repeated.

Q: What will the economics of life after Ascension look like?

A: Big business and especially the banks will be totally re-organized, so as to ensure there is never again a collapse like you recently experienced. Monetary systems will in any event change, and a fairer system of valuation introduced. It will result in honest trading and put an end to corrupt practices.

As we have told you many times, wealth also will be re-distributed and we are already starting to recover hidden caches of valuable metals. Add to it St. Germain’s World Trust Fund, and you will have sufficient to ensure that everyone is above the poverty levels that so many are experiencing now.

Money and valuables acquired honestly will be kept in possession of the bona fide owners. However, anything else that has been obtained dishonestly will be recovered. A feature of your future lives will be that criminality will disappear, as such actions will not enter the minds of those who have ascended. Consciousness levels will be so high that honesty in all dealings can be taken for granted. Plus the fact that people that are cared for and have their needs covered are happy and at One with everyone else.

Yes, Dear Ones, so much is about to change that you have nothing to worry about, but please exercise patience while matters are being sorted out.

Q: How come we haven’t seen you? What happened to Disclosure?

A: Our absence so far is not to be seen as a deliberate act on our part, as we would have liked to come out openly some time ago. However, what you are achieving by your own endeavors is a credit to your intent to see the way clear to Ascension. We have helped of course to stop interference that would seriously hamper your work.

Indeed, we want you to be aware of our intentions, and there will come a time soon when we shall keep you regularly informed. It will tie in with disclosure which we are keen to get out to the masses. It is in fact quite difficult to accomplish a situation where all countries are [not?] agreed on disclosure. We would like to go ahead now as we cannot hold back much longer, but it will follow other changes that now take priority such as those of a governmental nature.
Q: When will we see peace come to Earth?

Peace is coming to Earth very soon and not before time, as it was offered to your leaders many, many years ago but rejected. Now it comes to you as a permanent peace, not dependent on countries signing agreements. It is God’s peace and Love that you have earned by rising above the lower vibrations, and for those souls of Love able to be present in the higher dimensions.

Q: What of the souls who don’t choose to come with us or cannot follow us? Does God not love them too?
A: It is not of course that God does not Love all other souls, as they will continue their lives at the level best for them and their continued evolution. God’s Unconditional Love is with you at all times and given without any judgment at all.

Q: And many of the cabal still seem to be around working what seems like low-level mischief. When will they be gone?

A: The legal removal of the cabal members is in hand, and will be enacted when they are placed out of the way. There are special reasons why you do not have much awareness of it, as it is being carried out to avoid any fuss or unwanted publicity. The exact nature of our actions are best kept secret, but very soon you shall learn about what has been happening.

Q: Is there anything else of a more general nature you wish to say?

A: Your Earth looks beautiful at this time, as along with the Light and Love created by the Lightworkers, there is also additional Light as the Season of Goodwill brings out the best from many people. It is a time when old friends, or absent friends are thought of in a loving manner, along with those who may not have relatives at all.

This is Love at work when caring and compassion are felt by so many for the underprivileged who are often homeless and without support. In the future these situations will not exist, it will be quite impossible with so much Light and Love in existence. Heaven is a real place such as you imagine it – in fact you will probably find it far more astounding and wonderfully beautiful than you could ever have thought.


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(2) SaluSa, Oct. 19, 2012, at

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